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Petition to Square, Square Up

Make it right, Square! Small Business Owners taken advantage of by price hike!

On September 24th, 2019 Square Up (also known simply as Square) sent out emails to small business owners informing them that their payment processing costs were going from 2.75% flat fee to a rate of 2.6% + $.10 per transaction. This increase may not seem like much but to small businesses all over the country, this will be devastating costing close to 50% more for credit card processing than has been the case. If you didn't receive the email yet, you may still end up being effected. You can see here that they are starting out all new accounts on this pricing and they have reached out to numerous businesses about this as well. impacts small business owners disproportionately as we are seen as having less bargaining capacity than larger companies. This eats into our already small margins and takes advantage of small, community minded business owners all over the country. Together, we can make a difference and keep these small businesses in a healthier place. Square has done some great things for our businesses and we recognize what it takes to run a business. They may even need to raise their rates. We understand these things. What isn't fair is how much they've raised their prices while building their systems to increase our reliance on them. Our credit card sales have increased to around 80% of our transactions. This is exacerbated by their loyalty program pushing customers to use cards for convenience and tracking. Each time, they sip a little off the top of our already tight margins. Here, we are asking for them to either stay their pricing or at the very least, meet us in the middle with some more reasonable rates. Perhaps raising the cost to 3% flat fee. Now, this petition is not intended to simply be a complaint forum. We plan to work together with other organizations to create a solution that will give small businesses a fighting chance at competing with larger businesses by collectively working together to negotiate a deal that represents all of us together. By signing this petition, you are throwing weight behind our bargaining power. You're throwing weight behind our call to Square - that if there isn't something meaningful achieved, they'll be losing the backbone of what made their business successful in the first place: independent coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, boutiques, and retailers all over the country. Please share this with your friends. Sign the petition. Make sure that Square knows that while we may be small individually, collectively we are the bulk of their business. 

Maxwell Mooney
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Started 3 months ago

Petition to Town of Apple Valley

Support small businesses by conserving local Apple Valley history and buildings.

Prevent history and personality of Apple Valley from being eroded by large corporations moving into and demolishing our town's oldest and most characteristic spaces. The characteristic building located on Highway 18 has been demolished and will replaced with a corporate coffee company.  This presents a few problems for people who care about the Town: 1) One of Life's Perks, a well-established, and loved, local coffee shop will now have to compete with the corporate shop.  2) The building was one of the older buildings in the town. It added character to the Town, replacing it with a cookie-cutter structure will detract from the Town's beauty.  3) The intersection is already difficult to navigate, and the new building will compound the chaos 4) There is already a branch of the corporate coffee shop within 5 minutes driving distance from the site. The people would like to request a future alternative to selling out to large corporations who do not have the best interests of the town. We request to protect, restore, and maintain older buildings, rather than tearing them down. We request to offer incentives and support to local businesses to establish, rather than giving up our identity to corporations. We no not want any more corporations to monopolize any aspect of our economy, this petition goes beyond supporting a coffee shop and old building. We are protecting our history and identity as the Town of Apple Valley, and our economy by supporting local businesses.

Miranda Felix
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Started 5 months ago

Petition to small business owners, Homeowners, Mount Pocono Association, Pocono Chamber of Commerce

Poconos Business Owners & Homeowners - Our Property Rights are at Risk!

PROBLEM STATEMENT: A unilateral decision to partially ban Short-Term Rentals negatively impacts property values, small business owners, taxable base, and employment opportunities while directly benefiting large corporations that export profits and local jobs (both to large corporate partners and offshore) while indirectly suppressing certain socio-economic groups (e.g. cost of visiting goes up).  Tourism is a strategic industry to the Pocono economy:   ~25% of jobs are supported by visitor spending $3.3B directly spent by visitors in 2018 28M visitors in 2018  ( Additionally, any attempt to suppress property rights is by nature, a constitutional matter (4th and 5th Amendment) and the manner in which Ord. No. 2019-03 was socialized, passed, and executed unilaterally (see below) AND on July 1st during a holiday week is questionable. ( GOALS: Repeal of Pocono Township's Short-Term Rental amendment ) Ord. No. 2019-03, Chapter 301, Secure inclusive representation on Pocono Township's board.  ALL homeowners pay taxes and contribute to the township, residents, and local economy; as such, ALL homeowners must have representation.  (  Example of the issue at hand:  "Our job as commissioner is to look out for the permanent residents of Pocono Township and to make sure that their property is protected." said Pocono Township commissioner Jerry Lastowski (source:  Pocono Record) Establish and adopt a universal guidelines/best practices by Short Term Rentals to foster a secure and family friendly culture and cliental that is respectful of ALL of our neighbors.  Passing new codes, ordinances, and laws does not nothing when existing codes, ordinances, and laws aren't followed nor enforced. Personal note:  My family and I bought a second home on 28June2019, never received notice of this ordinance, adopted 01July2019 (not even after our purchase), and had a city representative unlawfully come to our home on a Saturday night 3-weeks later to harass us about suspicions of rentals (unjustified).  I've been visiting the Poconos for 30-years and am now a homeowner, the townships behavior is simply unacceptable. 

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