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Release Toei's Spider-Man TV Series on DVD/Blu-Ray in North America

In 1978, Toei Company aired a Japanese live action television series based on the iconic "Spider-Man" comic book series from Marvel Comics. Over the years, this loose adaptation of a beloved superhero has accumulated a cult following, and is considered to be one of the best television shows in the "tokusatsu" (Japanese special effects) subgenre, as Takuya Yamashiro vows to avenge the lives who were taken by the evil Professor Monster and his Iron Cross Army. On November 2019, it was confirmed that this iteration of the famous web-slinger may finally appear in the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed and beloved "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse". Not only will Takuya Yamashiro's inclusion spread awareness of the 1978 television series, but the situation would make it even more appropriate to prepare North American audiences for what could potentially come from this particular character in the Spider-Verse sequel by releasing the series for home video for the first time in North America, after only appearing in a couple of Spider-Man-related comic book events! Therefore, we who sign this petition humbly ask Sony to release this television show to North American audiences, and perhaps elsewhere, too. Doing so will provide Sony with worthwhile ROI, appreciation and consumer loyalty from tokusatsu and superhero enthusiasts eager to consume new material. Furthermore, releasing this series will help put a stop to its current bootleg distribution and incentivize consumers to invest in Sony's products.

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