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Petition to President of South Africa

Amnesty for Wilhelm Pretorius and the Boer Political Prisoners in South Africa

Boer Political Prisoners have been incarcerated for over two decades. Some endured cruel injustice during their trials, some were entrapped by intelligence agencies and provocateurs; some were tortured or even left disabled with broken bodies; some a combination of all of these. They daily endure the cruellest human rights violations in prison with the minimum contact allowed with their loved ones. With the support of the international community the ANC and its many affiliations succeeded in toppling the system imposed on South Africa during the apartheid years. However, despite the commitment by post-apartheid (new) South Africa to the culture of human rights, the Boer Political Prisoners (such as the accused in the Boeremag Trial, some incarcerated since 2002), together with many other political prisoners, still are on the receiving end of injustice and the extreme violation of their human rights. The post-apartheid (new) South Africa claims to be a country upholding human rights, equality to all people and the mutual recognition of diverse cultures. The South African Constitution states its aim to “Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights.” The coat of arms’ motto is: “United in diversity.” Let the people from South Africa and from all over the world, unite in our plea for human rights and fairness. Let us unite in petitioning the president of South Africa to give meaning to the words South Africa as a democratic country claim to be. Our plea is for amnesty to all the Boer Political Prisoners. Sign the following petition also please: Watch the 2 min video, BOEREMAG INJUSTICE: Visit the Facebook Page, FREE WILHELM PRETORIUS AND THE BOER POLITICAL PRISONERS IN SOUTH AFRICA: To learn more about the Boer Nation's Political Prisoners visit and follow @Boer_VIn on Twitter and like the Boervin Facebook Page AFRIKAANS:Sommige Boerevolk Politieke Gevangenes is in opsluiting vir meer as twee dekades. Sommiges moes wrede onreg verduur gedurende lang hofsake; sommiges was in lokvalle mislei en gevang deur intelligensie agentskappe en provokateure; sommiges is gemartel en selfs gestremd en verlam as gevolg van die marteling; sommige verduur ʼn kombinasie hiervan. Hulle het tot op hede van die wreedste menseregte skendings moes verduur in tronke met minimale kontak toegelaat met hul geliefdes. Met die ondersteuning van die internasionale gemeenskap het die ANC en sy vele affiliasies daarin geslaag om die stelsel wat gedurende die apartheidsjare aan Suid-Afrika opgelê is, omvêr te werp. Ten spyte van die toewyding van die na-apartheid Suid-Afrika aan die menseregte-kultuur, is die Boere-politieke gevangenes (soos die beskuldigde in die Boeremag-verhoor, sommige sedert 2002) ook saam met baie ander politieke gevangenes steeds aan die ontvangs einde van onreg en die uiterste skending van hul menseregte. Die na-apartheid Suid-Afrika beweer dat dit nou 'n land is wat menseregte, gelykheid teenoor alle mense en die wedersydse erkenning van diverse kulture bewaar. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Grondwet verklaar sy doel om "die verdelings van die verlede te herstel en 'n samelewing te vestig gebaseer op demokratiese waardes, sosiale geregtigheid en fundamentele menseregte." Die leuse van die wapen is: "Verenig in diversiteit." Laat die mense van Suid-Afrika en van oor die hele wêreld, verenig in ons pleidooi vir menseregte en regverdigheid. Kom ons vra die President van Suid-Afrika om betekenis te gee aan die woorde wat Suid-Afrika op aanspraak maak as 'n demokratiese land. Ons pleidooi is vir amnestie aan al die Boere Politieke Gevangenes. Teken die volgende petisie ook asb: Kyk die 2 min video, BOEREMAG ONREG: Besoek die Facebook Blad, FREE WILHELM PRETORIUS AND THE BOER POLITICAL PRISONERS IN SOUTH AFRICA: Om meer uit te vind van die Boerevolk se Politieke Gevangenes, besoek en volg Boervin op Twitter by en hou van die Boervin Facebook Blad:

Riëtte Pretorius
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Petition to Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA

