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Support H.R. 53 The CATCH Traffickers Act of 2017

Human Trafficking is the use of threats, violence, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability to force and women, children, into forced labor, or sexual exploitation.  Human Trafficking is one of the biggest offences one can commit against another  human , and It happens in every country around the world, with no show of slowing down. The Coordinated Assistance To Catch Human Traffickers Act of 2017 or the CATCH Traffickers Act of 2017 aims to end just this by direct the Department of Homeland Security to establish and maintain a national database for ongoing human trafficking investigations. This database is to be updated by local, state and federal law enforcement and is to be used as a resource for ongoing human trafficking investigations around the country. The issue of human trafficking moves so fast that a database such as this is needed to unite investigators across local, state, and even international lines.  This bill will not end human trafficking, but it is a beginning to the much needed construction of stronger human trafficking legislation in America. The Bill:  The Problem: Human Trafficking has been an ongoing issue in every community across America, but unfortunately many Americans see it as a problem that doesn't affect the US.  The result of this is a major lacking of policy to combat human trafficking on American soil.  Why I Care? My name is Matthew Carrier I am 15 years old, and I care deeply about the issue of human trafficking simply because I am an older brother of two sisters.  I can not imagine the terror and pain of those being trafficked around the world as well as their family.  Human life is beautiful and should be treasured, not labeled with a price tag. Reading these horrifying facts I find it to be my duty, as a person, to do anything in my power to help end the epidemic of human trafficking.  I do not feel organizations that rescue victims should spend their time advocating for policy, when they should more importantly be rescuing and rehabilitating victims of modern day slavery.  That is why I have chosen the route of lobbying for policy to end modern day slavery. More Facts: Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing forms of organized crime in the United States. The Average age of those trafficked in the US is 12 years old. Human trafficking is the third largest form of organized crime in America, closely behind drug and weapon trafficking. Over 13,000 calls were made in the US to the National Trafficking Hotline in 2017 alone. It is very likely that 1,000,000 women and children are modern day slaves within America's borders alone. But there is no definite count given this is such a hidden issue.  An estimated 40.3 million human beings are slaves around the world in 2017. Any decent human being looks at these statistics in disgust,  your support for The CATCH Traffickers Act of 2017 is a huge first step for you to make in helping to end modern day slavery.   If you have any questions please reach out: Email- Instagram @clahtrafficking Twitter- @clahtrafficking

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Petition to Nyah Amara

Bring African Migrants Home

The institution of slavery has played a role in the destruction of African Civilization starting with the migration into Africa by Muslims, Portuguese, and European Explorers. Given history of Slavery in Africa, it is vital that African nations and leaders seek out an resolution to present day crisis in Libya. Africans can't continue to sit idol while Libyans repeat the crimes of their fathers. This petition is to force the United Nations along with the African Union  to take action against Libya and develop a plan to Bring African Migrants Home.  Voices of Fire is as member of United Consortium mission is to empower and unify African communities worldwide. We focus on self determination and the importance of tapping into natural resources, distribution, and extraction of goods, products, and services. United Consortium is a member service company providing essential services to the community. We bridge the gap between the community and business with the goal of eliminating poverty. We help our members succeed by implementing Conscious Business Model along with corporate responsibility techniques designed to engage the community and foster economic sustainability through grassroots and community activism. *The petion will be dilvered to the Moussa Faki President of the African Union and all 54 members of the African group representatives of the United Nations. 

Voices of Fire
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