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Petition to Facebook, Twitter, Inc

Stop social media outlets from allowing trigger pictures of drug abuse

Print and social media often use realistic pictures of drug use when reporting on substance abuse issues.  Pictures depicting IV drug use, needles, chopped up lines on mirrors, and glass pipes are all examples of items that can "trigger" a person in recovery from substance abuse.  One of the most important things an addict in recovery can do is stay away from people, places, and THINGS that remind them of prior drug use.  A casual thought of using a drug can, and often does, grow into an action of relapsing.  There is no need to use these photos unless they are being used an educational tool in a controlled setting.   A person in recovery often has substance abuse articles come up automatically in their newsfeed or timeline because of their interests.  Our nation is currently going through an Opioid Crisis.  We all use social media and we all have been affected by this drug epidemic.  We all know someone who has died. Something as simple as a trigger warning or a ban on pictures which contain realistic substance abuse trigger pictures could help millions of Americans who use social media and are in recovery.  Social media should be a safe place for a person in recovery because it also is an important tool to be able to reach out and connect with those who are going through similar experiences.  Please sign and share this petition to support all of our brothers, sisters, friends, and relatives who are going through recovery so that they can have a better and safer social media experience.  You may literally be saving a life.

Celebrate Recovery FCC
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Petition to Twitter, Inc, Twitter, Instagram

Tell Twitter to Restore ThaGataNegrra's Account

Alternative hip-hop artist ThaGataNegrra established her Twitter account in December 2007, when the platform had barely begun, and enjoyed using it to connect to people and potential fans and clients. She'd built a good following, and her account suddenly was, in the early summer of 2017, suspended indefinitely due to an ex and rival continuing a years-old smear-and-cyberbullying campaign against GATA, accusing her of infringement and of being an "impostor". The rival had, years prior, unsuccessfully tried to get GATA's Twitter removed for the same reason, but this time she succeeded due to recently having trademarked a tagline ("Tha True Original Gata" or "True Original Gata") ThaGataNegrra had been using for many years to market herself. The rival had made it so that Twitter couldn't tell which person was which, even though GATA made it quite clear that she was not the person guilty of infringement the first time, presenting her state ID with her legal name on it when asked, among other things. Twitter says it will not restore ThaGataNegrra's account, although the infringement wasn't official on-paper until this year, and was only so due to the rival filing the trademark in September, 2016. GATA had been using the tagline for years prior to the filing. The rival went so far as to say on the filing that she is a rapper, but this is not the case. Meanwhile, ThaGataNegrra has two full album releases as a rapper for 3 Miles Entertainment, one of which has been released globally and some of the songs from that release have been featured on Hulu Original show "East Los High". In this digital age, it is clear that social media, especially Twitter, plays an important part in marketing brands. The Twitter handle has become as ubiquitous as a first name. This was done to GATA to purposely hurt her, her brand and her credibility, and we, her fans, find this unacceptable. If the President of the United States can allegedly violate the Twitter Terms of Service and remain on Twitter, and if Twitter is truly an equal platform, GATA should be allowed to have her Twitter restored to, at the very least, change the tagline so that it doesn't continue to violate the infringement rule. Other than that, there was nothing on her Twitter bio to say that she is or is implying to be the rival, or that her account is the "official" account of the rival by anything other than the tagline the rival had recently trademarked. There aren't and never were any pictures of the rival, so it isn't impersonation. None of her logos, branding or usernames indicated as such. She was simply marketing her own Twitter, and should be able to continue to do so. We are asking for ThaGataNegrra's Twitter account to be restored, and all her followers restored, in exchange for the tagline and any offending tweets removed from the platform, as it is the only thing that is in violation of the ToS and, again, wasn't in violation until the trademark was filed last year. Since the same is true with Instagram, who took down ThaGataNegrra's account in May 2017 for the same reason (her account was established and in good standing since 2012), we would also ask that it restore ThaGataNegrra's account and allow her to continue to use it as well if she removes the taglines.

Aki Yamamoto
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