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H-BR / Somonauk Soccer Petition - Investigate 2018 Season - Stop The Bullying!

We request the following from the H-BR and Somonauk school boards.  This petition is separate from the January 2017 Petition. This petition was created off of the information received that is posted under “updates”. We have been contacted about adding additional concerns and have updated some wording. Thank you for your support.  1. Protect H-BR and Somonauk players from bullying and ensure a safe and secure playing environment  2. Conduct an investigation into how H-BR administration mishandled issues this season, including bullying complaints from players / parents / coaches, threats, discrimination, poor communication, lack of scheduling of games and events 3. Reinstate girls soccer coach because she felt resigning was the only solution after trying to protect players from the bullying and trying to protect herself from verbal and physical threats throughout the season, and now threats to her teaching job 4. Consider revising contract with H-BR: A. Have Somonauk run the team and keep the co-op B. Consider terminating co-op contract and each school try to field enough players on their own or co-op with other schools C. Have the girls join the boys team at each respective school as they do in Sandwich and other area schools  This is the link to the old petition showing that H-BR administration has a history of allowing bullying and harassment. We understand some are concerned about retaliation if they sign the petition.  To sign the petition anonymously, uncheck the box after entering your name and email.  Thank you for your support.    

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Save UNM Mens Soccer!!

Dear soccer community - As you have heard, the regents at The University of New Mexico are seriously considering eliminating the men’s soccer program in an effort to curtail massive financial losses within the athletic department. While we understand that the regents are tasked with making what may appear to them to be sound financial decisions, cutting the men’s soccer program based solely on finances is unwise. We feel that UNM men’s soccer brings far greater value to the community than can be reflected in a financial analysis or pro forma. Since coach Fishbein has taken over the program, the men’s soccer program has experienced great success on the field year after year, including an appearance in the NCAA national championship match in 2005, and a NCAA tournament semi-final in 2013. Every year the soccer community, and the community at large come together to support Lobo men’s soccer. Many of our community’s young players aspire to one day play for their home team: UNM. UNM players are role models to our children. But perhaps the greatest impact Lobo men’s soccer has on our community is off the field. The players and coaches are involved in numerous community outreach programs. The team has a phenomenal graduation rate with players going on to achieve success in any number of high level professions such as medicine, law, and finance to name just a few. The UNM Men’s Soccer Program has established a culture of excellence that shines through both on and off the field, and that culture of excellence is an unparalleled representation of the excellence UNM as an institution wishes to achieve for all of its students, student-athletes, faculty, and staff. To cut the men’s soccer program would be a travesty, and we simply cannot let that happen. Please consider signing the attached petition and pass it along to others who can/will support our cause. Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and help in this matter!

Chris Hurst
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