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Petition to Daniel Howell, Phil Lester

Bring Interactive Introverts to Spain (Dan and Phil)

The 2018 Dan and Phil world tour, Interactive Introverts, will be the second opportunity us fans will have to either meet or see our idols live. Regardless of the many places they are visiting, most of Europe has been left out. So here from Spain we want to do everything there is in our hands to make them come. We do understand how difficult it is to organize, and that most likely a big part of the problem are the venues who believe there might not be enough people to go. We wish to prove them wrong with this. I have met plenty of people all around Spain who watch their videos, and are willing to travel wherever for them. But most of us can't afford to travel abroad, or aren't allowed to, so having them come would be our only opportunity to meet the two guys who saved our lives. Even if it's a single date, within our country we would be able to travel across the whole of Spain to attend the show. If you can support in any way, just spreading this, please it would mean the world to us. Thank you. ~~~ El tour de 2018 de Dan y Phil, Interactive Introverts, será la segunda oportunidad que tendremos los fans para conocer o ver a nuestros ídolos en directo. Pese a todos los lugares a los que van, gran parte de Europa ha sido obviada. Así que desde España queremos hacer todo lo que esté en nuestras manos para hacer que vengan. Somos conscientes de lo difícil que es organizar un evento como este, y que lo más probable es que gran parte del problema esté en los teatros que creen que no iría suficiente gente. Queremos mostrarles que están equivocados. He conocido a muchísima gente por toda España que ve sus vídeos y están dispuestos a viajar a donde sea por ellos. Pero la mayoría de nosotros no pueden permitirse viajar al extranjero, o no les dejan, así que hacerles venir sería nuestra única oportunidad de conocer a los dos chicos que salvaron nuestras vidas. Aún con una sola fecha, dentro de nuestro país seríamos capaces de viajar por toda España para ir al show. Si nos puedes ayudar de alguna forma, incluso solo compartiendo esto, nos ayudaría muchísimo. Gracias.

Paula Alonso
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Petition to Angela Merkel (CDU), Katharina Barley, Heiko Maas, SPD, Wolfgang Zepter

Stop the deportation of Carles Puigdemont, President of Catalonia

DE / EN / ES Carles Puigdemont was arrested by the German police on March 25th, 2018. He faces deportation to Spain. Mr. Carles Puigdemont is the former President of Catalonia and the elected one after the Catalan elections on December 21st.  He was invited to participate in the last elections, and his political program was legal and generally accepted. However, after Mr. Puigdemont won the Catalan elections, the Spanish Government changed its official position did not allow him to run as a candidate for president. His rights, and most importantly, the political rights of Catalan people are not respected by Spain, as it is broadly shown. Spain started a case against him and his government because of political reasons. He is accused of rebellion even though a rebellion is a violent crime, and the Catalan independence movement is entirely peaceful and pro-European. Some clear signs show a political agenda behind the Supreme Court in Spain, and there is neither a guarantee of a neutral and fair trial in Spain nor the respect for the individual rights of Catalans. If Mr. Puigdemont is deported to the Spain, he is going to face 50 years of imprisonment, and an unfair treatment for him and the people he represents. My name is Alexis Vizcaino. I am 39 years old and I live in Germany for almost five years. I work there as a PhD in Earth Sciences. I am Catalan myself and I grew up in a town near Barcelona. I am very concerned about the future of Catalonia and the human rights over there and in the European Union.   

Alexis Vizcaino
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