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Petition to António Guterres, H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES, Adama Dieng, Ms Roselaur, Cyril Ramaphosa, Yolande Guthrie


PETITION TO THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE UN, H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES TO END FARM MURDERS IN SOUTH AFRICA 26 October 2017 His Excellency, Mr Antonio Guterres, my name is Louis Michael Green and I am a pastor and a concerned citizen from Kraaifontein, Cape Town, South Africa. I am appealing to you to use your influence in the UN and throughout the world to help us in South Africa to end the scourge of farm killings in our country. We must end farm murders in South Africa before it is too late. Farmers throughout South Africa produce our fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat and without them, our nation will starve. At first, when I started this petition, I had one signature, my own. I was aiming for 100,000 signatures for this petition when I started but as a result of the fantastic response, i.e. 115,000 signatures in 6 days, I have decided to increase the target to 200,000 supporters. The huge response to my petition to STOP FARM MURDERS is an indication of the urgency of the matter and the public outcry in South Africa. At first, I intended to take the petition to the State President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, and our Minister of Police, but after much prayer and thinking, and after receiving hundreds of messages from farmers, family members who lost loved ones and many petitioners, I have decided to take our petition directly to you at THE UNITED NATIONS IN NEW YORK, the USA, and ask for an audience with you, the SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, H.E. Mr Antonio Guterrez. Many of my petitioners believe it would be a waste of our time to take the petition to the State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, because he has done nothing about the farm murders since his election and he continues to do nothing. It would be a similar waste of time to take the petition to the Minister of Police, Mr. Fikile Mbalula, because he has been critical of the mass action on Black Monday, 30th of October, 2017, and he has not released the specific statistics of farm attacks and murders. We have great confidence in you as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that you will be able to place our petition on the international agenda. If it is possible to have an independent commission of inquiry from the Commissioner of Human Rights violations into the FARM MURDERS in South Africa, we would also greatly appreciate this. We would, in the meantime, also petition our own government to demand an independent commission of inquiry into farm murders to investigate the root causes of such murders and a response from the present government (from the Ministry of Police) on what will be done to stop these murders with immediate effect. We will, however, not hand over the names of the 125,000 petitioners to the state for fear that the petitioners would be intimidated. However, we could say in our petition to our government that we refer to the 125,000 petitioners as verified by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and that the record is kept at the UN that would verify the veracity of the amount of our petitioners. I was encouraged when I saw what a young South African, Talitha Basson was doing when she mobilized thousands of farmers almost on her own using Facebook to mobilize them to united action in a march to Cape Town on 30th of October, 2017.  We are mindful that all murders everywhere in South Africa are reprehensible and should be stopped. Every murder, irrespective where it happens, is regrettable. However, the murder of farmers in our country does not only impact the loss of life but also has a snowball effect of robbing our nation of its food security. I am planning to follow the correct Parliamentary procedures to get this letter and the petition to the Speaker of Parliament, so I will seek out the help of an M.P. who bears the same burden, to also submit our petition to our own Parliament in South Africa. This matter has been debated in Parliament on several occasions without any effect. This is the reason why I felt we should appeal to international organs, like the UN. Perhaps, our government will give this matter its most urgent attention when our petition reaches your office and if it can be arranged our South African delegation coming to see you in New York would love an opportunity to discuss our report with the dossier containing our claims of human rights abuses with the UNHCR. I and all my petitioners trust God for a positive outcome to all our endeavours. Be Blessed Kind Regards Senior Suffragan Bishop Louis Michael Green A concerned South African Citizen Affiliated to The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, South Africa

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Petition to President of South Africa

