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Investigation of my daughter's abuse and the subsequent criminal cover-up by Southwark

I am requesting a full investigation of my daughter's abuse by her mother and her mother's paedophile internet boyfriends and the subsequent criminal cover-up by the Child Services from the London Borough of Southwark. Local Authorities London Borough of Southwark aided the abduction of my only child to hide her abuse which was due to their failures. In April 2015, Child Services from the London Borough of Southwark helped the removal of my daughter from me despite having a court order against it. In 2014, I made application for sole residency for my daughter which was supported by them and the CAFCASS, but everything changed, several months later, after I witnessed my daughter, being abused by the mother and her internet boyfriend Ilyes Danzo, which I blamed it on their failures. Soon after they started attacking me, making false allegations against me which I have recorded, they also removed the independent social worker, who agreed to investigate my daughter's welfare concerns and her findings which were negative of the mother, is not being disclosed. They also ignore every fact about the mother, who the High Court found to have abducted her son from a previous relationship in America and wrongfully kept him in the United Kingdom, she also admitted to child abuse in the High Courts Family Division. Over the years, I have provided them with concerning evidence of my daughter's abuse and begged them to investigate instead they accused me of having psychiatric issues and demanded I undertake a psychiatric assessment. They told me if, I am found not to have any mental issues they will support, my unsupervised contact, but this was a lie, as they did not support my contact after I was found not to have any mental health issues. Family CourtLies, upon lies, are presented to the court, by the child abuser mother, which is being accepted without any questions. Her concerning statements, regarding the possible abduction of my daughter and her online sexual abuse, is being ignored by the court. According to the court, a Fake Facebook profile of a paedophile, who has no relation to my daughter, is a child protection issue and requested details from the police, yet the court did not feel, it was important enough to obtain information from the police regarding the night when I witnessed, my daughter being abused. The information from the police would have proved that the mother was lying, to cover-up the abuse of my daughter. I have been accused, by the court of being a liar, despite proven, recorded and accepted, I was telling the truth. MY ONLY CHILD, IS BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM ME, WITH LIES AND DECEPTIONS BY THE CHILD ABUSER MOTHER AND THE CHILD SERVICES FROM THE LONDON BOROUGH OF SOUTHWARK. THIS ABUSE BY SOUTHWARK, IS NOT A SIMPLE FAILURE, BUT A CRIMINAL COVER-UP OF MY DAUGHTER'S ABUSE WHICH WAS DUE TO THEIR FAILURES.   Thank you for supporting my campaign.  

Abby Khan
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