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Petition to Jared Carpenter, Robert Stivers, Julie Adams, Ralph Alvarado, Joe Bowen, Tom Buford, Danny Carroll, Julian Carroll, Perry Clark, C.B. Embry, Rick Girdler, David Givens, Denise Harper Angel, Ernie Harris, Jimmy Higdon, Paul Hornback, Stan Humphries, Ray Jones, Alice Kerr, Christian McDaniel, Morgan McGarvey, Stephen Meredith, Gerald Neal, Dennis Parrett, Dorsey Ridley, Albert Robinson, John Schickel, Wil Schroder, Dan Seum, Brandon Smith, Damon Thayer, Reginald Thomas, Johnny Turner, Robin Webb, Stephen West, Whitney Westerfield, Mike Wilson, Max Wise

Save rooftop solar in Kentucky! Stop Kentucky House Bill 227

If Kentucky House Bill 227 passes: Homeowners and small businesses won't be able to afford to install rooftop solar systems. Kentucky's local solar installation businesses will be forced out of business. Solar installers will lose their jobs. Out-of-state monopoly utilities will corner the market on solar and increase their profits.  NOTE: Please include your city and state so your representative will know you are one of their constituents. Kentucky House Bill 227 will make rooftop solar economically unfeasible by cutting the net metering credit by 70%. The monopoly utility companies are trying to extend their monopolies to Kentuckian's rooftops by drastically weakening net metering. They have disregarded several studies that show that net metering benefits utilities and all their customers. They haven't presented any data to show that net metering is hurting them or other customers. Fair net metering rates should be determined by a thorough look at real data presented to the PSC. Instead the utilities are using out-of-state fossil fuel industry lobbyists to spread disinformation. These same lobbyists are calling Kentuckians with false claims about how HB 227 will result in more solar and offering to connect those people with their representative's office to say they support it. Kentucky is 48th in the nation for solar-friendly policies. The only  positive policy that we have is our net metering policy (which is already far more limited than other states). If HB 227 passes we will drop to last place.

Solar Kentucky
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Petition to City Council of Chesapeake

Support Solar Power Generation in Chesapeake

We the undersigned citizens of Chesapeake and the surrounding communities support the development of solar power in our city as a clean renewal energy resource. Solar power generation is compatible with the Comprehensive Plan objectives of encouraging the development of alternative energy sources and improving local air quality by reducing fossil fuel “smokestack” emissions across the state. Solar energy will reduce environmental degradation in Virginia and neighboring states caused by mountaintop removal mining, the disposal of new coal ash, the contamination of rivers from mining and fracking, and air pollution. Utility scale solar energy production - solar farms - will provide our city with cost-effective solutions while providing agricultural farm owners with options to increase their financial opportunities while safeguarding their land from permanent development. Many neighboring cities have seen unfettered encroachment within their rural areas. Solar power farms are a lower impact use of the land, reducing the pressure for residential development. Restricting solar farms to land zoned Industrial will have negative consequences. Acquiring existing industrial land is very costly and will make solar energy much more expensive, thus causing us to continue to use energy sources that cause far greater destruction to the our air, water, natural areas, and ultimately our health. Re-zoning currently agricultural land as industrial will, almost literally, pave the way for that land to be used much more intensively in the future. The advantage of the solar farm was that it was relatively low intensity and allowed the land to be used for other options, including farming, in the future.

Support Solar in Chesapeake
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Petition to Mayor Michael J. Venezia, Superintendent of School Board Sal Goncalves, First-Ward Councilwoman Jenny Mundell, Second-Ward Councilman Nicholas Joanow, Third-Ward Councilman Carlos Bernard, Councilwoman-At-Large Wartyna Davis, Councilman-At-Large Ted Gamble, Councilman-At-Large Carlos Pomares, President of School Board Emily Smith

We support Bloomfield putting solar panels on public buildings

We join the leaders of the Bloomfield community listed below to call for the Bloomfield Town Council, all relevant township departments, and the Board of Education to support installing solar panels on our public buildings, public schools, and public parking lots and land. They should immediately do fair and transparent assessments of the benefits of doing so and take action accordingly. Jane Califf, community activist Rev. Susan Dorward, Brookdale Reformed Church Laura Genna, Chair, Green Party of Essex County Diane Hill, resident/Assistant Chancellor, Rutgers University/Newark Pastor Joel Hubbard, Park United Methodist Church Sumit Kapoor, owner of Bloomfield Health Food Store Rabbi Steven Kushner, Temple Ner Tamid Roberto Medina, owner of Nobile Shoe Repair Paul Russo, Ph.D, Professor of Biology & CIS, Bloomfield College Rich Rockwell, Vice President of the Historical Society of Bloomfield; Chairman of the Bloomfield Morris Canal Greenway Committee Lois Ross, President, Friends of Clark's Pond & Third River

Bloomfield Citizens Solar Campaign
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