Amnesty for Wilhelm Pretorius and the Boer Political Prisoners in South Africa

Boer Political Prisoners have been incarcerated for over two decades. Some endured cruel injustice during their trials, some were entrapped by intelligence agencies and provocateurs; some were tortured or even left disabled with broken bodies; some a combination of all of these. They daily endure the cruellest human rights violations in prison with the minimum contact allowed with their loved ones. With the support of the international community the ANC and its many affiliations succeeded in toppling the system imposed on South Africa during the apartheid years. However, despite the commitment by post-apartheid (new) South Africa to the culture of human rights, the Boer Political Prisoners (such as the accused in the Boeremag Trial, some incarcerated since 2002), together with many other political prisoners, still are on the receiving end of injustice and the extreme violation of their human rights. The post-apartheid (new) South Africa claims to be a country upholding human rights, equality to all people and the mutual recognition of diverse cultures. The South African Constitution states its aim to “Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights.” The coat of arms’ motto is: “United in diversity.” Let the people from South Africa and from all over the world, unite in our plea for human rights and fairness. Let us unite in petitioning the president of South Africa to give meaning to the words South Africa as a democratic country claim to be. Our plea is for amnesty to all the Boer Political Prisoners.IMPORTANT NOTICE: INSTEAD of 'chipping in' and paying to show the petition to more potential supporters, kindly please rather DONATE DIRECTLY TO BOERVIN towards the freedom of these men here: Watch the 2 min video, BOEREMAG INJUSTICE: Visit the Facebook Page, FREE WILHELM PRETORIUS AND THE BOER POLITICAL PRISONERS IN SOUTH AFRICA: To learn more about the Boer Nation's Political Prisoners visit and follow @Boer_VIn on Twitter and like the Boervin Facebook Page Sign the following petition also please: AFRIKAANS:Sommige Boerevolk Politieke Gevangenes is in opsluiting vir meer as twee dekades. Sommiges moes wrede onreg verduur gedurende lang hofsake; sommiges was in lokvalle mislei en gevang deur intelligensie agentskappe en provokateure; sommiges is gemartel en selfs gestremd en verlam as gevolg van die marteling; sommige verduur ʼn kombinasie hiervan. Hulle het tot op hede van die wreedste menseregte skendings moes verduur in tronke met minimale kontak toegelaat met hul geliefdes. Met die ondersteuning van die internasionale gemeenskap het die ANC en sy vele affiliasies daarin geslaag om die stelsel wat gedurende die apartheidsjare aan Suid-Afrika opgelê is, omvêr te werp. Ten spyte van die toewyding van die na-apartheid Suid-Afrika aan die menseregte-kultuur, is die Boere-politieke gevangenes (soos die beskuldigde in die Boeremag-verhoor, sommige sedert 2002) ook saam met baie ander politieke gevangenes steeds aan die ontvangs einde van onreg en die uiterste skending van hul menseregte. Die na-apartheid Suid-Afrika beweer dat dit nou 'n land is wat menseregte, gelykheid teenoor alle mense en die wedersydse erkenning van diverse kulture bewaar. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Grondwet verklaar sy doel om "die verdelings van die verlede te herstel en 'n samelewing te vestig gebaseer op demokratiese waardes, sosiale geregtigheid en fundamentele menseregte." Die leuse van die wapen is: "Verenig in diversiteit." Laat die mense van Suid-Afrika en van oor die hele wêreld, verenig in ons pleidooi vir menseregte en regverdigheid. Kom ons vra die President van Suid-Afrika om betekenis te gee aan die woorde wat Suid-Afrika op aanspraak maak as 'n demokratiese land. Ons pleidooi is vir amnestie aan al die Boere Politieke Gevangenes. BELANGRIK: In plaas daarvan om in te 'chip' nadat u die petisie geteken het deur vir geld in te betaal om die petisie te deel vir potensiele tekenaars, maak eerder DIREK AAN BOERVIN 'n donasie om hierdie manne vry te kry, hier: Kyk die 2 min video, BOEREMAG ONREG: Besoek die Facebook Blad, FREE WILHELM PRETORIUS AND THE BOER POLITICAL PRISONERS IN SOUTH AFRICA: Om meer uit te vind van die Boerevolk se Politieke Gevangenes, besoek en volg Boervin op Twitter by en hou van die Boervin Facebook Blad: Teken die volgende petisie ook asb: READ AND SIGN THE PETITION IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE HERE:

Riëtte Pretorius
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Petition to DAFF

