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Sony, make a Live-Action-Spider-Verse movie with Tobey, Andrew and Tom

After Marvel trolled us with false hope of a possible Spider-Man 4 with their JJ Abrams comic tease, they saw the hopes and dreams of a true, loyal Raimi fanbase. After the abomination of Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it is only right that Tobey and Andrew get the closure that they deserve, and that Tom Holland gets his trilogy.  Into the Spider-Verse was a great film and it highlighted what a live-action Spider-Verse movie with these 3 could be. Just imagine seeing all 3 of them back on the big screen.  Sam Raimi can finally direct the Spider-Man 4 that he wanted to do all this time. He’s a great film maker and he poured his heart and soul into those 3 films and was let down after the response to the third. Let him redeem himself Sony.  Finally, I want to add something a little more personal. I watched the three Raimi Films and the two Spidey MCU Films and they are my favorite movies ever. I have not seemed TASM Films yet but I hope to soon. I played the game and I loved it. I love watching analysis videos of the different SM media from YouTubers such as Hi-Top Films, Cosmonaut Variety Hour, and Captain Midnight. All of them are true SM fans who want the best for the character. I also met Tobey Maguire last month at a Q and A. He was a really nice guy and I said “Pizza Time” to him. He didn’t respond because he was wearing black but that’s okay. The picture is on Top 10 of r/raimimemes and on my Insta Story Highlights @augiefojtik . This movie would mean the world to me, and millions of others around the globe who grew up with any version of this character. Even if this petition goes nowhere, I want all of you to remember that “With great power, comes great responsibility.” -Ben Parker

Augie Fojtik
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