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Petition to Dr. Max Price

Protect Academic Freedom at UCT: Investigate the Confucius Institute

The Chinese government has an influence over education at the University of Cape Town. This is the same government who is responsible for the deaths of over 1 million Tibetans; imprisons and tortures thousands of citizens for exercising their freedom of expression; and teaches their school children that the Dalai Lama is evil. Confucius Institutes (CIs) are Chinese government funded programs that claim to promote Chinese education and culture at universities and schools across the world. However, they have been accused of censorship and propaganda regarding topics such as Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen. There have been other complaints about Chinese state involvement too; for example it was discovered that the hiring policies of the McMaster University's CI banned association with the spiritual group Falun Gong. Multiple American univeristies have closed down their CIs; and in 2014 in Canada, trustees of the nation's largest school board voted overwhelmingly to cancel a potential deal that would have incorporated CIs into secondary schools across Toronto, Ontario. The Confucius Institutes are China’s soft power push inside our schools; the CI at the University of Cape Town (UCT) threatens our sovereignty and the academic freedom of UCT. It is presumed that representatives of UCT would have signed a nondisclosure agreement with Hanban (the headquarter of CIs and a Chinese government agency) as part of their partnership. Article 5 of this type of agreement has typically stated that it “requires that Confucius Institute activities conform to the customs, laws and regulations of China as well as those of the host institution’s country.” This article clearly requires CI staff and fellows to abide by Chinese law, which includes statutes that contradict free expression, religious freedom and the human rights law of South Africa. Furthermore, it goes against the goal of academic freedom that UCT claims to aspire to uphold. We demand that a formal investigation takes place regarding the Confucius Institute at UCT. Solutions proposed by SFT include: rejection of any agreements or terms requiring non-disclosure or compliance with Chinese law in any manner that is contrary to UCT’s values and the South African constitution; an open and transparent review of the Confucius Institute’s adherence to values compatible with UCT’s ethos; failing which we propose that UCT terminates its recognition of the current Confucius Institute and prohibits a new C.I from operating on UCT campus unless it agrees to acceptable values of free expression, religious freedom, tolerance and human rights in general. We demand that we either have a constitutionally compatible Confucius Institute or don't have one at all. This is vital  for protecting academic freedom at the University of Cape Town. More than that, it demonstrates that South Africa will not bow down to the abusive Chinese state. South African history shows all too well the dangers of an education system created by an oppressive regime. We cherish our own hard-won freedom from oppression and tyranny and should stand by groups such as the Tibetan people, who continue to suffer similar injustice and ethnic oppression.

Students for a Free Tibet, UCT
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Petition to ICC, Jeff Sessions, United States Department of the Treasury, United States Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, President of the United States

Zuma/Guptas to be charged with corruption, money laundering and all round bad guys.

A complaint has been filed with the International Criminal Court in the Hague against parties including Bell Pottinger, the Gupta family and all parties named within the Gupta Email leaks.Our goal is now to put international pressure on all concerned, and bring those who have corrupted our society, to justice. Now we need your support to drive the message home that South Africa is not for sale.The petition needs your support, and that includes signing the petition and urging friends and family to share it and continue to sign. The attached documents show the grounds which we have served notice to the ICC of the complain, and through the efforts of Alistair Tennant and his team, this complaint has been lodged. Furthermore, with the information in the public domain now regarding the movement of money and the corrupt individuals involved, we call on both the US Attorney General, the US Justice Department and the US Treasury to consider a formal investigation under the RICO act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) as corrupt money has been laundered using US Dollars, communication taken place using US based email service providors, and money has also been sent to US residents using US Bank accounts, making it a clear case of international money laundering and within the jursidiction of the US Government.   A copy of the complaint filed with the International Criminal Courts can be found here.

Martin Peake
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Petition to Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa

Create an animal rights law modeled after Luxembourg's newly proposed animal rights law!

Luxembourg, a country located in the European Union, just recently proposed a new animal law (May 2016), and once this law passes, it will make Luxembourg the most animal-friendly country in the world.  The animal law was proposed by Luxembourg’s Minister of Agriculture, Fernand Etgen.   WE, the animal advocates, animal activists and animal enthusiasts of the world, demand that AFRICA create a similar animal law modeled after Luxembourg's animal law.  The Luxembourg animal law states the following: “Animals are living non-human sentient beings with a nervous system scientifically capable of feeling pain and experiencing other emotions" including "suffering and anguish," according to a ministry statement. Although the legislation will not apply to most farm animals, it will ban slaughtering animals primarily for their fur, feathers, skin, or wool, limit the sales of dogs and cats to reputable breeders, ban people from giving animals as gifts or prizes, and prohibit the poultry industry practice of killing male chicks because they don't lay eggs. "This act will be punishable because the animal's dignity MUST prevail over the PROFITABILITY of the industrial activity," the ministry statement said, referring to the poultry provision. Violations will entail fines of as much as $227,000 and jail sentences from eight days to three years depending on the seriousness of the alleged cruelty and the health of victimized animals. Etgen, the minister, said animal welfare legislation required "profound reform" because of what scientific advances had revealed about animals, and because of changes in how animals were viewed by human society. "The very definition of the animal and its needs have been amply improved," the ministry statement said. People are becoming increasingly open to laws like the one proposed in Luxembourg in part because they are the logical next step in widespread efforts to treat all living beings and the planet more humanely. She linked animal rights to the same battles women, LGBT people, and others are waging around the world for equal rights. When enacted, Luxembourg's law would put the grand duchy alongside Germany and the United Kingdom as countries that are most protective of animals.  AFRICA, the time has come to do the right thing and make the change to protect ALL animals in your country. Quote: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  Gandhi Until you pass laws protecting ALL animals, WE, refuse to support your shameful country in ANY way, and WE refuse to purchase ANY commodities or products from your country if substitute products are available from more humane countries such as the U.S.A.!!

Carrie Kopp of Boycott the Dog & Cat Meat Trade Worldwide
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