Save Langebaan Lagoon from a potential aquaculture disaster

 Disaster Looms for Langebaan Lagoon – Aquaculture Development Threat Please note by signing this petition you declare : I declare that I am 18 years of age or older. I declare that I have understood the content of what I have underwritten and have participated in this petition of my own free will  UPDATE: 17 AUGUST 2018: Save Langebaan Lagoon Committee members have been busy over the last few weeks consulting with attorneys and advocates, experienced in environmental and administrative law litigation. We have taken note of their professional guidance and recently instructed an advocate, Peter Kantor, of Kantor Legal Services, to draft an opinion on our prospect for success in legally challenging the decision by the Minister of Environmental Affairs to dismiss our appeal against the ADZ authorisations.  This is an important intermediate step, to provide clarity and certainty and to assist us in making an informed decision before we proceed with a judicial review. Advocate Kantor will assess the merits of our grounds for appeal, focus on the strongest grounds for a review, as well as provide strategic advice. We will need to raise R200 000 by mid-September in order to cover this aspect of legal services.  Thereafter, if counsel’s opinion indicates that we have a winnable case, we will instruct a suitably experienced attorney to draft application papers and launch a judicial review, before the 5th December 2018. The attorney will brief the advocate who will present our case in the High Court. The case preparation and the litigation process will require an upfront payment to the attorney’s trust account of approximately R1.8 million.  We have just begun a robust fund-raising drive. If you would like to assist in anyway, please urgently contact us How do you donate?   Most people associate Langebaan on the West coast of South Africa with the dramatic scenic beauty of the unspoilt tidal lagoon, its long stretches of pristine beaches and sheltered bays, providing protected waters and a temperate climate for a wide variety of leisure activities throughout the year.  However, this RAMSAR site of international importance and tourist hot spot is now under considerable threat of ecological degradation and certain economic decline from plans by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) to develop an extensive off-shore aquaculture zone in Langebaan’s bays.  Save Langebaan Lagoon Action Group has started a wide ranging campaign to draw attention to and encourage protest against this environmental and socio-economic injustice. Our role is to educate the public regarding the negative impact that this development will have on the lagoon’s ecosystem, the access to its waters and therefore the prosperity of the town. Further, we represent the collective view of like-minded interested and affected residents and home-owners in interactions with the developers and their agents, ensuring that our voice is heard and that important environmental regulatory processes are followed.  Save Langebaan Lagoon Action Group is not against aquaculture as an industry – we recognise the role that aquaculture can play in contributing to employment creation, food security and addressing the overexploitation of wild marine resources. We therefore would welcome an on-shore aquaculture development in the vicinity of Langebaan. We strongly object to fin fish (and especially alien fin fish) and mussel farming in Langebaan’s waters, which will unduly compromise the numerous ecosystem services that the lagoon provides to the Langebaan community.  Situated in the South African Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve, Langebaan is a birding destination of international repute. The extensive intertidal area of the lagoon supports up to 55 000 water birds in summer, most of which are waders. The five islands to the north of the lagoon provide a home for nearly a quarter of a million sea birds, and include important breeding sites for endemic populations.  12% of the global population of black oystercatchers are found in the Langebaan area. Fish farming operations and infrastructure will adversely impact habitats, breeding patterns, flight paths and access to food and place these sensitive avian colonies at high risk.  The lagoon and the surrounding bays provide a multi-purpose recreational zone and as such attract large numbers of holiday makers, as well as local and international water sport events. The vibrant town of Langebaan continues to experience high growth rates, as increasingly South Africans choose to make this town their permanent or second home. The tourism, hospitality and building industries are booming, with a resultant escalation in work opportunities, in contrast to many surrounding rural towns. The fortunes of these sectors and those who work in them will be severely affected by scores of floating fish factories in Langebaan’s bays.  Whilst the current environmental assessment report, commissioned by DAFF, suggests mitigations for a host of identified risks, it falls abysmally short of setting out a rigorous, mandatory, proactive plan, with independent oversight mechanisms, to comprehensively prevent such risks eventuating. The planned development, sited in a shallow and sensitive lagoon system, presents inherently disproportionate risks of creating numerous long-term ecological and therefore socio-economic damage.  Aquaculture is promoted by DAFF as an opportunity for job creation. However, the information available re employment creation as a result of this particular venture, indicates that the number of new permanent jobs predicted pales into insignificance in comparison with current employment statistics in the hospitality and tourism sectors of Langebaan – both high growth sectors for the foreseeable future.  Further, DAFF emphasises the imperative of food security as a motivation for the development: Of concern, fin-fish farming of alien species (e.g. Atlantic salmon) is a major focus of the aquaculture development zone, with much of the harvest destined for higher LSM markets. Whilst this will yield economic benefits, it is disingenuous and opportunistic to use our country’s challenge for food security to justify the farming of stocks that will not benefit the poor. A more responsible approach would be to consider the threat to food security that occurs when healthy ecosystems, like the Langebaan Lagoon, are degraded beyond rehabilitation.  If the proposed development is not stopped, the iconic expansive, uncluttered vistas of tranquil turquoise waters will soon be industrialised and visually polluted by fish and mussel farming infrastructure spread across 884 hectares of marine area. Largely unrestricted enjoyment of these waters will become curtailed through no-go zones around the fish farms and the likelihood of no-access days due to toxic effluent contamination. The sustainability of the richly diverse ecosystem of the Langebaan lagoon, and the welfare of the communities who live on her shores, is inextricably dependent upon the health of this valuable wetland system. This is the link to the SRK Consulting website it has all official documents regarding the proposed aquaculture development -

Save Langebaan Lagoon
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