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Petition to Warner Brothers, Dc Animation Studios, DC Comics

Warner Brothers to continue DC Animated Movie Universe With Batman: The Killing Joke

Are you pleased that Warner and DC Animation Studios released an animated Batman movie based on The Killing Joke? Would you be interested in having more animated movies based on comics set in the New Earth era of DC be produced and be part of the same universe as Batman: The Killing Joke? Well that can be arranged but first; We'd have to buy more copies of other issues from the comics to intrigue the producers of the following companies and studios enough into developing shows and films heavily regarding some of the villains fought by the heroes in DC comics. Now, while the animated adaptions based on some of these storylines would have to be in the same animated movie universe as Batman: The Killing Joke, the animated features that Warner Bros and DC Animation Studios should develop for the next decade should focus on these three villains; Silver Banshee Bane And Savitar Now it can't just be any of the comics these three made their appearances in. They all have to start from the issues they've made their comics debut within DC's universe and these are following issues that all of you must look into purchasing these following comic books to make them set their sights on developing animated movies based on the New Earth storylines; Superman: Silver Banshee Action Comics #595 Superman (Volume 2) #17 Superman (Volume 2) #23 Action Comics #662 Supergirl (Volume 4) #10 Supergirl (Volume 4) #11 Supergirl (Volume 4) #12 Superman/Silver Banshee #1 Superman/Silver Banshee #2 The Flash: Deadheat • The Flash (Volume 2) #108 (Part 1 of 6) • The Flash (Volume 2) #109 (Part 2 of 6) • Impulse #10 (Part 3 of 6) • The Flash (Volume 2) #110 (Part 4 of 6) • Impulse #11 (Part 5 of 6) • The Flash (Volume 2) #111 (Part 6 of 6) From <>   And Batman:Knightfall Part 1: Broken Bat• Batman #492 -- Part 1: Crossed Eyes and Dotty Teas • Detective Comics #659 -- Part 2: Puppets • Batman #493 -- Part 3: Redslash • Detective Comics #660 -- Part 4: Crocodile Tears • Batman #494 -- Part 5: Night Terrors • Detective Comics #661 -- Part 6: City on Fire • Batman #495 -- Part 7: Strange Deadfellows • Detective Comics #662 -- Part 8: Burning Questions • Batman #496 -- Part 9: Die Laughing • Detective Comics #663 -- Part 10: No Rest for the Wicked • Batman #497 -- Part 11: The Broken Bat   Part 2: Who Rules the Night• Detective Comics #664 -- Part 12: Who Rules the Night • Showcase '93 #7 -- Part 13: 2-Face: Double Cross • Showcase '93 #8 -- Part 14: 2-Face Part 2: Bad Judgement • Batman #498 -- Part 15: Knights in Darkness • Detective Comics #665 -- Part 16: Lightning Changes • Batman #499 -- Part 17: The Venom Connection • Detective Comics #666 -- Part 18: The Devil You Know • Batman #500 -- Part 19: Part 19: Dark Angel; I: The Fall, II: The Descent   And Part 3: KnightsEnd• Batman #509 -- Part 1: Spirit of the Bat • Batman: Shadow of the Bat #29 -- Part 2: Manimal: Proving Ground • Detective Comics #676 -- Part 3: Too Many Ninjas • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #62 -- Part 4: Devils • Robin (Volume 4) #8 -- Part 5: Death's Door • Catwoman (Volume 2) #12 -- Part 6: Fire in the Sky • Batman #510 -- Part 7: Return of the Bat • Batman: Shadow of the Bat #30 -- Part 8: Wild Knights, Wild City • Detective Comics #677 -- Part 9: Flesh and Steel • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #63 -- Part Ten: Climax   Now Knightfall is sure to be set in the works but with so many storylines, we could only expect Warner Bros and DC animation to narrow it down to a trilogy while having it feature Batman's first encounter with Bane and how his fractions lead to Jean-Paul Valley taking his place as the Dark Knight who eventually defeats Bane and disgraces himself by resorting to such ruthless tactics, forcing Bruce into taking the mantel back. Next there's Silver Banshee, as one of DC's most iconic characters, it's high time she got her movie and by starting with Action Comics 575 all the way up to Superman/Silver Banshee #2 in the chronicle order of her appearance in the comics directly as shown from the comics listed above, the animated adaption regarding the character should work effectively. Especially with Banshee being the most tragic Superman villainess. Finally there's Savitar, the most powerful speedster villain ever fought by the Flash Family in New Earth of DC. He may have appeared as the main antagonist in CW's third season, but because the show runners got too carried away with their mischievous ambitions making him a twisted evil version of Barry from the future killing Iris out of insanity, it's time we had the people in charge of the animation department shift back to the point the character made his debut so they can start