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Petition to Google, Inc, Google

Please Re-instate YouTube Channel

I just signed a petition asking YouTube to re-instate my YouTube Channel "Lunar Documentaries" which was Suspended for no reason recently.I've uploaded near 200 Public Domain Space Documentaries to YouTube. Recently my YouTube channel has been terminated along with those 200 videos, which I've worked very hard on the last year. I do not have backup of all my videos either. My YouTube channel is a place to learn about science, space and the universe recently Google started removing massive amounts of Youtube accounts for violation of Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. all do lots of people claimed that they have never broke any violations, google is refusing to reinstate there channels, this needs to stopContacting Google on this matter seems impossible: When you contact google true a web form, the google robots will automatic send you this letter:Hello,Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit for more information.With no further explanation what so ever!Attempting to call google is no use also: you will get an automated voicemail message that redirects you to When you visit google at there office they will send you away with force if necessary,Recently a Belgium Youtube creator was arrested by the Police at Google HQ in Belgium, After his channel was deleted with no apparent reason, and after calling numerous times and sending 10's of emails advocating the injustice done to him, he desperately attempted to speak somebody from Google at there office, when he refused to leave, Google called the police, and had him arrested.This kind of unfair practices have to stop, Youtube is misusing its monopoly position, to ban en censor anything they don't like

I Symens
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Petition to The United Nations, Margaret Kieffer, UNOOSA

To create an international treaty that allows for safe planetary colonization.

When you think about planetary destruction you probably associate it with some form of science fiction. However, there is an opportunity for our world to experience utter devastation if action is not taken soon.        Many large nations and corporations across the world are working on making a one way trip to Mars possible. This will be an incredible step in the advancement of mankind. It will be the first time that we have extended humanity to another planet in the solar system. Colonizing the red planet and creating a culture there is a great goal to have. However, there are some issues with the colonization process.       If a country were to reach the red planet and set up shop. What other than moral obligation would keep them from utilizing all of the resources for personal gain? Well there are actually 5 treaties in place currently to protect against this. Here is the link to look at them more specifically: Unfortunately, the most recent of these treaties was created in 1984. 33 years ago. Since then, there have been other guiding principles created for space law, but no treaties to discuss what happens on a one way trip to a planet.        I believe it is completely necessary to address this fact. There are many ethical issues at play here. Since there is no one enforcing these laws in space, anyone up there alone could run rampant. Additionally, if we are to progress as a race, we may want to abolish the "Outer Space Treaty" and allow for controlled colonization of planetary bodies by new governments.         I am not calling for a specific solution but rather that we create one that can be agreed upon worldwide.I need your support to help bring this concern to our world's leaders so we can standardize space exploration and colonization. Treaties are powerful and can change the world. The United Nations holds this power and it can be used to avert potential crisis. However, If this potential crisis is left unchecked, we may lose the only world we have.     

Daniel Hartman
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