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Petition to East Meadow Board of Education

Co teaching classrooms in East Meadow Schools

Our district has updated and improved many outdated programs and policies over the past few years however our special education policies and models are still drastically behind almost every other district around us. Although the new school budget this year included new special education teachers being hired and attempts to keep more of our children with special needs in district, improvements towards inclusion for children in their zone schools still needs to be addressed. I am a special education teacher who grew up in East Meadow (attended McVey, Woodland, and EMHS). My husband and I bought our home here in 2010 and had dreamed of raising our 3 daughters here around our family and friends. My littlest was born with a speech and coordination disorder. (She has mild Apraxia of Speech and Developmental Coordination Disorder).  She has been doing wonderfully in a CTT classroom for the past year and will continue in the same type of classroom model for Prekindergarten. Unfortunately, I had wrongly assumed that she would continue in this type of setting for Kindergarten as I have never seen or heard of a school district in New York State NOT to offer any type of Co-Teaching/Team teaching classroom in their elementary schools. After doing research, talking to multiple East Meadow Elementary School Teachers,and parents of other children with disabilities in our district, I have found: 1-Everyone of our neighboring districts have some sort of co-teaching classroom model.East Meadow does not.(Bellmore, Levittown, Island Trees, Merrick, Westbury, Carle Place, Wantagh, Bethpage, Seaford, Etc.) 2- Children with disabilities in East Meadow are often placed in self contained special education programs that are only offered at Meadowbrook or Bowling Green separating them from peer models, from their community such as neighborhood friends, siblings, and are excluded from their zone school PTA sponsored events (movie night, Halloween Howl, Carnival, etc.). 3-The only other option is for them to be placed in their zone school in general educations classrooms where they are frequently being pulled out for special instruction services meaning the are losing time from learning in the classroom. 4-They are require more of the classroom teacher's help and attention which puts more stress on the teacher especially those with no background in how to teach children with special needs and creates a feeling that the need for more attention is taking away from the rest of the children. 5-Children with disabilities at all 5 of our elementary schools, according to NYS test scores, are way behind grade level. 6-Co-Teaching Classrooms benefit not only children with special needs but all children in the class-                                                                                               Benefits of Co-Teaching K-5/6 Students:                                                          Increased student achievement More student-teacher interaction interventions for students are more comprehensive with the co-teachers presence allotting more time for in depth supplemental instruction. This also benefits the higher-level students to receive instructions for independent lessons sooner versus waiting, while the teacher attends to students with special needs. More attention from teachers to meet students’ needs.The ability to provide better interventions and give extra help to all students in the class.Children get more time to learn concepts and have increased preparation time. Classroom management is also enhanced. My family like many families in our district are facing the difficult decision to either move out of East Meadow so that our child can attend her zone school with her older sister and twin sister in kindergarten in an appropriate classroom setting or petition our district to continue to update our Special Education program. I am asking you to sign this petition to encourage our Board of Education to work on improving our inclusion models offered in our elementary schools.Specifically to begin working on creating and implementing Co-Teaching classroom models for children with disabilities to be able to stay in their zone schools and succeed.  

Maureen Manis
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Petition to Beth Kidder, Governor Rick Scott, President Trump, Senator Wilton Simpson

Florida Medicaid Coverage Stalled for ABA Services for our Most Vulnerable People

