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Petition to Kelli Linville, April Barker, Gene Knutson, Daniel Hammill, Whatcom County Council, Bellingham City Council, Michael Lilliquist, Pinky Vargas, Terry Bornemann, Roxanne Murphy

Bellingham Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Network

Publicly Owned Fiber Optic Internet Bellingham is hurting. Like many other cities nationwide we have high unemployment, low wages, and a host of economic, social and environmental problems. This inexpensive solution would help us address all of them, and maintain net-neutrality by creating a public, net-neutral option. In fact over 450 other cities have already implemented solutions like this, but our leaders are reluctant to even give our citizens access to the resources they've already paid for, much less prepare our city for the future.  As other cities embrace high-speed fiber broadband, Bellingham is getting left far behind. Our city has underutilized public fiber resources and several net-neutral local Internet Service Providers eager to deploy high speed broadband, like they have in Mount Vernon, yet this is held back by rules and regulations that have not kept pace with technology. Fiber would: Create an opportunity for a public access component to make ultra high speed internet broadly accessible in public spaces, provide higher quality low-income connections to those in need, and guarantee a level of internet access to all. Give Bellingham a strong standing among Washington cities, and create valuable infrastructure that we could continue to build on in the long-term. Create jobs: Fiber would draw companies to the city, provide jobs for construction and maintenance, create new internet service providers and other innovative businesses that are made possible by ultra-fast broadband. Reduce Our Impact on the Environment: Fiber would reduce the need for travel to take place for meetings. It is also very durable and usually requires less maintenance than old infrastructure wiring, like copper wiring.   Increase property values: Wiring for fiber-optics has been shown to increase property value approximately 1% Provide a network our government could leverage to deliver data from current and future ‘smart grid’ sensors including those used for parking management, resource monitoring, air quality, muni and other needs. Over the long term smarter management could save the city money and increase our tax base without increasing taxes by reducing unemployment and creating good jobs. This petition asks for the city to give the public access to the broadband resources we've already paid for, expand our critical publicly owned broadband infrastructure, establish a Dig Once Policy for Bellingham and Whatcom County, allow multiple providers into multi-unit dwellings, and provide high quality internet access to all residents that truly address our Digital Divide issues. 

Jon Humphrey
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Petition to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

Add an admin to our Facebook group, and ban the Blumberger family pernamently from FB.

Magyar: A Blumberger család rendkívül bunkó és arrogáns viselkedést tanúsít. Kommentháborút  kezdtek egy 10 ezer fős csoportban. A csoportnak nincs adminisztrátora (Igazából van, csak a profilja felfüggesztett, így nem tudja senki sem átvenni a helyét.), a család célja a közösség megsemmisítése, ami teljességgel elfogadhatatlan. A csoport rombolását ma 1 éve kezdték el. A céljaink a következőek: -Egy új adminisztrátor kijelölése, hogy a problémás embereket el lehessen távolítani. - A család végleges kitiltása a Facebookról, a közösségi alapelvek többszöri súlyos megsértése miatt. Több hamis profillal is rendelkeznek, ezeket szintén tiltani kell. A csoport neve Zenész, zenekar keresés! Azt szeretnénk, hogy ez a csoport ismét egy remek közösség lehessen, hiszen ez a csoport foglalja magában a legtöbb magyar zenészt. Hiszünk abban, hogy nincs helye a gyűlöletnek a Facebookon. Adminisztrátor nélkül lehetetlen ezt a csoportot egy ismét békés és szerethető hellyé varázsolni. English: The Blumberger family shows, extremly rude and arrogant behaviour. They started a flame-war in a group, which contains 10k people. The group has no admin (It has, but his profile is suspended, so nobody can apply to become a new admin.), and they want to destroy a great community, which is totally unacceptable. They statrted this flame-war one year ago today. Our goal is the following: -Add an admin to the group, so these people can kicked. -Ban this family from Facebook pernamently, for multiple violation of Facebook's community guidelines. They have multiple fake accounts, which must banned too. The group called Zenész, zenekar keresés! We want this group make great again, as it is one of the biggest hungarian musican's community. We belive, there is no place for hate on Facebook. Without an admin, it's impossible to make this group a peaceful and lovable place again.

Marcell Varszegi
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