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Petition to Players of the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Make Russia 2018 the first World Cup with no diving #StopDiving

(Open letter to all football players going to the 2018 World Cup in Russia) Dear professional football players, We are the millions of fans that follow you on TV and cheer for you in the stadiums every week. We are the kids that dream they are you while playing in the backyard. We are the adults proudly wearing jerseys with your names. We admire your effort, your will, your sacrifice and we look up to you as examples of strength, skill and success. However it has become far too common to see you diving and faking injuries in the hope you will gain advantage over your opponent. We watch instant replays on television and we know when contact has happened and when it hasn't. Evidence of dishonesty is aired, recorded, re-watched. We see how, in football, dishonesty on the field is accepted and at times even rewarded. The world’s youth is watching and the message they receive is clear: being dishonest is OK if it takes you closer to your goal. We call upon all professional football players, especially those going to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, to be an example of honesty to the next generation. We ask you to engage with honour on the field. We ask you to respect your opponent and to respect your fans. We want to see Russia 2018 become the first World Cup with no diving. We ask you to #StopDiving. Sincerely, your fans. P.S. Learn more about this cause:

Enrique Quevedo
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Petition to NIKE

Tell Nike Not to Politicize the World Cup

We are deeply disappointed by Nike's recent and last-minute decision to refuse cleats to the Iranian World Cup team. This step unfairly targets Iranian athletes on the cusp of one of the world’s most celebrated sporting events and politicizes what should otherwise be a moment that unites the world. We call on Nike to work immediately with all necessary parties to ensure that the provision of cleats to Team Melli is not barred. If Nike does not end its boycott, we stand ready to boycott any and all Nike products. Co-Sponsors & Co-Leads: Aftab CommitteeIranian Alliances Across BordersIranian-American Bar AssociationNational Iranian American CouncilUnited For Iran ---- نایکی: ورزشکاران ایرانی را تحریم نکنید ما از تصمیم اخیر و دقیقه‌‌ی نودی شما برای مضایقه‌ی کفش‌های نایکی از تیم ایران در جام جهانی عمیقا متأسفیم.این رفتار ناعادلانه، ورزشکاران ایرانی را در آستانه یکی از مهمترین رقایت‌های ورزشی هدف قرار می‌دهد و رویدادی را که باید عامل وحدت جهان باشد سیاسی می‌کند. ما از نایکی می‌خواهیم که فورا با تمام طرف‌های لازم کار کند تا از دسترسی تیم ملی ایران به کفش‌های نایکی اطمینان حاصل شود. اگر نایکی به تحریم خود پایان ندهد ما آماده تحریم تمام محصولات نایکی هستیم.    

National Iranian American Council
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Petition to FIFA

In Association Football, bar the goalkeeper from holding the ball

In today's professional football, the efficiency of defenders has evolved to the point where it has become very hard to score, even for star strikers. As a result, 0-0 or draw scores often mar the scoreboards of high-level matches, which then have to be settled through a rather arbitrary penalty-scoring procedure. An extreme solution would be to do away with the goalkeeper altogether, but that would deprive the sport of one of its prime spectacles (i.e. goalkeeper safes).  A much less disruptive, but perhaps equally effective solution would be to bar the goalkeeper from holding the ball. He/she would still be allowed to touch (knock, block, hit, deflect etc.) the ball with the hands, thus maintaining most of the spectacle that is now associated with goalkeeping. However, no more HOLDING the ball. That means that the ball - if not put out of bounds - always stays in play after a goal safe, creating additional goal opportunities, and therefore more goals. This petition asks FIFA to incorporate aforementioned ban in its gameplay rules.  PS: introducing such a ban will have the added spectator benefit of reducing the number of game interruptions. Players will have less opportunity to pause & recover though. So it might be a good idea to complement the ban with the introduction of Real Time Keeping (time stops when the ball is out-of-play), allowing out-of-play moments to be used as time-outs, if necessary.  

Steven Sarens
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