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Petition to Joel Pullen, Aki Snelling, Lily Mei, Scott P. Roylance

Save Cloverleaf Family Bowl

A developer is proposing to tear down the buildings in the old Fremont Center at the corner of Fremont Boulevard and Grimmer Boulevard in Irvington and replace them with 272 housing units. The Cloverleaf Family Bowl, which has greeted generations of bowlers for 55 years, is one of the buildings that would be demolished.  The proposed project site extends from Fremont Boulevard west to Bay Street, and from Grimmer Boulevard south. It includes the Bank of America and the businesses south of that along Fremont. All commercial buildings on the site are proposed to be demolished except the Taco Bell drive-in restaurant. Mike Hillman says: This is wrong on so many levels. If Cloverleaf Family Bowl has given you memories and happiness then I ask you to please write to the email in the article. My family has been in this business and location for over 55 years now. The last thing Fremont needs is more residential and eliminate one main source of family entertainment. Nobody does more for the kids and families than Cloverleaf Family Bowl. Our seniors included. The parent company of Taco Bell discovered the center had been devalued by the loss of tenants (with the previous landlord) so they purchased the shopping center. Then one day we get a call and find out that developers are interested in purchasing the shopping center and that it is under contract. Then earlier this week, an article in the Tri City Voice was published and this was a bit of a shock to all of us that things had progressed to this point. And to read that EVERYTHING will be demolished here EXCEPT Taco Bell.  A day may come where we will need to go to city council meetings. I would hope that we could count on a lot of people to support us and attend the meeting and show these people how much we mean to the city and the families that live here or bowl here. My family has been here for 55+ years in this business. I have been inside this building almost every day of my life. We are not giving up!   

Patricia Brown
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Petition to Maryland State Highway Administration

Fund Design & Implementation of SHA MD 97 Georgia Ave Montgomery Hills

We support the on-going progress of the MD 97 Montgomery Hills Project Planning Study and urge SHA to fund the design and implementation phases so that work can proceed on this overdue and important improvement plan for the Georgia Avenue corridor.  We are eager to see the Georgia Avenue Corridor improved.  Simply stated, the corridor is unsafe for all users: vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.  Commuters and residents alike cannot travel through the area easily, and the existing conditions creates an automobile-dominated environment which is unattractive and economically untenable to most community-oriented businesses.  In fact, the study area roadway and sidewalk conditions are one significant factor in the areas inability to attract a better mix of retail stores and businesses.  Furthermore, the study’s extended planning phase (the original planning effort for this corridor started seventeen years ago), have chilled any private sector improvements that may have been undertaken by the adjacent property owners. We request that Montgomery County prioritize the MD 97 (Georgia Ave) Safety and Complete Street Improvements in their 2018 Transportation Priorities letter, and that Maryland State fully fund the design and implementation of the Georgia Ave improvements without delay.   

Friends of Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills
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Petition to Ryan Dorsey, Shannon Snead, Edward Reisinger, John T. Bullock, Robert Stokes, Sr., Yitzy Schleifer, Leon F. Pinkett, III, Kristerfer Burnett, Brandon Scott, Bill Henry, Zeke Cohen, Mary Pat Clarke

Support Four Amendments to Bill 18-0189 (Short Term Rentals) & Baltimore Hosts Coalition

I support Baltimore’s short-term rental hosts and the amendments proposed by the Baltimore Hosts Coalition to City Council Bill 18-1089. I fully support all efforts to ensure these owners operate safely and legally, and pay their fair share of taxes to support our City at a time when Baltimore City and its neighborhoods need more income and tourist dollars, not less! I reject the anti-competitive regulations proposed in the original version of this bill and support the four amendments listed below.  Proposed Amendments to City Council Bill 18-0189  Remove the 60 day cap on the number of nights they can operate: If licensed and taxed like other businesses, short term rentals should be allowed to operate 365 days a year, like a business or a hotel. Remove the limit on the number of licenses allowed to be purchased by hosts: don't limit small businesses and taxes for the city. No taxation, without representation: the occupancy taxes paid by short term rental guests will fund Visit Baltimore’s activities, so short term rental hosts should have a say in what happens to their funds. Change the definition of transient guests from 90 days to 30 days: to ensure that traveling nurses, medical residents, students, professors, patients getting long term treatment at our world renowned medical institutions and others are not limited by the availability of furnished homes for extended stays. These hosts and small business owners bring vital tourist dollars to all parts of Baltimore’s economy, its neighborhoods, and its locally owned businesses. Whether renting out a room in their home, a whole home, or multiple homes, each host plays an important role in our city. Baltimore hosts are tax paying citizens who live, work and spend their money and profits here in Baltimore City. I oppose the restrictions on the number of days a year these hosts can operate their businesses or open new locations. City residents should be afforded the same opportunity to operate and grow their business as any other legitimate business. These short term rental guests visit our neighborhoods to experience our charm, food, drink, services, and goods and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. This cap will decrease the number of visitors and tourist dollars being spent in neighborhoods at a time when many small businesses in our city are struggling.  Baltimore Hosts are civic-minded residents who support neighborhood and nonprofit organizations working to improve our city and neighborhoods. These amendments will allow small businesses and homeowners who have invested in our city to continue to operate their businesses and encourage them to re-invest in Baltimore City!  All Baltimore City property owners should be allowed to legally rent all or part of their property as a short term rental in order to pay their bills should their personal or financial circumstances change. Do not pass anti-competitive regulations in favor of the hotel industry that inhibits potential buyers from purchasing property in Baltimore City because they fear limits on future use of their property.   I am asking you to support these hosts and reject anti-competitive regulations dictating how much or where Baltimore’s tax paying residents can work. I hope you will support these amendments and a fairer short-term rental law that will benefit all of Baltimore’s businesses, residents and families.   Thank you!

Baltimore Hosts Coalition
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