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Petition to James Campion

Help bring @SexpoUK back to London @ExCelLondon

Sexpo – Health, Sexuality, and (adult) Lifestyle Expo is the busiest consumer exhibition on a per square metre basis in the Asia/Pacific region and busiest stand-alone adult show in the world. The Sexpo brand is trademarked in most countries of the world. The first London Sexpo was held in 2015, unfortunately it coincided with the coordinated attacks in Paris that same weekend. London was a very quiet city that weekend and Sexpo numbers were affected, but we’re keen to go again, but without a venue... We are looking to relaunch the London show and hope you will help us out by signing and sharing our petition, with a request for your followers to do the same. Sexpo has always sort to use only purpose-built exhibition venues in order to reinforce the mainstream nature of the events, so, after approaching the ExCel venue in London, Sexpo management were disappointed by the arbitrary dismissal of the enquiry. The nearby restaurants, transport infrastructure, and wheelchair access makes ExCel the most suitable venue in London for Sexpo. Sexpo began life in Melbourne, Australia, in 1996 as a forum to allow women and couples to experience all the things that may be of interest to adults, not necessarily all sex related, in a safe and friendly environment. The show quickly grew into a national event visiting all major Australian capital cities annually. While remaining true to the original concept it has grown into an event with world wide appeal.  Sexpo exhibitions are currently produced in Australia and under license in South Africa, and after this announcement, combined with the forthcoming USA launch, Sexpo will operate on 4 continents from 2018. David Ross, Australian founding Event Organiser, said: “We are asking that Londoners sign this petition and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so we can demonstrate to all venues, and the London Chamber Of Commerce, the level of public support for Sexpo. Anyone wanting real time updates should join our mailing list at After first contact with James Campion, Head of Exhibition Sales at the London ExCel venue, he now says: “…Thanks for your recent emails and calls, and apologies for the slow response on my part. "Having spoken with our Board it has been agreed that unfortunately we are not in a position to proceed with your enquiry and whilst I appreciate you are not asking for firm dates, we are not in a position to progress with the profile…” David Ross responded: “Thanks for getting back to me James, although I think the arbitrary dismissal of our enquiry is rather disappointing, if not extraordinary. We are an internationally recognised brand and operate in Government owned venues around the world. "We suffered the same discrimination in the early years in Australia, but, as I have pointed out to you previously, all major venues now accept us as a major event, while we regularly attract crowds of 60,000. "I do hope you will reconsider your position and respond so that I might have a chance to explain to you the mainstream nature of our events. Yours, David Ross London Chamber of Commerce “Also, we have sought membership of the London Chamber of Commerce but after seeking a reason for the “we can’t help you” answer to our enquiry, our emails have gone unanswered. Clearly, those at the London Chamber of Commerce have no interest in adult related businesses. “In the early years we did have some difficulties with new venues not understanding the mainstream nature of our event, and therefore knocking back our advances.  Such was the case when I first approached in 1996, however the booking was accepted one year later after the MCEC had seen our set-up in a smaller venue; Sexpo has occupied up to 12,000sqms at the MCEC every year since. Similarly, has previously refused us tenancy, only to reverse its position. “Sexpo is a million-pound show, costing that to stage each and every event, and with more than 90 Sexpo events have been staged around the world since 1996, Sexpo is big business. The budget means we need to attract many tens of thousands of visitors to cover costs,” he continued, and to do that, we need to be very mainstream. Our marketing and promotions are designed so as to not cause contention; we never court controversy. We seek your help to persuade the ExCel venue to give us a hearing, and the London Chamber of Commerce to consider our application for membership

Sexpo (International) Pty Ltd
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Petition to Helyn Clack, Bill Chapman, Helen Atkinson, Kate Shields, Ken Gulati, Claire Murdoch, Philip Hammond, Kwasi Kwarteng, Duncan Selbie, Dr Andy Brooks, David Hodge