respecting the proper version of the character from the comics and let us see what that actual version of him as a Romanian/Russian/Turkish, or what ever country he was born in as a pilot working for a third world nation becoming leader of a speed cult of super speedster ninjas. It will have to focus on Wally being the Flash and everything being set on Earth 2, but I'm sure with all the epic build up in the storyline, an animated adaption should definitely work. Now, we want Warner and DC animation to look into doing the animated adaptions of these comics and give those adaptions based on each of the comics listed in this article a chance to shine on the screen instead of wasting too much faith in whatever they think works best in their own perspectives before they even think about resorting skipping ahead with things over storyline popularity. Just these issues and with a total of five animated movies and not to worry. They'll still feature Superman, Batman, and The Flash as the major lead characters. Now to make things interesting, here's a list of the people Warner should look into casting for the character voices; Superman/Silver Banshee• Katie McGrath as the voice of Siobhan McDougal/Silver Banshee (Titular Antagonist turned Titular Protagonist)• Tim Daly to reprise his role as Superman • Stana Katic to reprise her role as Lois Lane• David Kaufman to reprise his role as Jimmy Olsen• Olivia D'abo to voice Hecate (the main antagonist)• Kevin Conroy to reprise his role as Batman• Carl Lumbly to reprise his role as Martian Manhunter• Italia Ricci to voice Linda Danvers/Supergirl• John DiMaggio to voice Bevin McDougal• Frank Welker to voice Seamus• Barbara Goodson to voice the Crone• Jess Harnell to voice Thrope• Amy Manson to voice Lacy MacElwain• Clancy Brown to reprise his role as Lex Luthor• Cree Summer to reprise her role as Mattie Harcourt• Dan Castellenta to voice Buzz• Nolan North to voice Inmate• Ryan Potter to voice Wallace Johnson• Jennifer Hale to voice Maggie Sawyer• Chris Garner to voice Mattie's Brother Batman: Knightfall Trilogy• Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman• Javier Bardem to voice Bane• Stephen Amell to voice Jean-Paul Valley• Robbie Amell to voice Tim Drake/Robin• Tara Strong to voice Oracle• Mark Hamill to voice Joker• John Barrowman to voice Scarecrow• Danielle Panabaker to reprise her role as Poison Ivy• Danny Jacobs to voice Victor Zsasz• Carlos Alazraqui as the voice of Bird• Christian Lanz to voice Zombie• Michelle Rodriguez to voice Renee Montoya• Ray Wise to voice Commissioner Gordon• Robin Atkin Downes to voice Harvey Bullock• Sumalee Montano to voice Lady Shiva• David Boat to voice Two Face • Josh Keaton to voice Firefly • Fred Tatasciore to voice Trogg and reprise his role as Killer Croc • Alistar Duncan to reprise his role as Alfred Pennyworth Flash: Deadheat • Michael Rosenbaum to reprise his role as Wally West/The Flash• Hugh Jackman or Ron Perlman to voice Savitar• Shantel Vantensen to voice Jesse Quick• John Wesley Ship to reprise his role as Jay Garrick• Neil MacDonough to voice Max Mercury• Tom Cavanaugh to voice Johnny Quick• Daryl Sabara to voice Bart Allen/Impulse• Stephanie Corneliussen to voice Christina Alexandrova, • Troy Baker to voice Boleslaw Uminski and • Jim Meskimen to voice Gregor Gregorovich and Unknown Speedster 2• Dimitri Diatchenko to voice Anatole• Laura Bailey to voice Bebek• Kim Mai Guest to reprise her role as Linda Park• Kimberly Brookes to voice XS• Rick D. Wasserman to voice Tarpit and Unknown Speedster 1 Now, feel free to sign this petition to support the cause, then look up each of the following issues to see what each cover to these storylines look like and be sure to look through stores online or out in public stores featuring collectibles, antiques, and more. If you're having trouble finding each of the following, just look each of them up on Amazon. Don't push yourselves into buying more than one copy per comic book unless it's for a friend or someone in your family who is also a big DC comics fan too. The total number of comics doesn't have to be a million bought total. It just needs to be enough to intrigue the producers of Warner and DC animation studios to look into doing animated movie adaptions for each of the following storylines without backing out. World is changing and with the people at the animation studios these days are picking storylines from the comics at random so let's make sure the comics featuring Silver Banshee along with those from Flash: Dead Heat and Batman: Knightfall are popular enough for them to rely on using for future animated movies in the next decade, in which of course, have them ready within 4 to 5 years as animated films within Batman: The Killing Joke's movie cannon. Wouldn't you agree? Afterall, they show great potential and are worth seeing brought to life in animation. So let's get to it.

