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Petition to Michael Newmark, Bob Cicerone

Clark University Dining Services: Bring Back Pizzaritas to the Bistro

VICTORY! Please see the update below. Pizzaritas have been a late-night staple to generations of Clark students since 1887. This semester pizzaritas have been officially removed from the late-night Bistro menu without any official notice or public forum. The university as a whole was never made aware of the official implementation of this decision. This event has caused anger, frustration and a lack of constipation.  Clarkies have lost their identity in the Bistro. The marinara-y cheesey chicken-y goodness is God's gift to our non-denominational University. Not only do 'rittas bring people together but they also provide comfort on cold, lonely nights (I am not speaking from experience). The Class of 2020 has been denied their pizzarita privilege. Alums may even give less to Clark because of this new development. We recognize that we probably shouldn't order 15 in one sitting. But the joy that pizzaritas give to the emerging adults of this university should not be compromised.  We will always stand with Clark University Dining Services staff. We care about them and know that this is not their fault. We recognize that they provide quality customer service and general happiness.This is the administration's doing (i.e. Sodexo). Until this wrong is righted the Bistro will never be the same and neither will Clark University. We, the Clark University community demand that the pizzaritas be re-implemented immediately on the late-night Bistro menu (but like seriously, bring them back).

Justice for Clark Traditions
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Petition to Student Development Olivet Nazarene University

Bring Back Trays in Ludwig

Student Development at Olivet Nazarene University announced that the main campus dining center will no longer provides trays for use. Their reasoning behind this decision is that by no longer providing students with trays, less food will go to waste. Even though Ludwig is all-you-can-eat food, they believe students will grab less simply because they are too lazy to walk a few yards to grab seconds or more food. They are depending on the students being lazy and passive, uncharacteristic of the Olivet student community. At Olivet, the tuition and room and board costs for the 2016 school year were listed at nearly 42,000 dollars. Many private universities with significantly lower room and board costs, as well as lower tuition costs, will provide food that receives a greater satisfaction rating among students. Olivet's food is far from healthy or organic. The solution to create a healthier community is not to keep students from eating, but to improve the quality of food. Students deserve what they are paying for. When eating, time is of the essence to students. There are often classes or activities that precede or follow dining. All the time that can be saved with trays will add up fast. Walking traffic and long lines will only grow in size as students go up for more food. Friends are left alone at tables while others wait in line. Spills are inevitable while balancing plates, utensils, and beverages. The Olivet community neglected to warn students in any way that the trays may be taken away. There was no vote held, and only the opinion of a select group was considered. Perhaps a better solution is to simply change the location of the trays, presenting students with more of a choice, rather than an inclination when trays are the first objects that diners make contact with. Olivet Nazarene University: Please reconsider the permitting of trays within the Ludwig dining hall.

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Petition to George Chavel, Lorna Donatone, Jackie Tate, Sodexo, Dean Johnson, Mia Martinez, Stephen DiPrima, Robert Stern, James Taylor, Calvin Johnson, Mark Bickford, Michael Norris, Olivier Poirot, Alexis Herman

Stop Purchasing Eggs From Battery-Cage Farms.

Sodexo is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world and provides food service for hundreds of colleges and universities around the country. Sodexo proudly boasts their commitment to sustainability and their recent switch to cage-free shell eggs, but these eggs only account for a small number of the total eggs used in their operations.  So then why is Sodexo sourcing liquid eggs from cruel and unsustainable battery-cage farms? Battery-cage farms cram egg-laying hens into tiny wire cages. With less room than a sheet of computer paper to live in for virtually their entire lives, these poor animals are unable to spread their wings or engage in any of their natural behaviors. This outdated agricultural practice is so cruel that it is already illegal in the entire European Union and several states in the US. Thankfully, we've also seen lots of movement away from battery-cages in the private sector, too. In the last few years, some of the worlds largest restaurant chains and food service providers—places like Starbucks, Burger King, Delaware North Companies, Ben & Jerry’s, and more—have made commitments to phase out this horrible practice from their supply chain. However, there is one conspicuous standout from this group, one of the largest food service providers in the world: Sodexo. The Humane League has reached out to Sodexo time and time again, but Sodexo refuses to make any meaningful commitment on this issue, and have fallen behind their competitors on this basic issue of animal cruelty. Please, sign our petition and let Sodexo know that consumers do not want to be supporting this kind of extreme animal cruelty with their dining dollars. It's time for Sodexo to do the right thing and join the 21st century in pledging to end their support of farms that still use outdated battery-cage systems.

The Humane League
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