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Petition to President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Bernard Sanders, Mike Lee

Stop making corrupt Somali Politicians Rich

Did you know that the US government is planning to send a billion dollars to Somalia (a country in East Africa)? Why? According to a statement issued by the US Ambassador to Somalia, the money would be used for humanitarian assistance, expanding education and healthcare, building institutions, and creating jobs. Now this would be great if the Somali Government actually used the money for developing their country. According to Transparency International, Somalia is ranked the most corrupt nation in the world, tied with North Korea. And according to a UN report, 70% of foreign aid received is unaccounted for. In fact, the United States suspended food and fuel aid to this Somali Government in 2017 because they were unable to account for all the aid given. Now ask yourself this, if we can’t trust this Somali Government to distribute food to its own people, then why should we trust that they would use our hard-earned tax dollars to better their county? Not to mention this is the same government in Somalia that has rigged its nations election process and when their citizen questioned them the government had them arrested and even killed. When the UN questioned them, the government ousted the UN Ambassador from the country. If you don’t want your tax dollars used to support a nation who can’t even be trusted with food, then sign this petition and let our President, and Congress know that we don’t trust this Somali Government with our money.

Somali Community Services of Utah
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Petition to Tim Scott, James E. Clyburn, Jay (James) Richardson, Judge George McFaddin, 803-436-2373, Senator Tim Scott

Reverse Judge's order robbing Krista, born disabled, of human rights. #HopKristasLaw

Krista URGENTLY needs your support to live. We demand the state of SC open a full investigation of Judge McFaddin and Vinson's order and immediately reverse the order to restore Krista's right to equality and life. With your support we will win federal mandate. No one should have the right to intentionally oppress any human being, by imposing - via court order - poverty on her/him. This is exactly; however, what two SC judges did.    Cerebellar Atrophy is atrophy of the cerebellum portion of her brain, the command center for balance and motor skills. Microcephaly is tiny head and smaller brain. Krista is intellectually disabled, with accompanying diagnoses/disabilities. Near fifty percent (47.6%) of the homeless population are disabled and unable to work. That is 269,991 individuals that CAN NOT work, living without a home. Living on the streets, using shelters WHEN available. (See link below.)  Krista's story is one example of how this happens. Krista's father is an oil mogul for Exxon Mobil, yet he was ordered to pay ZERO child support for Krista. K. Richardson vs. J. Richardson State of South Carolina, County of Clarendon, Pg. 17, Line 6-16: Uh, there was, during the case, evidence presented that Krista is not capable of supporting herself. The evidence, uh, was not clear. I can not, at this point, extend child support for this child. (Judge Jerry Vinson, under direction of Chief Administrative Judge George McFaddin.) Federal, dual-state and medical documentation was presented and produced in the courtroom. Judge Vinson acknowledges that Krista can not care for herself and discusses her federal disability status.  The judges; however,  based their ruling on Krista's father simply uttering: "she's not disabled". I have been asked about Social Security. Social Security is money paid in to the S.S. system  from wage earnings. Krista was born disabled - is too young - and can NOT work; therefore can NOT make a claim for S.S. Krista's father (my former husband of 25 years) has assets totaling over 1.5 million. He owns multiple homes (including beach home) AND is president and owner of a very successful oil company (that I helped grow) with multiple locations.  Krista's father abandoned us. I filed for divorce after  learning that her father got caught up in a secret, expensive life, which included spending 1000's a month of our marital money for prostitutes, hotels, online activities, sex site memberships, phone sex, asian massage parlors, strip clubs, novelties, cosmetics, etc., etc. This happened - he admitted in court and evidence supports - for the last five -six years of our married life. However, not this nor  my husband's wealth (ours prior to hearing) mattered.... Myself (Krista's caregiver and teacher) with Bi-Lateral Meniere's and my daughter with multiple disabilities, left the courtroom with no monetary award/compensation, no asset division, no health insurance. This occurred due to Krista's father's financial status and clout in the county we resided. Less than 5% of disabled children live with a single father . Single mothers care for 24.5% of the disabled children. Judges Vinson and McFaddin not only ordered zero child support for Krista they sent me, a home school mother of a disabled child, out the door with no monetary means to care for her. Because Krista needs non-stop supervision and care and due to my deteriorating health, my ability to earn a substantial income is very limited. As all mothers in this situation, I am left with the mental, physical and financial stress of caring for beautiful Krista solo. Without appropriate support from Krista's father, Krista loses out on medical advancement opportunities/treatments, therapies, enrichment opportunities - to name a few, and if my disease continues to worsen, we do not know what the future holds. Without child support, what happens to Krista? If something happens to me, what happens to Krista? Homeless? Please sign for federal mandate providing all children born with or becoming disabled during childhood appropriate, instant/immediate, permanent child support. Full investigation of the case and reverse and remand  McFaddin's order violating Krista's civil and human rights - her right to live. Help bring change to a faulty - often purchased - judicial and family court system. Help us #HopKristasLaw (Twitter) We are on: #IGiveAHop #HopKristasLaw - Twitter,4078  

