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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, President of the United States

Require All Caring Professionals to Tell Clients About Abortion Alternatives!

Those facing unplanned pregnancies deal with caring professionals. These include doctors, counselors, teachers, social workers, pastors, and others. Their choice for abortions are often due to pressure from those whom they trust: parents, teachers, friends, boyfriends or spouses. Their choices for abortion are not free, informed choices. This is not acceptable. So many of these girls and women abort their babies because of lack of information about alternatives such as pregnancy resource centers, Birthright chapters, local churches, or other alternatives where they can find help  and not have to undergo unwanted abortions. Abortion providers withhold the truth from clients or patients, especially the ambivalent or unwilling, when they do this. It is widely done, as so many women who have had abortions say that they would not have aborted if they had known of their options. Women are lied to, especially about pregnancy resource centers. My research and experience bear this out. I know women who had abortions because their parents coerced them, and they were not informed of alternatives. Caring professionals, however, ought to tell their clients about abortion alternatives. This includes those who work in all middle schools, high schools, college and graduate schools. This includes all doctors. Require them by law to notify clients of abortion alternatives like local pregnancy resource centers or Birthright Chapters. Pregnancy resource centers, Birthright counseling chapters, maternity homes, and local churches provide services usually free of change. These services usually include counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, education on abortion, adoption, fetal development, and more. They typically provide referrals to life-affirming doctors and clinics, adoption agencies, shelters, housing, and financial assistance. They often provide Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing, and usually provide support and education to birth dads to get them involved in their babies' care. They often provide pregnancy loss and post-abortion care to both men and women.  Pregnancy resource centers are being more and more regulated, much of that because of the efforts of Planned Parenthood. Abortion providers reportedy withhold info on alternatives. But all caring professionals in doctor's offices, schools, colleges and universities ought to be legally required to tell clients about pregnancy resource centers, Birthright chapters, and other alternatives!   The issue here is informed consent and eliminating a reason many people choose abortion, ignorance of alternatives. If we really want to make abortion rare and then unthinkable, we will seek to eliminate the reasons these women seek abortions. The above photo is provided courtesy of Mary's Pregnancy Center, one of the countless centers who provide alternatives.

Lisa DeSherlia
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Petition to UN Secretary General, World Leaders, Nur Mohammed, Ambassador At-Large & Chairman at International Human Rights Organization for Bangladesh, United Nation, World Government, Human Rights & Social Development Activist, All human being around the world, Everyone in the world, including, but not limited to users

We are the people, like a human world.

Dear World Leaders,The appeal is a tribute, please listen to me, and try to save the world. Now the whole world has been confined to the inside of the extreme time. On the one hand there is political unrest, and on the other hand is the nature of the disaster. The severe painful conditions inside a word called "terrorism" in the name of Islam, which is causing panic around the world, the security of the civilized world of our lives. The issue of terrorism is the third world war could start at any time, which will destroy the earth. Meanwhile, of course, we have the responsibility to protect this beautiful planet, and we must do it.1. All people are equal under the law and the equal dignity of all human rights, the right to live, and we believe it; But these people are terrorists under the law, and the people involved in the murder; So will announce inhuman terrorists, and demand over time, to protect humanity and civilization will have to take drastic measures against terrorists.2. All countries must ensure full independence of the world. If the political and humanitarian crisis in a country, only the UN peacekeeping mission could come forward right away, will not interfere with any other country.3. All kinds of military exercises close to the natural balance.4. Humanity and human rights, the state can not be involved in politics.5. All the governments of the world, religious and military spending will reduce, and the human cost will announce public sector. For building a peaceful human society and human rights activists all high priority to ensure that all the facilities, including the honorarium.I hope this simple application support and cooperation of all. Healthy, beautiful, natural and acceptable to all over the world to form a human urge them to come forward. War, conflict, selfishness and destruction game, nine. We are the people, like a human world.

Ambassador Nur Mohammed
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Petition to Raymond E. Gallison, Jr.

Restore 2010 level of funding of services for the developmentally disabled in Rhode Island

Growing gaps in services for the developmentally disabled in Rhode Island can be traced to a cut in the budget allocation to this program from $232 million in 2011 to $213 million in 2012 -- a cut of over 10% in real terms. This cut has been only partly restored since 2012. Recommended funding for the program in Governor Raimondo's proposed budget for FY 2017 is slightly over $235 million. Full restoration of the 2010 level in real terms would require an allocation of $255 million. Therefore I suggest that we ask the RI legislature to increase the proposed allocation for FY 2017 by $20 million.  This would not necessarily enable services (as opposed to funding for services) to be restored to the 2010 level. (Assessing that would require an in-depth study for which I have neither the time nor the information.) But it would have a significant impact. It should at least halt further deterioration in the provision of services and allow some improvement.  The proposed budget for FY 2017 also imposes a cut of almost 44% on the funds allocated to RI Community Living and Supports (RICLAS), a division of the state government under the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals (BHDDH) that runs facilities for people with severe mental and/or physical disabilities. The allocation to RICLAS is down from $31.6 million in FY2016 to $17.8 million. Although the allocation for assistance and grants to private agencies has been increased correspondingly, a sudden shift of this magnitude must inevitably cause considerable disruption in the care of these people. Private agency workers are paid less than RICLAS staff and so tend to have poorer motivation and higher turnover. The disabled residents of group homes are among the most vulnerable and defenseless members of our community. Many no longer have relatives looking out for their welfare and are wards of the state. They cannot stand up for themselves. We have to speak for them.  

Stephen Shenfield
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