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Petition to Lambeth Planning Department


Lambeth College has entered into an agreement with a commercial property developer who is attempting to build a gigantic 26 storey tower, a 15 storey tower and other huge blocks right next our two storey Victorian streets, low-rise flats and community park. We fully support the regeneration of the college and the provision of more housing but completely reject the argument that it justifies this grotesquely out of scale development being imposed in the face of overwhelming local opinion. The College’s designers have held various public meetings over the last two years. At each there has been a wave of protest against the height of the proposed scheme. Their response has been to increase the height of the buildings and the number of apartments, none of which will be affordable housing available to buy by locals as they are to be sold en masse to an investor for private rental.  The buildings will blight many homes through reducing daylight, increasing overlooking and casting huge shadows over houses, and our community park where children play. They will disfigure the neighbourhood and skyline and set a deeply worrying precedent in an area where the tallest nearby building is a third of their height. The towers have been designed during a period of private pre-application meetings with Lambeth Planning, yet they have no justification in planning terms, run against all the design principles of the Lambeth local plan and are in complete contradiction to the mayor Sadiq Khan’s commitment to stop the imposition of such behemoths on local communities. Please log objections on the Lambeth planning portal by 31st October and sign the petition to make sure that Lambeth Planning Department recommends this proposal for refusal.

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