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Petition to The Prime Minister of India, Ministry for Environment and forest, Animal Welfare Board of India

Amendments in the Prevention of Cruelty against animals act 1960

                             Every day, we wake up to dreadful news of either an abuse or Killing of an animal. The whole nation is fuming. Recently, we were agitated by two back to back cases, First, where an innocent pup “bhadra” was thrown off the terrace by two psychotic medical students. Then, not even a month passed we saw another jittery video being surfaced on social media posted by inhumane culprits while burning 3 puppies alive in Hyderabad, shaming the whole humanity. The maximum no of animals abuse cases reported have been of dogs, so far. Yet, other animals have also faced assaults by humans. Shaktiman, a brave horse of Uttarakhand Police, who died of succumbing to injuries during the clash of a political party with police near Legislative assembly in Dehradun. Hence, the culprits get away with not even a punishment of slap on the wrist. The perpetrators are getting away by paying mere 50 rupees,  with not even a jail of 24 hours. We need to change this. In 2014, In United States of America, The Oregon Supreme Court passed a ruling that changed the way animals are treated under the law in California. The ruling will ensure that any animal can be seen as a legal “victim” in a case, affording animals more basic rights to protect them from abuse. Seems, we also need to review our policies to safeguard animal rights. Animals are equally loved by Mother Earth, as humans.     Now, with a sudden rise in assaults on animals, the time is pleading the honorable legislature to make urgent amendments in Chapter 3 "CRUELTY TO ANIMALS GENERALLY" of Prevention of Cruelty against animals act 1960 to protect animals and their rights. Please review the suggestions to be considered for amendments in the act. 1.   Minimum two years of imprisonment or more 2.   Pay a minimum fine of 20,000 or more, depending on the severity of harm caused. 3.   Take full responsibility of the victimized animal, pay for the treatment, and take care unless an adoption is offered. 4.   Punishment of compulsory volunteering for animal care for 5 years. 5.   Local Governments must build shelters in every city to give decent lives to stray animals with proper veterinary clinic, Maintain Health cards and relevant details. Regards The Humanity Mirror

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Petition to Borivali

Discussing on PCA Act in Parliament and legislating new Shaktiman PCA Act

Honorable The Speaker of Lok Sabha 17, Parliament House,New Delhi. 110001 Sub: Discussing on PCA Act in Parliament and legislating new Shaktiman PCA Act Respected Smt. Sumitra J Mahajanji, NDA government is effectively reviewing & repealing many old and obsolete acts. This is highly appreciable action of this government. One such act deserve major change on top priority is Prevention To Cruelty Act 1960. This is hightime to replace this toothless, ineffective act with new robust act to serve the purpose. At present it’s in ridicule state, it has lost the purpose in toto. Perhaps this might be the only act which is everyday hundreds of times across the nation unabatedly violated and abuse. And price of this violation is paid very heavy primarily by voiceless, helpless innocent animals and birds. In fact Apex court also number of times recommended this. One instance when Supreme court India in CIVIL APPEAL NO. 5387 OF 2014 Animal Welfare Board of India Vs. A. Nagaraj case where it stated:“Parliament is expected to make proper amendment of the PCA Act to provide an effective deterrent to achieve the object and purpose of the Act and for the violation of section 11, adequate penalties and punishments should be impose.” Meager penalties, plenty of loop holes, loose ends facilitates subversion of act and numerous deficiencies have outdate the present act. Image of Shri Mahavir, Gautam Buddh and Mahtma Gandhi’s soil is tarnished due embolden of cruelties on voiceless across nation and failure to check it due to poor acts and laws. Incidentally, we came across the news that M P Ms. Poonam Mahajan from Maharashtra have sought time to discuss on this legislation in parliament with your goodselves. We are earnestly requesting you to allot sufficient time to discuss and also make use of your goodoffice to impress upon formation on new robust, Shaktiman, deterrent PCA Act replacing existing on top priority. Thanking you and looking forward to your valued support. Truly Your’sShree Vardhman Parivar(Keshrichand S. Mehta)

Shree Vardhman Parivar
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