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Petition to Board of Directors of the Silver City Gospel Mission

Tell the Silver City Gospel Mission to open the Emergency Winter Shelter for the Homeless

  There are many homeless folks in Grant County, NM and they are going to suffer greatly or even die if they don't get shelter for the winter. It sickens and infuriates me that I am forced  to do this again this year.  The Board of Directors of the Silver City Gospel Mission is once again refusing to open their usual winter shelter. If you remember last year, they initially refused to, and then changed their minds after facing a huge amount of public pressure to do so. Their excuse this time is that last year there were items stolen by people who were paid to staff the shelter. This is an outright lie, however. Firstly, the shelter was run purely by volunteers, so there were no paid workers. Also, there were no reports of any stolen items by anyone at the time. Their other reason for not opening the shelter is that there was damage to the building. The only damage reported, however, was to plumbing that was already in bad shape. Just like last year, the Board of Directors has shown no empathy, and this year they have escalated their despicable behavior by telling boldfaced lies.    I want to make sure I note a few things. First, I have a great appreciation for the wonderful things that the Mission does. Secondly, I have a huge respect for the staff at the Mission, and know that most, if not all, of them want the shelter to open this year. Finally, I want it to be noted that I am not judging the Board members as people, but am once again appalled by their decision. Truly, all we are asking the Mission to follow through with is what they say their vision is. On their website it states, "Our vision is that no one will be hungry or cold in the Silver City area!" To be a good person takes more than just reading the Bible and showing up to church-- surely the Mission Board Members know that in their heart of hearts. We are asking people to let the Mission know that the homeless must be sheltered during the winter to avoid extreme suffering and possible death. This has to be taken care of immediately, and the Mission is the only place that has the capability to do so (in terms of insurance, proper shelter, and funding). Please join us in asking them to reconsider their decision, and to make the compassionate choice to open the shelter. We also encourage you to call or email the Mission Executive Director, Amy Wagner, to express your thoughts on this.(575)>

It Takes a Village
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Petition to US congress and Senate


The word "FERAL CAT" is a "POLITICAL LIE"-It is a political word falsely made up so that innocent cats can be killed and disposed of rather than money spent to keep them alive in sanctuaries.Millions of people have them living in their homes right now.And they are no different from any other cat.I am the author of NO SUCH THING AS A FERAL CAT-because all cats can be tamed and given homes.It is not only political tax funded agencies who kill these cats with this word-ANIMAL ADVOCATE GROUPS and Kill Shelters publish the "untameable feral cat lie" that kills as many cats as cat abusers/killers.THIS LIE has become the reasoning for killing these innocent cats in every Animal Cruelty Law,city/county,state or federal policy,and every Kill Shelter in America.And why law enforcement does not protect these cats from abuse and torture.None of the authorities who classify these cats then euthanize them have any training or expertise that could determine a cats manner once they feel safe in someone's care.They simply call them feral and kill them.Many of you have had your missing house cat killed by them in their haste to dispose of them.And the Animal Advocate Groups you donate to to save them back them up with the false information they publish on their web sites.Every cat is the same once they are in a safe place.While millions get spent reforming fighting dogs,it only cost 10 cents a day for these cats to be rehabilitated in a sanctuary-what hypocrisy!THAT IS WHY I AM CALLING ON YOU TO BAN THIS WORD AND SAVE THESE CATS.

Daniel Felix
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