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Petition to Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Mick Mulvaney, Carolyn W. Colvin, Dr. Beverly A. H. Buscemi

Help Paralyzed Woman Receive All Benefits to Keep Independence

I was 7 years old when I was paralyzed in a car accident. Through recovery and rehab, I fought and continue to fight to lead a normal, independent life, pursuing the same life goals any young woman wants; graduate, go to college, find love, marry, buy a home, have a family and have a career.  Nine years ago I had no option but to undergo several risky operations that failed, which left me in a much worse situation. I deal daily with chronic pain, a surgical opening, and surgical hardware exposed. I am in a painful and risky situation that makes it difficult to have any kind of quality life and prevents me from working like I did before the surgeries.  However, through it all, I persist to not lose hope or my independence, continuing to live on my own and fight to be the productive member of society I strive to be. I graduated with great grades, worked, paid my own way through college, but my savings quickly diminished, making me unable to complete my degree and SSI not enough to pay the bills. I still only have SSI as an income and it's not enough, I take out of my savings every month to pay living expenses. I soon won't have savings to keep renting or to buy a home; the hope I had for my savings to go towards. And until my doctors can form the best surgical plan, my only option to work would be from home. With this limitation, it's hard to find a trustworthy and well paying job. SSI also retracts from my already unsubstantial check when I make a certain amount of money working.  I'm asking for your signature to plea with my government officials to help inform me of all programs and benefits I qualify for that would help me financially, and help me to enroll for such benefits. This will get me to a place in my life where I can provide for myself, be able to afford my home, car and education. I don't want to just collect a check, live off of Social Security. I'm not asking for handouts, just help from every avenue I qualify for that get me on the best path to a better income to and the life I've fought for.  I need benefits to help pay for my care as well; I don't want to end up in a care facility, my health worsen, or give up on my dreams after all my hard work. Please help me have a voice to those who can make a difference, who can direct me to assistance, programs and fiannces, providing me enough of an income to live independently with my disability and it's restrictions. Everyone deserves independence. Please help me get the income that saves me mine. Thank you. 

Brittany Tomlin
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Petition to Sean Hannity

Change the 5 month mandatory wait for terminally ill patients who need SS Disability

Right now there is a MANDATORY wait for those applying for social security disability (US Code USC 423, sec C #2). For many this wait is not a problem, however, what about our terminally ill patients who do not have 5 months to spare? It needs to change! HELP US CHANGE THIS LAW! The law should read for every patient that is deemed terminally ill (12 months or less) by a medical doctor is EXEMPT from the 5 month wait and shall receive social security disability payments as soon as possible. Our father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Adenocarcinoma in January. His name is David Coyne. Our dad was head of household. He supported us, his 4 daughters, and our mom (his wife of 36 years) his entire life. He worked for everything he got. Never asking for handouts. Our dad paid his taxes. Our dad LOVES his country. OUR COUNTRY IS LETTING HIM DOWN. Our father was approved for disability benefits through the Compassionate Allowance Condition of the SSA in January of 2016; they are still waiting and have yet to receive any government assistance! All programs, TERI and Compassionate Allowance, for SSD expedite the application process only NOT the payments. Patients still have to wait the mandatory 5 months minimum. His health insurance went from $400 to $1260 per month when he had to move to COBRA. For the past 8 months my mother has worked cleaning houses trying to keep up the bills. We have taken on helping them out in a every way possible from doing home repairs to paying monthly bills to having fundraisers so they don't have to struggle. We are finding that TOO MANY people are facing this issue, this INJUSTICE. My parents need that money; my parents earned that money. Please join us in our fight to change the 5 month mandatory wait for disability, this should not apply to our citizens that are terminally ill. WE ARE GOING TO BRING THIS ALL THE WAY TO WASHINGTON.

alison marini
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Petition to Robert A. McDonald, President of the United States, United States Congress - Congressman David Jolly, Robert A. McDonald, Carolyn W. Colvin (Social Security Administration Director)

Stop Social Security from denying benefits to 100% disabled veterans

Social Security is denying disability insurance to veterans deemed 100% disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This is placing veterans with military service related injuries through unneeded bureaucratic and financial hardships, while also putting the benefits they are receiving through the VA in jeopardy. Please stand with our injured veterans by asking Social Security to accept the disability assessment completed by the VA when considering disability benefits. Federal agencies must be on the same page to better serve our veterans. In 2010 the VA determined I was 100% disabled and unemployable from a military service related injury. Unable to work, I also applied for Social Security disability payments. I was shocked they would not accept the VA’s assessment and required a second evaluation. They determined I was not 100% disabled and could work because I had a college degree, reasoning I could sit at a desk all day despite the medical documentation and the VA assessment saying otherwise. The discrepancy between these two agencies creates a painful catch-22 for thousands of disabled veterans. When Social Security’s assessment contradicts the VA’s, not only are veterans denied Social Security disability payments, it threatens the benefits they receive from the VA. If we were to get a job to make ends meet, enduring pain and the worsening of our injuries, the VA could stop our benefits. Our veterans should not be placed into this situation. Many veterans rely on the combined benefits from the VA and Social Security just to stay afloat. The current policy of requiring two assessments wastes taxpayer dollars, creates confusion, and results in many veterans not receiving the benefits they earned. We need an immediate change in policy to protect those who have sacrificed their health. Please sign and share my petition calling on Social Security to accept the disability and employment assessments of the VA. Thank you for supporting America’s veterans.

Vernon Hinote
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