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Petition to Mark Dayton, Debra Hilstrom, James P. Metzen, Al Franken, Chris A. Eaton, Minnesota State House, Minnesota State Senate, Minnesota Governor

Minnesota State Legislators: Enact "Cameron Norris Law" as New Child Homicide Statute

What Happened to Cameron Samuel Christopher Jones, was a close family friend of Cynthia Sweats' family for years. He was trusted to watch Cameron for Cynthia on one occasion, so she could go to work. Samuel Jones brutally beat baby Cameron Norris to death on February 7, 2003. Jones was released March 8, 2017 after only serving 14 years, of his 20 year maximum sentence. Jones is now a free man, on parole until 2023. Jones has never showed remorse, had no mandated rehabilitation, nor has he faced Cynthia to apologize, for what he did. In the courtroom he smiled and scoffed at the victimized family members during his sentencing.  Cynthia Sweats will never receive justice for Cameron's death. However, her goal is to provide justice for other children fatally victimized at the hands of an adult. The courts should hold offenders fully accountability for these crimes.  WCCO 4 NEWS TAKES THIS CAUSE SERIOUSLY: Cameron Norris Law – A focus into the future, for a new Child Homicide Statute in Minnesota.  MISSION: Enact Cameron Norris Law in response to child homicide. Offenders must be held fully accountable for the crime they committed. Parents need to feel some sense of justice. The cycle of violence needs to be broken with mandated intense rehabilitation for those found guilty of these heinous crimes, if any plea bargain is offered.  Society Needs Lawmakers to;  See society's need for harsher sentencing and mandated treatment for those who harm a child.  Ensure that all parents feel heard and represented throughout the process. Mandated Restorative Justice Rehabilitation to offenders that seek the plea bargain.   Outline of Cameron Norris Law Offender will be charged with 1st degree homicide, when arrested and booked into jail. Offender is given the choice to decide if he/she wants to go to trial or take the "Intentional Second Degree Murder" plea deal. If offender chooses to go to trial; He/she can be found guilty or not guilty, in court of law. If found guilty, offender will be sentenced to life in prison If offender chooses intentional second degree murder plea deal; Plea deal sentence terms; 40 years max, possible parole after 26 years (2/3rd of 40 years)  Offender can only reach parole in 26 years by compliance with all requirements of the plea deal. If offender is not in compliance with all requirements, the offender must serve the remaining 14 years (of 40 year maximum sentence) before parole will be offered one more time.  Plea deal requires; The offender to confess and provide all details of the child's murder. Offender to successfully complete extensive, intense treatment, structured rehabilitation, goal training, anger management, coping and skills training, educational and job coaching skills. Offender must complete all phases of the rehabilitation program,  show progress and remorse. If all requirements of the Restorative Justice Rehabilitation Program have not been met, the offender will forfeit the agreement and will then serve life in prison. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Help me in this fight for better laws to give justice to children. We need Cameron Norris's Law. SIGN the Petition & SHARE with everyone that you know. God Bless you! IMPORTANT LINKS FOR YOU TO KNOW FACEBOOK: WEBSITE:   TWITTER: @2013FFCAK GOFUNDME:         

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Petition to Kamala Harris, Melissa Melendez, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, California State House, Dianne Feinstein, Chad Mayes, Raul Ruiz, California, Maxine Waters, Paul Cook, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Adam Schiff, John Garamendi, Jim Costa, Mark Takano

