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Petition to Sadiq Khan

Save Tooting Market, Don't Allow CrossRail 2 to Compulsory Purchase Any of Tooting Market!

Dear Friends of Tooting Market, After meeting with the Cross Rail 2 Team at Transport for London (TFL) on September 15th 2016, the Tooting Market owner and market manager had been advised by TFL that the current proposal for the Cross Rail 2 ventilation shaft at Tooting Broadway would require the compulsory purchase for at least 65% of Tooting Market. The current design would force the closure of Tooting Market as the remaining approx. 35% would not be feasible to operate as a market. Further, once the works would be completed, the land where the market was positioned, would be sold off to developers for a new commercial/residential scheme.  Any such proposal for bringing Cross Rail 2 to Tooting Broadway would mean the end of an historic nearly century old Tooting Market, which hosts over 60 unique businesses and over 100 staff, as well as playing a major role in the local community for events, pop ups, charities, cinema nights and much more. Therefore, we at Tooting Market, are asking the Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan), the Secretary for Transport (Chris Grayling) & the Head of Cross Rail 2 (Michele Dix), to ensure that any proposal to bring Cross Rail 2 to Tooting Broadway, will guarantee the safeguarding for all of Tooting Market in it's entirety, even if it means to move the station to another site. Please help us #SaveTootingMarket by signing the petition and sharing it with others. Thank you. Tooting Market Management

Roi Mengelgrein
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Petition to Councillor Nicholas Bennett J.P., Councillor Hannah Gray, Cllr Stephen Carr, Cllr Stephen Wells


For over 40 years, the Bromley Youth Music Trust has provided youngsters up to 18 across the borough the opportunity to participate in music, either in a bid to continue into a career in music, or simply as a pastime. However, on 27th January 2015, the Bromley Council Education Policy, Development and Scrutiny Committee met  and put into the public domain that they are seeking to withdraw all £300,000 of BYMT's annual funding as of 1st April 2015. Not only would this be a blow to the people currently learning at BYMT, but also it limits the likelihood of BYMT continuing to produce some of the best young musicians in the country, and to assist young people with social skills and discovering their own talents on annual music tours and countless performances at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall. Not to mention that a lot of the money goes towards subsidising fees for students who would otherwise be unable to participate. If the funding is cut music will only be available to the privileged few and BYMT will have to scale back or completely scrap its outreach programme. This would create an immense hole in the diverse number of students and backgrounds present at this particular pastime. If something is not done now, the livelihood of the children in Bromley could slowly die out in the near future. We're just children. And music has changed our lives.

Joe Bleasdale
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