Strip Bell Pottinger of its membership of the trade body PRCA

This Friday the public relations company Bell Pottinger will be hauled before the public relations and communications association (PRCA) disciplinary committee for its work for Guptas’s Oakbay company.  This is over the secret campaign it ran to stir up racial tension in South Africa to draw attention away from the Gupta family who are accused of exploiting their friendship with President Jacob Zuma to extract billions of dollars from the state. Mmusi Maimane, leader of the South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance party, has demanded that the British PR industry body strips Bell Pottinger of its membership of the trade body for running a “hateful and divisive campaign to divide South Africa along the lines of race”. Bell Pottinger is accused of seeking to stir up anger about “white monopoly capital” and the “economic apartheid” in the country, allegedly orchestrating the creation of fake Twitter accounts to target prominent white business people in South Africa (including some of whom were clients of Bell Pottinger). “Bell Pottinger must face consequences for their collusion with the Guptas using a hateful and divisive campaign to divide South Africans along the lines of race. This was coordinated campaign to further Gupta financial interests‚ and ensure the captured ANC continued to provide lucrative contracts that lined Gupta pockets,” Maimane said. “South Africa is not a political playground where international corporations can disregard ethics to turn a profit"

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Petition to South African Government, Nature Conservation Officials, DEDEAT Officials Eastern Cape

Finall call for the Leopard

Official NO to leopard Conservation in South Africa, June 2017 Help us to say YES and state your opinion; please sign and share!!!! “If things don’t change, we predict leopards will essentially disappear from many areas in South Africa by about 2020". (Samual Williams, a conservation biologist at Durham University). A census was done recently in both the Eastern, Western and Northern parts of South Africa: the Cape Mountains, Drakensberg, Soutpansberg/Limpopo Area all showed a dramatic decrease of numbers. Leopards were classified last year as “vulnerable” to extinction on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List of endangered species, which tracks the survival status of animals and plants. So signs for the leopard are also far from good!! We are supporting conservation of the leopard in many different ways since the start of our foundation (Wild Cats World) with main focus on the wild leopard and its natural habitat in not just South Africa but also Indonesia (Java), Nepal, India. Also we fight for better conditions for leopards in captivity that cannot be released anymore, setting example with our own sanctuary in the Eastern Cape. Here we also run a conservation project, working on releases of some young leopards in the (three) fantastic non-hunting Private Game Reserves in the Eastern Cape (Amakhala, Kariega and Shamwari). The Reserves were keen on releasing our leopards, and the leopards were ready. Only the Officials still had to decide about their future, and grant permits to the Reserves. Amakhala Game Reserve had another meeting with DEDEAT Officials in Port Elizabeth (june 2017), after we did hand in our managementplan and motivational letters, and though the signs were good, there was a dramatic turn of events for the species. They won't grant permits, based on no knowledge whatsoever. Also it became clear it indeed is easier in this country to get permits for capturing wild leopards, keeping leopards in captivity and breeding/trading them world-wide and hunting leopards, even though South African  recently suspended trophy hunting of leopards - they think about withdrawing this and allowing males (in their Prime) to be hunted again. As we said decisions aren't made to support leopard conservation, but to gain as much money as possible and to keep the numbers of wild leopards (and any big predator for that matter - it is already not allowed to release captive lions and cheetah, which was confirmed again!!) as low as possible. Until....D-day, which is arriving sooner as we think, with this kind of attitude.  Reasons for declining permits to the Private Game Reserves: 1) they do not want to dilute the eastern cape gene pool with non -Eastern cape genetics. This they will not change their mind on.2) they do not want to set a precedent which will allow any game reserve to apply for import permits for non-Eastern cape (captive) leopards. They gave the option of building an enclosure and keeping the leopards in captivity, or to release them after sterilizing them so they cannot breed. This is the kind of conservation the Nature Conservation DEDEAT Officials say YES too! By signing this petition you say YES to conservation of leopards in South Africa, say YES to the release of our leopards (experts like leopardman Fred Berrange also said there's nothing against a release we had in mind, as there's no such thing as the Eastern Cape genetics). The African leopard (Panthera pardus) used to roam freely through the whole of Africa once. Whether they occurred in the West, East or North had nothing to do with different subspecies. Their way of living caused the differences in looks, as it is with other species. The Cape Leopard also isn't a seperate subspecies! They only live in the Cape Mountains, close to Cape Town. By signing this petition you say NO to the capturing and killing of wild leopards by farmers, NO to breeding in captivity for trade and exploit, NO to trophy hunting, and Canned Hunting of leopards. Though at this meeting the Officials confirmed not to change their mind on this, we think it is good to have this petition to tell them the world doesn't agree to their decision. Also to raise awareness for the situation of the leopard; a species we love so dearly, and we cannot loose......they must be save in the wild, and well looked after when born in captivity and not being able to be released!!! Leopard Population at risk - read here:            

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