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Petition to CW, Melissa Beonist, Italia Ricci, Jessica Queller, supergirl

CW to feature Lex Luthor and Black Banshee as Supergirl Season 5's Main Villains

While Agent Liberty maybe the main antagonist in Supergirl season 4, it is very much likely that because of the cliffhanger from last season's finale and with the past three seasons having featured Kryptonian and interstellar foes as big bads,it's time we made sure that Greg Berlanti, Jessica Queller, and the rest of the Supergirl showrunners quit teasing and ripping us off with more intergalactic big bads for a while and concentrate more on having the primary antagonist for season 5 be someone from Earth carrying out orders from Lex Luthor. Now for Supergirl season 5, Queller and the show runners are to HOLD OFF from bringing Emerald Empress into the show and introduce this exclusive villain the girl of steel fought against in the New 52; the Black Banshee. Yes, Black Banshee is the father of Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee and since Siobhan mentioned her father acting strange against his vows, it's no doubt that Garrett's curse has already been triggered and he would be the perfect villain for CW to use as the main villain for Supergirl season 5. Also when they do bring him onto the screen, we're also going to want Queller to bring Italia Ricci back to reprise her role as Siobhan Smythe and have her Silver Banshee seek redemption while putting her differences with Supergirl aside. Yes, CW has been big with making the show so sterotypical on alien and science related topics as well as promoting to much propaganda over everything going on here in the real world and now because of Russia's interference with the 2016 election radicalized them into copying off Flash season 3 by ripping us off with another interstellar big bad who as of this time is an evil dopplegagger of Supergirl, it's high time we get these people to give it a rest for another season or 2 before bringing in anymore. That is why we need Black Banshee to be cast as the main antagonist along side Lex Luthor so that Supergirl will have a more original foe to take on all season long that with him being a mystical threat, Kara and her allies are to help Siobhan track down all the heirlooms serving as the direct source of the banshee curse and destroy them while dealing with CADMUS, alien hostiles, and other enemies.  And to make sure CW makes this happen next season, we're gonna want them to have Lex Luthor run for President once he returns because this way with him in control of the US, the military and the government, Kara and the rest of her friends and allies from the DEO will be on the run after taking down Liberty and Russian Supergirl. As for the cliffhanger for the season 4 finale to feature, it is to focus on Siobhan Smythe being broken out of prison by another Silver Banshee going by the last name "McDougal". As for Black Banshee, he would act as the leader of a special anti-alien paramilitary unit leading the hunt for Supergirl and other aliens that are out there. At the start of season 5, Supergirl and Alex will struggle managing out on their own separately and soon Kara will come face to face with two Silver Banshees, her old rival Siobhan Smythe and the other being an old friend from high school, Josie McDougal. Soon as the girl of steel takes both of the banshees, McDougal will confess that she merged with Tessmaster and used her to slip Siobhan's email fraud attempts to Winn, leading Smythe into turning against McDougal by helping Supergirl take Superman's nemesis Silver Banshee down and leaving her for the cops while the two rivals make a run from the authorities. Along the way they will put their differences behind them and work together to survive and deal with every obstacle that comes their way while finding a way to stop Luthor and the Black Banshee from hunting them down as well as recovering every heirloom keeping her family cursed.  On the way, they'll be traveling to Earth One for asylum from the forces pursuing them while helping Team Flash catch a new foe in that episode and then in Gotham City to help Batwoman take on a powerful villain like Clayface before going back to their world and National City to face the problem. In the season finale, Lex is to meet up with Clark, Lena, Olsen, Winn, Kara, and Siobhan at the farm Superman grew up in sorting out their differences and arguing who's to blame before coming face to face with Black Banshee leading an assault on the Kent Family farm with Cyborg Superman aiding the latter. The season five finale title should be called "Smallville". Now, to make sure CW doesn't get to carried away with doing things out of their own free will or with anymore major events in the real world making them hold back on giving us what we really want for next year with more boring propaganda, please contact the following now to make sure of it and then Please sign this petition in support of making this cause happen. Jessica Queller Greg Berlanti Supergirl  Writers Room  Oh and if anyone doesn't understand who Black Banshee is or how he would fit in the CW Supergirl series as a main antagonist, read the New 52 Supergirl comics 8, 9, and 10, and have some creative imagination to help understand the theory.

