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Petition to City of Vancouver, Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver Park Board Commissioners

Encourage smoking bylaw compliance at Sunset Beach [420]

The 420 event has been setting up at Sunset Beach for a couple of years now. The event has morphed from a protest, to a celebration, to an unsanctioned marketplace that sells questionable quality, still illegal substances to minors. The event has never been approved by the Vancouver Park Board. However, disregarding the considerable number of bylaws that get violated (particularly but not limited to smoking bylaws), there is no proactive or reactive enforcement or deterrent. The event is disruptive to neighbours, residents and businesses in the area. Children, babies, seniors and people with respiratory issues are negatively impacted by it. Transportation is interrupted or severely affected. And, even though some of the organizers try to motivate attendants to clean up and respect the environment and property, costs for the city still add up to $250,000. There is also an increase in ER visits and car accidents -whose impact is only exacerbated by the neighbourhood's density. Furthermore, there are issues that the event and its organizers could address better, including: Guaranteeing the quality and accountability of items, to minimize impact in public health Ensuring that minors are not actively purchasing or consuming, according to the upcoming legislation Not smoking in the park per se, according to the existing bylaw and upcoming legislation Appropriate noise levels and respectful time slot We are not advocating for hard, potentially conflict-prone resolutions. We believe that the City, the VPD and the Parks Board could find other solutions, including but not limited to: Closing the area just for that day, Organizing an alternative, community-inclusive event, Helping the 420 organizers find a different location with less community and environmental impact, Increasing efforts and outreach towards promoting a healthier (for everyone) event We acknowledge that it's a politically risky initiative for them. However, we believe that it's the right thing to do for their constituents, the community and for the sake of setting a precedent of law-abiding friendly conflict resolution. We encourage the VPD, the Parks Board and the City of Vancouver to work together in ensuring that the matter is resolved in a peaceful, well thought, healthy and lawful way.

Protect Sunset Beach
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Petition to Dan Glickman of the Motion Pictures Association of America, Eric Schneiderman, Warner Brothers Studios, SONY, Sir Howard Stringer, Brian Roberts, Comcast, Rupert Murdoch, Newscorp, Paramount, Viacom, Time Warner Cable

Smoking on screen, kills in real life.

Smoking in movies, kills in real life. According to the Surgeon Generals report in 2012, "the evidence is sufficient to conclude that there is a causal relationship between depictions of smoking in the movies and the initiation of smoking among young people." [1] PG-13 films account for nearly two-thirds of the smoking scenes adolescents see on the big screen. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2014 that 6.4 million children alive today will become smokers because of this exposure. [2] The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the organization that assigns ratings, provides a “smoking label” along with the regular rating for some movies that contain smoking. However, almost 9 of every 10 youth-rated, top-grossing movies with smoking do not carry an MPAA “smoking label. [3] The MPAA's position doesn't go far enough to address the seriousness of smoking among young people. Movies have a strong influence on kids, and smoking in films is a cause of youth initiation of smoking. [4] The tobacco industry uses the media to target youth by having their favorite actors and actresses light up on both television and movie screens. Research shows that the more smoking youth see on screen, the more likely they are to start smoking. Smoking in movies recruits 187,000 new teen smokers every year. 60,000 of them will die prematurely due to tobacco related illnesses.[5] There is only one solution. Including smoking in the R-rated film criteria. The current rating system fails to protect our kids. [6] Currently, films are slipping through the cracks such as 2011 film, Rango, a PG film with over 60 instances of smoking. By implementing an R rating for smoking, it will save one million lives. The countdown is on, sign the pledge to demand the MPAA includes smoking in its R rating by June 1, 2018. [7] [1] DHHS. Preventing tobacco use among youth and young adults: A report of the Surgeon General. Atlanta, GA: DHHS, CDC, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office on Smoking and Health; 2012.[2] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.. The Health Consequences of Smoking—50 Years of Progress: A Report of the Surgeon General. Atlanta: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office on Smoking and Health, 2014 [3] Polansky J, Titus K, Atayeva R, Glantz S. Smoking in Top-Grossing U.S. Movies, 2016 University of California, San Francisco, Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, 2016[4] Sargent, James D., et al. "Effect of seeing tobacco use in films on trying smoking among adolescents: cross sectional study." [5] Adler, Robert. "Here's smoking at you, kid: Has tobacco product placement in the movies really stopped." Mont. L. Rev.60 (1999): 243.[6] World Health Organization. "Smoke-free movies: from evidence to action." (2015).[7] Sargent JD, Tanski S, Stoolmiller M. Influence of Motion Picture Rating on Adolescent Response to Movie Smoking. Pediatrics 2012: 130:1-9

Tobacco-Free Staten Island
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Petition to US Chamber of Commerce

Tell the US Chamber of Commerce to stop their global promotion of smoking

My name is Dr. John Maa, and as a general surgeon, I have seen the consequences of smoking on my patients firsthand. I have dedicated my professional career to scientific research and advocacy to reduce the burden of smoking-related disability and death worldwide. Along with organizations like the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, our efforts led to critical anti-smoking reforms and the landmark Tobacco Master Settlement of 1998, after which tobacco companies experienced plummeting domestic profits. But today, Big Tobacco is seeing a rebound of profits, despite major US chains like CVS refusing to carry cigarettes. What’s the secret to the turnaround? A New York Times report recently revealed that the United States Chamber of Commerce (the largest lobbying group in the US) has been helping Big Tobacco export its deadly product internationally by lobbying against global anti-smoking efforts championed by the World Health Organization. It’s been a major and lethal success. Join health experts from around the country in supporting my petition calling on the US Chamber of Commerce to halt all advocacy efforts on behalf of Big Tobacco in other nations. This lobbying is accelerating the dramatic increase of smoking in the developing world. The US has so much to offer the world in terms of innovation and products. Tell the US Chamber of Commerce to stop its lobbying efforts on behalf of US tobacco companies in opposition to the WHO tobacco control treaty. Tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death and disability worldwide. The last thing America should be exporting is a preventable public health crisis.  

John Maa
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Support Cigarette Smoking Reduction and Electronic Vapor Alternatives Act of 2017

We want our representatives in the US Congress and US Senate to take this issue seriously and pass this bill introduced by Congressman Duncan Hunter. The Bill Would replace current FDA Deeming Regulations and do the following 1.Vaping products will be removed from the definition of “tobacco” that is currently identified in the Tobacco Control Act. 2.As a result, the need for vaping manufacturers to undergo the expensive and time-consuming PMTA process will be eliminated and replaced with new, and less costly, approval protocols yet to be defined. An independent regulatory framework separate from Big Tobacco products will be established. 3.New standards for e-liquid and vaping technology manufacturing will also be put into place with special attention to battery safety, short circuit protection capabilities, and discharge monitoring (It is this section of the bill that is perhaps causing the most pushback). 4.Serial and lot number tracking for vaping technology will also be put into place. New vaping regulations will be enacted with a special emphasis on vaping as a tool for harm reduction for the purposes of quitting smoking. 5.The name of the Center for Tobacco Products of the FDA (currently headed by anti-vaping protagonist Mitch Zeller) will be changed to the Center for Tobacco Products and Harm Reduction. 6.The bill would also authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Currently Tom Price) to undertake a detailed assessment of comparative risks associated with smoking vs. vaping vs. other nicotine replacement therapies. Please Sign this Petition to let our representatives to know were serious and want the outdated laws changed immediately!. Thank you, Vape Supply Club

Vape Supply Club
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