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Climate Change | Give All States A "Carbon Cap"

There have been many acts in order to change the way our electrical energy is produced and processed. This by far is the best. Setting a cap essentially means to have a max amount of fossil fuels that one factory can produce. If they go over that they have to pay insane amounts of capital or money in order to retain the ability to emit fossil fuels. Then you lower that cap each year. Meaning they have to pay more and more, as well as the amount they are allowed to emit lowers until it eventually reaches 0. Climate change is a topic that the federal government does not want to bring up. For good reason, the idea of shifting how our energy is produced is a horribly daunting task. However, doing it will provide us with a better future. The whole point of this petition is to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. You can't save the Earth completely, but you can make it to where the Earth is able to fix itself with the resources it has. Hurricanes have plagued this nation and the world for many years. But just recently there has been worse and worse hurricanes. Many meteorologists believe this to be because of climate change. That is just another reason why this problem that we recently have had damage us needs to be fixed.   We have seen California do this which has created a huge success. As you can see on the chart: | Their GDP has grown, even with their acts of defense. And their population has surged, but their fossil fuels still are being used less and less. Another idea would be to not just do this for businesses, but do this for you and me. That would sound like a terrible idea, but if you want to save the planet, you have to do whatever it takes. The rest of the US should follow in the footsteps of California. There are many solutions to climate change but this is the most simple, definitive, and effective one. Please sign this petition, and hopefully unlike most petitions, we will be able to present this to the federal government.

Robbie Gruenewald
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