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Petition to Greg Slater, Pete Rahn, Marc Elrich, Nancy Navarro, Tom Hucker, Casey Anderson

Fund Design & Construction of SHA MD 97 Georgia Ave Montgomery Hills

We support the ongoing progress of the MD 97 Montgomery Hills Project and urge SHA to fund the construction so that work can proceed on this overdue and important improvement plan for the Georgia Avenue corridor.  We are eager to see the Georgia Avenue Corridor improved.  Simply stated, the corridor is unsafe for all users: vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.  Commuters and residents alike cannot travel through the area easily, and the existing conditions create an automobile-dominated environment that is unattractive and economically untenable to most community-oriented businesses.  In fact, the study area roadway and sidewalk conditions are one significant factor in the area's inability to attract a better mix of retail stores and businesses.  Furthermore, the study’s extended planning phase (the original planning effort for this corridor started seventeen years ago), has chilled any private sector improvements that may have been undertaken by the adjacent property owners. We request that Montgomery County prioritize the MD 97 (Georgia Ave) Safety and Complete Street Improvements in its 2019 Transportation Priorities letter, and that Maryland State fully fund the design and construction of the Georgia Ave improvements without delay in their FY 2020 budget.   

Friends of Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills
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Petition to Rodney Sacks, Hilton Schlosberg

Boycott Monster Energy for attacking small local-owned businesses

Monster Energy is big, really big. Being so big, Monster has money to spend on lawyers to make nuisance lawsuits to smaller companies who just so happen to have their names also start with "M." Can you tell the difference between these two logos? Nobody would confuse them, but still, Monster filed a lawsuit against this beloved local Virginian distillery, and it's not the only lawsuit they've filed against small local businesses. Monster has been relatively brutal in attacking small companies whose logos don't even remotely look like the Monster "M" as these small companies just don't have the vast resources to fight back. This greedy behavior does nothing but strip resources from the important local community businesses that offer local jobs and bring money into local communities. Those resources instead make this fat Monster that much fatter, and that doesn't help any of us.Of course what's most ironic is that Monster isn't the original company who had an "M" for a logo, we have the golden arches to thank for that...Please consider signing this petition and sharing it with your friends on social media to tell Monster they need to stop attacking small beloved community businesses. We'd also ask you to really hit Monster where it hurts and buy your energy drinks from their competitors until they stop attacking small community businesses. Monster Energy will only have deep pockets if we consumers line them afterall. Take a stand, help fight this monster, and do a good thing for local businesses!

Rob Hoitt
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Petition to City of Myrtle Beach Planning and Zoning

Petition to amend zoning for tattoo shops in myrtle beach

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN MYRTLE BEACH TO SIGN THIS PETITION. **Please leave a reason for signing (comment). More comments and input will have more impact with the planning commission.**  Our goal is to extend the permittable zoning districts for tattoo shops in the Myrtle Beach area. Currently tattoo shops are restricted to the wholesale and manufacturing district with a requirement to be 1000ft from any church, school or playground. These restrictions essentially only offer a small area on one street for tattoo shops to operate. Most are directly next door to each other, 10 of which are sharing the same building and parking lot.   This is absolutely discrimination against tattoo artists, in a city that allows something like bike week to define it. Strict restrictions on zoning for tattoo shops is a violation of the first ammendment. The federal court system has ruled over and over in favor of tattoo shops in civil rights cases, stating that "the tattoo itself, the process of tattooing, and the business of tattooing are forms of self expression fully protected by the First Amendment." We have a right to practice our legal, chosen profession just like anyone has a right to practice their chosen religion. Restrictions on the practice of tattooing or the business thereof, is as much a violation of freedom of expression as wearing the tattoo itself. Tattoo artists are ARTISTS. We offer a professional service and have a right to do so without overbearing restriction. As long as we have permission from the building owner and are not causing an issue, we should be free to practice where we choose and buildings owners should be free to use the building as they see fit. Optimal use for buildings changes over the years and excessive zoning laws inhibit economic growth, especially for small businesses. Tort law allows any business to take legal action against any tattoo shop if they are disrupting their business. If there is no actual, demonstrable harm- not a theoretical possibility- we have a right to be there. The city cannot restrict zoning for tattoo shops based on imagined possible outcomes. Tattoos are mainstream now. There is money to be made for the city. The beauty industry has realized the potential and is actively making an effort to cash in. 3 in 10 people have tattoos and of those people who have tattoos, 7 in 10 have more than 1. We should be allowed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our clients to get quality work.  We should be allowed in an area with decent foot traffic in a building that actually appeals to our clients, and doesn't immediately deter them. We should be allowed to spread out across the city without direct, side-by-side competition. No where in the country do you see this: 10 coffee shops sharing the same building 10 liquor stores sharing the same building  We have been set up to fail and it's time to reevaluate and make some changes. Opening tattoo shops to new zones will allow them to spread out across the city, providing a safer environment for tattoo clients and allowing tattoo artists to practice their profession with an equal opportunity to succeed financially.

Jessica Fogle
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