Dear Governor Scott & Beth Kidder: Please intervene and allow Behavior Analysis Services authorizations to be released to ABA providers with no further delay. Services cannot effectively be maintained without a continuity of care. The inability to obtain authorizations creates harm for our most vulnerable population - our children with special needs, developmental disabilities, ASD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, and others.  We work with children with significant behavior issues ... which in lite of the recent incident in South Florida is a top priority for our State, at this time, as this population possibly ends up endangering themselves or others... If they do not receive intensive behavior analysis services. On 3/1/18 Florida Medicaid stopped authorizing behavior analysis services stating: “technical difficulties”. We waited patiently.  On 3/15/18 We received a statewide notice indicating Medicaid is changing how ABA services are authorized. For the last year we have been working with Beacon and now it has been indicated we are to work with eQHealth to obtain ABA authorizations. Although there is literally no information on what this means. eQHealth here: Note: on May 1, 2018 eQHealth did provide additional information and documentation on their website. The message we received from Medicaid, EQHealth, Beacon, and ACHA was to simply wait until 3/21/18 for a webinar and 3/26/18 processing authorizations. We have authorizations in limbo, clients’ services on-hold, staff on hold. And no clear understanding about services that were already reviewed by Beacon and whether eQHealth / Medicaid will honor approvals already received. We implore you, ACHA’s Beth Kidder and Governor Scott, to facilitate a cohesive transition for behavior services and to assure your constituents that you will not leave them without the care they need. Shelly Lynn Henry, MS, BCBA Trinity ABA, LLC | | | 727-809-1328 STATEWIDE ALERT SYSTEM MESSAGE: RICK SCOTT, GOVERNOR JUSTIN M. SENIOR, SECRETARY Home | About Us | Medicaid | Licensure & Regulation | Report Fraud | Report Medicaid Issue/Complaint   FLORIDA MEDICAID A Division of the Agency for Health Care Administration Florida Medicaid Health Care Alert March 16, 2018 Provider Type(s): 39 This Replaces Alert Titled: Immediate Changes to Prior Authorization of Behavior Analysis Services (3/15/2018) The Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) will contract with eQHealth Solutions to administer an authorization review program for Behavior Analysis (BA) services and anticipates that this will be implemented by March 26, 2018.  Effective immediately, providers should no longer submit prior authorization requests to Beacon Health Solutions. Providers can continue to provide medically necessary BA services under authorizations approved by Beacon. For questions, contact eQHealth at 1-855-444-3747 and via the web at During this transition period, the Agency will continue to update providers on impending changes through mailed letters and Provider Alerts. QUESTIONS? COMPLAINTS OR ISSUES? ON LINE https://apps.ahca  |  CALL 1-877-254-1055

Trinity ABA, LLC | Behavior Analysis Services for Challenging Behaviors
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Petition to Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos, Virginia Foxx, Duncan Hunter, Phil Roe, Glenn Thompson, Bobby Scott, Susan Davis, Raul Grijalva, Joe Courtney, Marcia Fudge, Jared Polis, Tim Walberg, Frederica Wilson, Brett Guthrie, Todd Rokita, Lou Barletta, Luke Messer, Bradley Byrne, Dave Brat, Glenn Grothman, Elise Stefanik, Suzanne Bonamici, Mark Takano, Alma Adams, Mark DeSaulnier, Donald Norcross, Lisa Blunt Rochester, Raja Krishnamoorthi, Rick Allen, Carol Shea-Porter, Adriano Espaillat, Jason Lewis, Francis Rooney, Paul Mitchell, Tom Garrett, Lloyd Smucker, Drew Ferguson, Ron Estes, Karen Handel

Protect kids without a voice!

The goal of this petition is to give special needs children a voice! To ensure the safety and fair treatment of kids who cannot speak up for themselves, I believe it should be signed into law that every special needs classroom be required to install cameras to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Special needs children oftentimes get abused and mistreated by the people we entrust to teach them as was the case with my niece and several of her classmates over a long period of time. These children are in the same classroom with the same teachers for years and are in school up to 22 years of age and this in turn lets the teachers get too comfortable. This is not to say that there are not great special ed/special needs teachers but there are horrible people in every trade as was the case with my niece and many others! Schools often times over look complaints from parents thinking they are being overly protective or out of laziness. Please help bring attention to this by signing this petition and giving vulnerable children a voice. I have directed this petition at our President, Betsy DeVos (Secretary of Education) and House Representatives!

Brittney Roark
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