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Petition to AB Devilliers, Cricket South Africa

AB for 2019 World Cup

Dear South Africans and cricket fans around the world  It’s always sad to see a sportsman’s retire from their respective sport. We remember this clearly when the greats of a particular sport called it a day. There is Jordan, Tendulkar, Jeter, Sampras, Zidane and the list goes on! BUT none of them did so at the very pinnacle of their career and that’s what we have here with one Abraham Benjamin DeVilliers. He is currently the best batsman in the world, AB is in the form of his life, playing the best cricket I have witnessed in his 14 year career. He’s won every accolade in the international scene except one that means so much for him, his team mates, fans and the country he loves. That illusive 50 over cricket World Cup!  I was in Auckland in 2015, when we lost that cruel semi final to NZ and myself like the rest of the cricketing public in SA and the world we thought AB will have one final crack in 2019. But apparently it’s not to be! I urge each and every one of you, to please protest AB retirement. Cricket South Africa please allow AB to take that break from tests and focus purely on the ODI format with the goal of the 2019 World Cup in mind. Remember the greats of the game, Lara, Tendulkar, Warne, all got the same privilege with their cricketing boards. Not to set a precedence but because those are once is a lifetime players like AB. As a country right now, today...after the current divide we seeing not just by politicians and general citizens but past sportsman as well, lets make this happen. This is bigger than a cricket match, a knock out game and a tournament. I’m not for a second saying AB will win us the world cup but he’s our Francois Pienaar from the 95 rugby World Cup victory, our Neil Tovey from the 96 African Cup of Nations win and with him there, we as a nation can start believing again. Please AB retire after the World Cup my brother. Your county needs you and fans around the world want to see you one last time, your swan song so to speak. My Bok Boks, My Special, You are our special person!!! I pray to see you again in the green and gold at the World Cup in England. Protea Fire!

Iresh Pillay
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Petition to Dr. Max Price

Protect Academic Freedom at UCT: Investigate the Confucius Institute

The Chinese government has an influence over education at the University of Cape Town. This is the same government who is responsible for the deaths of over 1 million Tibetans; imprisons and tortures thousands of citizens for exercising their freedom of expression; and teaches their school children that the Dalai Lama is evil. Confucius Institutes (CIs) are Chinese government funded programs that claim to promote Chinese education and culture at universities and schools across the world. However, they have been accused of censorship and propaganda regarding topics such as Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen. There have been other complaints about Chinese state involvement too; for example it was discovered that the hiring policies of the McMaster University's CI banned association with the spiritual group Falun Gong. Multiple American univeristies have closed down their CIs; and in 2014 in Canada, trustees of the nation's largest school board voted overwhelmingly to cancel a potential deal that would have incorporated CIs into secondary schools across Toronto, Ontario. The Confucius Institutes are China’s soft power push inside our schools; the CI at the University of Cape Town (UCT) threatens our sovereignty and the academic freedom of UCT. It is presumed that representatives of UCT would have signed a nondisclosure agreement with Hanban (the headquarter of CIs and a Chinese government agency) as part of their partnership. Article 5 of this type of agreement has typically stated that it “requires that Confucius Institute activities conform to the customs, laws and regulations of China as well as those of the host institution’s country.” This article clearly requires CI staff and fellows to abide by Chinese law, which includes statutes that contradict free expression, religious freedom and the human rights law of South Africa. Furthermore, it goes against the goal of academic freedom that UCT claims to aspire to uphold. We demand that a formal investigation takes place regarding the Confucius Institute at UCT. Solutions proposed by SFT include: rejection of any agreements or terms requiring non-disclosure or compliance with Chinese law in any manner that is contrary to UCT’s values and the South African constitution; an open and transparent review of the Confucius Institute’s adherence to values compatible with UCT’s ethos; failing which we propose that UCT terminates its recognition of the current Confucius Institute and prohibits a new C.I from operating on UCT campus unless it agrees to acceptable values of free expression, religious freedom, tolerance and human rights in general. We demand that we either have a constitutionally compatible Confucius Institute or don't have one at all. This is vital  for protecting academic freedom at the University of Cape Town. More than that, it demonstrates that South Africa will not bow down to the abusive Chinese state. South African history shows all too well the dangers of an education system created by an oppressive regime. We cherish our own hard-won freedom from oppression and tyranny and should stand by groups such as the Tibetan people, who continue to suffer similar injustice and ethnic oppression.

Students for a Free Tibet, UCT
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