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Petition to Justine Greening

Introduce Sign Language into the National Curriculum

When one starts suffering from severe hearing loss, only then for vast majority of people start to learn sign language, which for some may soon be there only form of communication. Many, people have felt that this late process could easily be avoided, if sign language was a promoted form of communication and promoted at a young age, via being taught in schools and being a part of the national curriculum. Sign language is a universal language, possessing no language barriers, unlike spoken language. Yet, many people who suffer from severe hearing impediments, have expressed feeling more isolated nor only due to their aliment but the lack of communication or availability to discuss or even communicate with their loved ones, as according to the BSL if not learnt in time it may lead to more isolation, yet if it was implemented in would effectively combat this in a highly effective means, as only 250,000 can currently sign across the UK. With this petition, sign language would be introduced into primary school education, in which everyone is taught the basic communications skills for sign language, this would also help children in several other ways, as it would be able to teach children of different disabilities, but also would help to reduce ignorance as through these targeted lessons, children would learn that hearing loss does not make anyone different on the inside, an in turn would aid to tackle peer pressure and bullying and improve social awareness, as currently more than 45,000 children, experience temporary hearing loss Whilst as a general population more than 11 million people have a form of hearing loss, and it is estimated that by 2035 there will be 15.6 million people with hearing loss, with more than 900,000 people are severely/profoundly deaf. With 24,000 people using sign language as their main language 6.7 million people benefit from hearing aids. Ten year average to address hearing loss.

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Petition to CBBC Newsround - The Editor, BBC

Please provide signed version of your daily online bulletins

Understanding current affairs allows everyone to participate actively in the world.  It allows individuals to build informed opinions and engage in healthy debates with their peers, friends and family members.  It prepares them for their journey in life and exposes them to cultural life. Deaf children who communicate in BSL need access to current affairs to keep up with their counterparts, especially as many deaf children are mainstreamed with limited interaction within social conversations. Unfortunately, they often do not have access - missing so much dialogue in noisy speech-dominant classrooms etc, signing deaf children find themselves quite removed from engaging in current affairs. CBBC Newsround broadcasts daily on television and also airs daily bulletins on its website.  Whilst subtitles are enormously valuable, for bulletins like Newsround this is particularly challenging for deaf children with literacy issues. We firmly believe that latest technology can be harnessed to give deaf children access to, for example, at least one daily bulletin presented by a deaf person qualified in BSL. Drip Media is proposing this service to support over 40,000 deaf children nationwide. As well as hearing siblings of deaf children, many hearing children are enjoying sign language classes, including in after school clubs.  They, too, would benefit from being exposed to this medium, which would support their learning about deaf people and our culture.

 Two example videos can be seen at:

 1) - Longer version 01/10/2014 

2) - Shorter version 22/08/2014 #SIGNcbbcNewsround Endorsements received to date… There are over 45,000 deaf children across the UK and it is important that they have the same access to news and current affairs and the same opportunities to be as informed about the world around them as any other child. For deaf children who use sign language, this means providing content in sign language. The National Deaf Children’s Society therefore supports all work to widen access to all deaf children, including those who use sign language. National Deaf Children’s Society (

 We back this very important and overdue campaign, the lack of access to the news for deaf children who communicate in BSL is depressing.  Access to the news in BSL should be a fundamental right for deaf children who communicate in BSL.  Appropriately qualified and skilled interpreters is not guaranteed in schools across the country because of all the cuts that are taking place, having the news delivered by qualified BSL signers will ensure all deaf children who communicate in BSL have consistent access to the news every day from qualified signers. Deaf Parents Deaf Children ( CODA UK and Ireland are happy to support … that CBBC online videos be presented in BSL as well for the benefit of hearing children with Deaf parents. CODA UK and Ireland(   The British Deaf Association (BDA) is passionate about seeing more deaf children using sign language in mainstream schools.  We strongly believe that this sign language promotion campaign will result in an increased number of children and families embracing the language and wanting to learn more. We also hope it will lead to more schools accepting BSL as one of the modern languages. This will increase inclusion and equality and reduce communication barriers at home and in schools. British Deaf Association(  The Northern Ireland Deaf Youth Association (NIDYA) fully endorses this campaign. Deaf children and young people today lack to information in their preferred language; British Sign Language including following daily current affairs on television. We strongly believe the inclusion of translated British Sign Language current affairs will enable more deaf children to be more aware of the world we live in today.  It will also encourage deaf children to debate, have a say in local and national politics and become active citizens. Northern Ireland Deaf Youth Assoication(  'I wholeheartedly support this important campaign to ensure deaf signing children have equal access to children's news bulletins'. Dr. Ros HermanCity University London Children’s TV needs to be accessible to all including Newsround! Hamilton Lodge School (   “Deaf children need the same level of access to information and news that their hearing peers are fortunate enough to enjoy. Most deaf children take longer to learn to read than hearing children (due to not being able to hear spoken English) and, so, may struggle with adult speed subtitles. Editing subtitles to the speed a child can read them leads to some details being missed out, whereas deaf children can receive the full version through BSL at the speed that hearing children listen to spoken English.” Purple Porpoise Deaf Literacy (   Deaf children have increased attachment disorder, language delay, and behavioral problems as a result of lack of access to British Sign Language – the only British language that is effortlessly accessible to them. ANY BSL provision on mainstream media benefits them not only by making that information directly accessible, but significantly also by introducing hearing children to a second language they would not otherwise see. A second language benefits ALL children, and yet we waste precious curriculum time in primary on Ancient Egyptians and Dinosaurs. If hearing children were encouraged to learn BSL, the increase in psychological and physical well-being of deaf children would be extraordinary. The academic attainment of both deaf AND HEARING children would also improve due to the proven benefits of having a brain that can process two languages. Dr Jim Cromwell AFBPsS
Clinical Psychologist Exeter Deaf Academy (   Action Deafness is delighted to provide this endorsement for this campaign because it believes that Deaf children and young people deserve having adequate access to information in our indigenous British Sign Language alongside their hearing peers in following news bulletins via Newsround. This petition should reflect on the fact that Deaf children and young people have equal status in every day news, information and politics and at the same time encouraging them to be become proactive and responsible citizens in the world we live in today and in future. Action Deafness(

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