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Petition to CW, Melissa Beonist, Italia Ricci, Jessica Queller, supergirl

CW to feature Lex Luthor and Black Banshee as Supergirl Season 5's Main Villains

While Agent Liberty maybe the main antagonist in Supergirl season 4, it is very much likely that because of the cliffhanger from last season's finale and with the past three seasons having featured Kryptonian and interstellar foes as big bads,it's time we made sure that Greg Berlanti, Jessica Queller, and the rest of the Supergirl showrunners quit teasing and ripping us off with more intergalactic big bads for a while and concentrate more on having the primary antagonist for season 5 be someone from Earth carrying out orders from Lex Luthor. Now for Supergirl season 5, Queller and the show runners are to HOLD OFF from bringing Emerald Empress into the show and introduce this exclusive villain the girl of steel fought against in the New 52; the Black Banshee. Yes, Black Banshee is the father of Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee and since Siobhan mentioned her father acting strange against his vows, it's no doubt that Garrett's curse has already been triggered and he would be the perfect villain for CW to use as the main villain for Supergirl season 5. Also when they do bring him onto the screen, we're also going to want Queller to bring Italia Ricci back to reprise her role as Siobhan Smythe and have her Silver Banshee seek redemption while putting her differences with Supergirl aside. Yes, CW has been big with making the show so sterotypical on alien and science related topics as well as promoting to much propaganda over everything going on here in the real world and now because of Russia's interference with the 2016 election radicalized them into copying off Flash season 3 by ripping us off with another interstellar big bad who as of this time is an evil dopplegagger of Supergirl, it's high time we get these people to give it a rest for another season or 2 before bringing in anymore. That is why we need Black Banshee to be cast as the main antagonist along side Lex Luthor so that Supergirl will have a more original foe to take on all season long that with him being a mystical threat, Kara and her allies are to help Siobhan track down all the heirlooms serving as the direct source of the banshee curse and destroy them while dealing with CADMUS, alien hostiles, and other enemies.  And to make sure CW makes this happen next season, we're gonna want them to have Lex Luthor run for President once he returns because this way with him in control of the US, the military and the government, Kara and the rest of her friends and allies from the DEO will be on the run after taking down Liberty and Russian Supergirl. As for the cliffhanger for the season 4 finale to feature, it is to focus on Siobhan Smythe being broken out of prison by another Silver Banshee going by the last name "McDougal". As for Black Banshee, he would act as the leader of a special anti-alien paramilitary unit leading the hunt for Supergirl and other aliens that are out there. At the start of season 5, Supergirl and Alex will struggle managing out on their own separately and soon Kara will come face to face with two Silver Banshees, her old rival Siobhan Smythe and the other being an old friend from high school, Josie McDougal. Soon as the girl of steel takes both of the banshees, McDougal will confess that she merged with Tessmaster and used her to slip Siobhan's email fraud attempts to Winn, leading Smythe into turning against McDougal by helping Supergirl take Superman's nemesis Silver Banshee down and leaving her for the cops while the two rivals make a run from the authorities. Along the way they will put their differences behind them and work together to survive and deal with every obstacle that comes their way while finding a way to stop Luthor and the Black Banshee from hunting them down as well as recovering every heirloom keeping her family cursed.  On the way, they'll be traveling to Earth One for asylum from the forces pursuing them while helping Team Flash catch a new foe in that episode and then in Gotham City to help Batwoman take on a powerful villain like Clayface before going back to their world and National City to face the problem. In the season finale, Lex is to meet up with Clark, Lena, Olsen, Winn, Kara, and Siobhan at the farm Superman grew up in sorting out their differences and arguing who's to blame before coming face to face with Black Banshee leading an assault on the Kent Family farm with Cyborg Superman aiding the latter. The season five finale title should be called "Smallville". Now, to make sure CW doesn't get to carried away with doing things out of their own free will or with anymore major events in the real world making them hold back on giving us what we really want for next year with more boring propaganda, please contact the following now to make sure of it and then Please sign this petition in support of making this cause happen. Jessica Queller Greg Berlanti Supergirl  Writers Room  Oh and if anyone doesn't understand who Black Banshee is or how he would fit in the CW Supergirl series as a main antagonist, read the New 52 Supergirl comics 8, 9, and 10, and have some creative imagination to help understand the theory.

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