Keep Blanche Heriot Unit at St Peter's Hospital Open

Blanche Heriot Unit at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey has been serving the people of North Surrey for 25 years but is now threatened with closure. The Unit provides services in sexual health, HIV and other areas of genito-urinary medicine with some 15,000 attendances in 2016. These include patients with other health issues such as vulva/genital dermatology, cancer and pre-cancer and chronic pelvic pain.  In addition to the clinics held at the Blanche Heriot Unit itself, clinics are held every week in 5 local prisons and at Royal Holloway, University of London. The Blanche Heriot Unit also provides inpatient HIV services at St Peter’s and works closely with the neonatal unit. The Blanche Heriot Unit is currently run by Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust but is now caught up in a contract jointly commissioned by Surrey County Council and NHS England for sexual health and HIV services in Surrey. There was only one bidder for this contract - Central & North West London NHS Trust (CNWL). CNWL have committed to run the Surrey contract at a saving of £2million per annum over 3 years. CNWL have indicated that they will not be retaining services at the Blanche Heriot Unit but have given no indication as to how these services will be provided elsewhere to the same high standard and level of accessibility. The contract was due to start on 1 April 2017 but CNWL have already run into problems in the “mobilisation” stage causing Surrey County Council to extend the existing services at the Blanche Heriot Unit by six months. However this is only a temporary reprieve. The Unit, and the services it provides, remain under threat. The decision makers in this process have not engaged with, or consulted, the patients who depend on the Blanche Heriot Unit. This is your opportunity to ensure that the patient voice is heard. Sign & share the petition. Write to your MP. Make the case for the Blanche Heriot Unit and its dedicated, expert staff to continue to serve the people of North Surrey. If you would like to get more involved with the campaign contact us on Thank you for your support.

Blanche Heriot Unit Patients
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Bring SEXPO Back To Adelaide!

"SEXPO® Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo is the world's longest-running adult exhibition and is designed to provide a fun, vibrant and safe environment for open-minded adults. SEXPO® is not just about sex - it's about celebrating all lifestyles and sexualities."As someone who lives in Adelaide, and has for their entire life; I haven't had the opportunity to experience a major amount of festivals, events and exhibits that Australia has to offer because they aren't available in Adelaide. We are beyond limited for Entertainment, Music, Festivals and so much more because we simply don't have enough interest or funding to keep anything in Adelaide. - Charlene Burns, Gawler SA.Sexpo, unfortunately shut down in Adelaide before I became of age. I was only months away from being able to experience everything my friends whom were of age, got to experience for whatever reasons they chose to go; and then a huge amount of my friends who were underage along side me, also missed out on a huge amount of events that have been shut down in Adelaide since becoming of age, or having the chance to go! Sexpo have asked me to start a petition, to bring it back to Adelaide! Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of Adelaide getting all it's glory back; South Australia deserves to have just as much entertainment and leisure, as the rest of Australia!BRING BACK ALL OUR FUN STUFF!!Sign the petition, and lets get our RADELAIDE back!Side Note; *I regularly tweet this petition out via @wubcharlotte and am contacted by Sexpo on Twitter at this account, if you wish to keep up to date with my communications about the return of Sexpo.

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Petition to Ruth Hutchison, Helyn Clack, Bill Chapman, Helen Atkinson, Kate Shield, Chllr Peter Martin

Stop Frimley Park Hospital GU Clinic Closing

I've  recently found out that my local GU clinic at Frimley Park Hospital is closing. Surrey County Council awarded the Surrey Sexual Health contract to CNWL and not only is Frimley Park Hospital affected by this but also Leatherhead Hospital, St. Peters Hospital and Epsom too. The Frimley GU clinic sees approximately 8,000 patients annually and is now telling each and every one of their patients that they will no longer be able to go there and worst of all it's happening in a few months! The staff from the receptionists to the health workers are amazing ! They make you feel at ease, you build a rapport with your Dr and gain trust and it's a place you can always receive the best care and advice at all times and it's about to be lost. The impact within the community will be very damaging not only to the patients currently receiving treatment but for anyone in the future as there will be nowhere local to visit for treatment. Where are ALL these patients suppose to go ???? Other resources will have more pressure placed upon them which will effect their working environment ! According to the new contract the options are possibly: Redhill 50 miles round trip an approx 1hr 40 mins car journey.Woking 20 miles round trip and 50 mins car journey or Guildford 30 miles round trip and approx 1hr 10 mins. If you're lucky to even own a car or not too sick to drive. HIV is consistently on the rise along with other STIs, unplanned pregnancies and genital skin conditions. All treated in this local GU Department. Hasn't anyone considered the impact on the patients who could be extremely ill having to travel to Redhill for treatment or someone newly diagnosed will not reach out and will become ill and eventually will become a statistic within society! What happens to the patients that get admitted with these conditions where do they go if there is no department or doctors on site? What will happen is a rise in deaths (due to not be able to access this service and not able to travel ) , a rise in undiagnosed cases ( no local facilities ) and this will impact Surrey Heath in the long run. I'm asking you to please sign the petition to prevent our GU Clinic from closing and to stop cutting valuable resources to treat sick, ill and dying patients . We don't deserve to have our funding cut and to be cast aside.    

Maria Ford
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