Karola Richardson
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump & Mitch McConnell

We call for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to charge President Donald J. Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to an impeachment trial, because their actions, specifically during the government shutdown, have been detrimental to our country, and are in violation of their oaths of office. Trump's Impeachable Actions: His recent actions of attempting to bypass Congress to receive funding for his border wall by prolonging a government shutdown and then threatening to declare a national emergency is not only a clear violation of Separation of Powers, but with these actions he is also hurting federal workers, the poor, and basic public services by prolonging the shutdown. Building a border wall when reports have shown that illegal border crossings from Mexico have already been on the decline over the past decade proves that he is not only lying about the immigration crisis (and that current methods of border control are already working and sufficiently funded), but is putting his own interests over those of more important issues. This is because his shutdown means that important matters, such as recovery from natural disasters in states such as the Carolinas, California and Texas, and also in Puerto Rico, are being impeded. No President should act in the way Donald J. Trump has over the past few weeks. He should face an immediate impeachment trial for these actions. McConnell's Impeachable Actions: Even with President Trump's actions, under the U.S. Constitution it is still possible for this government shutdown to end. The House has already voted for bills that would end the shutdown, and enough Senators in the Senate have already said that they will vote for these same bills to pass as well (and if Trump doesn't sign this bill in ten days it will become law). However, McConnell is refusing to do his job by not bringing up these bills to the floor for a vote. And his reasons for doing so are also in his own self-interest; he doesn't want to go against Trump. He doesn't want to put any bill Trump opposes to a vote. By making the Senate an extension of the Executive Branch, he is in clear violation of Separation of Powers. Because his actions are prolonging the government shutdown, McConnell should also be held responsible for the damage it is doing to our country, alongside Trump. Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should not have as much power as he does. We call for him to resign immediately or face an impeachment trial for his actions. In Conclusion: While President Donald J. Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have certainly had their questionable actions in the past, their recent actions regarding the government shutdown has to be the final straw. These two men have blatantly put their own personal interests ahead of both the U.S. Constitution and the citizens of the United States. We therefore call for an impeachment trial for these two as soon as possible.

Justin F.
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Rep. John R. Curtis, Kurt Schrader

Dock Congressional Pay When Government Shuts Down

My oldest daughter came to visit on Christmas day with the expectation that she would be receiving a furlough notice after the holidays. I am a retired transportation executive and a former Marine in my early 70's. Katie has worked for the federal government for almost 27 years. We disagree on most domestic political issues, and we vote for different parties. But we found common ground when we started talking about the current partial government shutdown. Our country is in a difficult place. We are divided on so many issues, even within our families. But we can all agree that when the government shuts down, the wrong people pay for it. It’s time for Members of Congress and their highest-paid staff members to be docked salary when they don’t decide on annual budgets before the start of a new fiscal year. Continuing resolutions and government shutdowns waste taxpayer dollars year after year. Congress should be making tough decisions about how much the government should spend and for what. When they refuse to make decisions about the annual budgets of federal agencies, they create waste and chaos - without facing any consequences. Members of Congress and their senior staff are receiving their salaries during the shutdown even though they created it. Federal workers did their jobs, but they are not. When we were together over the holidays, Katie shared some frustration about working under Continuing Resolutions year after year, regardless of which party has a majority in Congress. In the 26+ years that she has worked for the government, it has been shut down six times. Every time it looks like federal employees might be furloughed because of lapses in federal appropriations, agencies have to prepare furlough notices for thousands of employees and develop shutdown plans. This wastes millions of dollars and thousands of staff hours. While the things we want Congress to fund and tax are different, my daughter and I agree that Congress's failure to make decisions is seriously bad for the health of our democracy. This is not the first time Katie has been furloughed, but when it happened in 1995 she was single and had no children. Twenty-three years later, she and her husband have three kids, two of whom are still at home. He is also a federal employee. It's scary not knowing when the next paycheck is coming, even when you are pretty sure that the money will come eventually. Wherever you stand on the policies and funding that are being debated during this shutdown, please join us to make sure every Member of Congress, every Senator and every senior member of the Administration knows that We the People expect them to do their job. And if they're not going to do it, then they shouldn't be paid. The House of Representatives should introduce a bill to change Congressional pay regulations so future Members of Congress and their highest-paid staff members will face direct financial consequences when they cause a government shutdown.

Thomas Howard
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