Voice-UP for Providers

       First of all, Please allow me to say,  on behalf of all the care givers in California....             THANK YOU!! Thank you for sharing supporting, liking, contributing in anyway. However you gave this petition, the  VERY exclusive attention it needs. This Petition, is unlike any other. We all have heard that phrase, I'll explain more .  This petition is in support of the group of people in our society in small communities all over California, a state Program in California called In-Home-Supportive-services. You may know what IHSS is or may not, either way, the most important Idea behind this petition is the most vulnerable members of our society the Disabled and /or Aging.  The handicapped/aging count on their Employeed ("Provider') for daily tasks and activities that have to be accomplished to live, by a "provider'. You will hear that phrase a lot. The Employee ("Provider") The program In-Home-Supportive-Services dates back to the 60's. It was a supplemental income to the Vietnam Veterans for when they came home from the war. Since the 60's very little has been changed in this program, Unfortunately.... that is why this petition, and others have started...This is the purpose for this Petition. To Change to evolve this Program that is dependent on about onemillion of Californian's. Also, with the stats of Diagnosed children is on the strong rise.... This Program is not only in need to TRUE REFORM. It is in need of Funding, Management, Leadership and an updated Payroll system. As you might note, mostly all aspects of this wonderful program has failed over 100k Providers/recipients. That number mentioned grows monthly.Stats/Facts:Right now more then, one in every 68 children are diagnosed with autism. Two years ago it was one in 88. More then, one in 60 children are diagnoised with some type of condition, handicap and/or issue. Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, etc...Can I be very honest and Transparent....? Good, I'm not here to waste anyone's' time.... For whatever reason the Program known in the state of California, as "IHSS" has been forgotten. We as vocal providers are looking for the perfect person(s) to change this Extremely important YET under funded Program. The Program is Hurting the vulnerable of society rather then helping. What IHSS was made for. Hi, My name is Nicole. I'm here along with my provider friends. On Behalf of all the Recipients that we care for. Some are our Children some are a neighbor, a friend, a family member a stranger...... ☆ We are all "Brothers and Sisters"  here to call attention for the Recipients we care for. Providing a Voice for them, for a future for them, a decent life for them. A little piece of the American Dream. Recipients,  being able (when applicable) to hire/Employ someone as their "provider" to assist them around to help them with the tasks of daily living. ■Because of a faulty system, corrupt management/leadership....  Some Recipients are left with out help, endangering themselves, eventually costing the state millions of dollars because of their neglect/abuse. The Recipients needs can be very simple, this can include basic needs as bathing, cleaning and meal prep/ cooking. Unfortunately, About one million in California use IHSS as their means to live a safe happy productive life.  ☆That means Providers AS well AS RECIPIENTS. However more then about a 1/4 of Providers are with out pay for months. That means, Recipients are placed in a very dangerous situation of not having their help when it is IMPARATIVE for some. Instead some providers are not paid on time (or in a reasonable fashion) ☆ MOST importantly able to enjoy/enroll for the SAME benefits that other state agency and Federal positions have. Roughly, Here's some of the Salaries for the same state/government agencies workers: The U.S. Federal Government, depending on what branch you are employed you can earn any Salary from $53,000-84k/Yr, Medical Assistant is about 30K/Yr.... Some state Employees depending on where you are employed about 70K/Yr Also with Benefits... Right now, an average IHSS provider is paid anywhere between $10.50-$12.00/hr, They're Pro-rated hours. Depending on what the Recipients needs are, the Provider is paid based on a policy of regulated 'Service' hours. Meaning based on the 'Criteria' that Congress voted/decided on decades ago is still active and being Enforced with new limitations, today. This is where some of the problem lies for the Provider and this the Recipient suffers. Why are Providers paid the smallest amount in the same Government, State, Federal branch of service as the ones mentioned?    Fair pay (living wage $15/hr) health benefits and a modernized Payroll system Including new policies on what can be pro-rated for 'Work hours". 401k financial plan, holiday pay, sick leave, full health benefits. Most importantly totally transperancy from all board members of IHSS as well as union. Most of us, Providers are not HS graduates, some of us are immigrants, some of us are Single parents, Some of us are living pay check to pay check (if we get paid on time). We do the same work as a Nurse, a consoler, therapist, teacher, personal assistant, etc. Yet we are paid a wage that is not a living wage. Nor is not a Retirement plan. There is no Sick paid leave, Paid Vacation time, 401k, Health Benefits, bonuses, Holiday pay, etc. Most of us, it's reality that if we got sick we have to be at work, putting our Recipient at risk. Also, the MOST Important topic is how if we cannot Provide for Recipient anymore for whatever reason there is no Savings account, 401k plan, nest Egg. The Recipient (Disabled person) would most likely be the states problem and placed in a facility. When you add your signature or share to someone who can help HERE is some of what and who you will be helping....   Hear from some Parent Providers who take care of their own handicapped children:  "I took care of her and worked two jobs as a single mom. It got to the point where no daycare would take her and the one that would take her wanted too much and could not afford it. I almost lost my job because I had to leave work due to her meltdowns. I ended up on FMLA until IHSS came through. If it were not for IHSS I don't know what I would have done. I would have lost my job, my home and my family. IHSS changed my life for me and my child. It saved my life. I have had to fight and stay vigilant and I wish these services did not abuse is as much as they do". - Jennifer   A Grateful IHSS Parent Provider To whom it may concern,"I am a mother of two sons and one of them has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many people may hear about Autism but not truly understand how it impacts the individuals diagnosed and the families who care for them. Before my son was diagnosed, I had limited knowledge of autism. I never once thought it would become a part of my life.It was two years ago when Autism started to slowly show its signs in my son's life. He was only two years old and the world already seemed too overwhelming for him to handle. Simple tasks like eating, dressing, walking and even playing became impossible. In fact, there was a day that my son went missing and I had to call the police. I will never forget the way I felt that day. It still brings chills down my spine. I think the hardest part of it all was that there was hardly anything I can do to comfort and protect him because the world Autism was unknown to me. I felt helpless, alone and scared for my child and his future.In that same year that my son was diagnosed with Autism, I filed for a divorce from my alcoholic and abusive husband. I was on my own with no support and no nearby family to help. Although I was working full-time and had great benefits, I was forced to take many days off of work to drive my son to ongoing doctor appointments and assessments in San Diego. Unfortunately, I was reprimanded, harassed, and intimidated on many occasions by my supervisor and co-workers because of absence. I lost my job because I missed 47 days of work in a span of six months. I struggled to make it but thankfully, a few kindhearted people helped me along the way. An old friend in San Francisco informed me of the IHSS program in California. She stated that this program would allow me to take of my disabled child at home. I was skeptical but applied, and eventually, I was approved within just a few months of applying. It was a truly a miracle!Today, my son is four and half years old. He is happy, healthy, and has come a long way from our difficult past. He is talking and learning to communicate effectively. I am able to take him to all his appointments at any given time without worrying. I am a part of his Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Occupational, and Speech therapies in our home and in the centers. I meet with our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for parent training and team meetings multiple times a month for extra support. We go out in in the community with confidence that we can enjoy life like any other family.Moreover, I feel so grateful and blessed for being able to take care of my child. My son lives in a safe home where I have been able to provide a therapeutic environment so he can have a successful, productive, and happy life. This has only been made possible because of the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS). This program has allowed me to stay home and take care of my son without having to compromise my presence in his life and everything that is required for him to have a successful one.I can honestly say that without the IHSS program, my son's right to live a happy, healthy, and productive life would have never been possible. His progression and success would have been compromised. This program has also helped me take the time to educate myself about this condition because I am able to attend training, workshops and even meet other families. Overall, it has allowed me to be there for my son who is greatly impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder.The journey is challenging but it is also beautiful.Thank you IHSS, my experience with you has been wonderful and I truly grateful from the bottom of my heart. You have made it all possible my son to live a life he deserves.Sincerely," Monique Ford  - Monique Ford  

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