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Petition to Warner Brothers, Oren Uziel, Kevin Tsujihara

New Supergirl Movie to be based on New 52 Comics!

With a Supergirl cinematic film confirmed in the works, it's time we make sure the people developing it as part of the DCEU base the movie and potential sequels off the NEW 52 comics, not New Earth, not CW's show, not a remake of the 1984 film, and not on Rebirth. We want Supergirl to have a much different story from the other known shows and we want Warner Bros to cast these stars for these characters and how their roles in the film are to stand out and NO race changes. Just rely on using the characters from the comics. Protagonists throughout the DCEU. Nicola Peltz as Kara Zor-el/Supergirl (Titicular main character) Mackenzie Davis as Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee (The dueteragonist, Kara's best friend and adopted older sister struggling with the curse that's been bestowed upon her family for years) Dylan O'Brien as Thomas Smythe (Siobhan's brother and Kara's love interest) Seth Carr as Michael Harris (A disabled teenager who is looked after by Tom and a friend of Kara) Henry Cavill as Superman (Supergirl's cousin who will turn up to help Kara and Siobhan defeat the World Killers in the first movie and give the Girl of Steel good advice on being a hero) as well as Kara's parents Alura and Zor-el and other characters like Dick Malverne as a friend of Michael Harris.   Antagonists Gina Caranco as Reign (Main villainess for movie 1) Worldkillers (Reign's allies) Bill Skarsgard as Simon Tycho (Main villain in movie 2) Christian Bale as Black Banshee (Secondary villain for movie 2) Cate Blanchette as The Morrigan (Main villain for the third and final installment, serving as the evil deity responsible for cursing Siobhan's family centuries ago.) This time we want Warner Bros. to play fair on the cast of characters to choose from and these are the ones they are to use for the movie set to happen in the DCEU and with Superman being adopted by the Kents in the cinematic universe, it's a great idea for Kara to be Siobhan's adopted sister and best friend instead of her being adopted by the Danvers.   Now, if you agree that Warner Bros should use everything in this article to set up the upcoming movie in effort of making it more interesting than the shows and worthwatching, please sign this petition and notify the following before they make further announcements.  Oren Uziel and the people that are about to direct and produce the movie.

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