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Sony: Give Spider-Man Back To Marvel

(PC: Google) Sony Pictures has recently made one of the worst business decisions in cinematic history as they have officially broken ties in their paid partnership with Marvel Studios, who was bought by Disney in 2009.  Sony Pictures bought the cinematic rights to Marvel Studios' friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in 1999. After releasing 5 live-action Spider-Man movies that have since become outdated and, to many, redundant, it was time for something new. When Disney bought Marvel Studios, one character they didn't have the rights to work with was Peter Parker (aka, *spoiler alert*, Spider-Man), and after the disaster that was The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony made a merging deal with Disney/Marvel. This meant a lot of things (including no more watching Uncle Ben die-- PRAISE BE), but most notably, it meant that Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was finally getting the storyline it deserved. With Spider-Man as a part of the Avengers, the character's development from the merge's debut "Homecoming," to "Infinity War," to "Endgame," to "Far From Home" is solely due to his relationship with Tony Stark and his part in the Avengers. Parker also massively contributed to the final stages of Tony Stark's character development, as well. It is safe to say that neither of their stories would be close to the same without each other; at the end of Far From Home, we were given a cliffhanger that truly left all MCU fans at the edge of their seats, anxiously preparing for, and awaiting Marvel's Phase 4. Incidentally, this was the last movie that was on contract before Sony and Disney were to come to a new paid arrangement. On August 20, 2019, the announcement was made that Sony and Disney/Marvel could not come to a new agreement based solely off of money. With the widely successful franchise that had come into fruition since the partnership, a 50/50 negotiation was offered. The offer was turned down and an agreement couldn't be made, splitting the two companies in half and no longer allowing Spider-Man a part in the MCU. Not only is this a blow to Tom Holland (who is currently still slated for 2 more Spidey films) and director Jon Watts, but this also completely screws the MCU over, as well as the incredible story arc that was being created in such an intricate way. Whatever Sony decides to do with Spider-Man now, it will have nothing to do and no place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is an outrage to any true and dedicated Marvel fan, and we will absolutely not stand for it. As the boycotting of Sony Pictures begins, please join me and sign this petition as a demand to have Sony return Spider-Man to Marvel/Disney so that they can finish what they started. It's about time we remind Sony of the failures they were turning themselves into before they let the real heroes take over. Here's to our Spider-Man, Tom Holland, to RDJ, to director Jon Watts, to Marvel/Disney and to the entire cast and crew who have finally made Spider-Man the success he was meant to be. We love you 3,000. Avengers, Assemble. #BOYCOTTSONY #SAVESPIDERMAN

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