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Petition to McDonald's, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook

Demand McDonald's address sexual harassment complaints

40% of female fast food workers have experienced sexual harassment while working. In May, women working at McDonald’s locations in nine different cities all filed complaints against McDonald’s for what they described as a culture of rampant sexual harassment. Since then, the complaints have continued to stream in. The complaints allege that McDonald’s has ignored their complaints about sexual harassment, including reports of “groping, propositions for sex, and lewd comments.” One employee said her experience working at McDonald’s as a woman has been a nightmare. A Chicago worker was fired after she reported her manager made sexually inappropriate comments towards her. Not enough has been done in response to these complaints. The women have gone on strike to demand more be done to address a culture of misogyny and silence. According to a 2016 survey, almost half of female fast-food employees have experienced unwanted sexual advances or comments on the job, and over a quarter have experienced multiple forms of sexual harassment. If McDonald’s took the lead on this issue, other major corporations would be much more likely to follow suit. Female fast-food workers should not have to put up with unwanted sexual behavior in their workplaces. If you agree, send a message to McDonald’s that inappropriate and unwanted sexual behavior is not acceptable and must be addressed now. 

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Petition to Robin Hopper

Demand the bullying stops at MCUSD

MCUSD Bullying Policy It is all to common to hear stories of bullying in our country. More than one out of every five (20.8%) students report being bullied (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016). But what if it was happening in your own back yard? Within Mariposa County Unified School District this is an everyday thing for a large number of students. I know this because last school year my 5 year old son was bullied, sexually assulted, and called racist names. I had contacted his teacher when this first started happening, but she never reported it to the school. My son was called Nigger, Asshole, and was pushed down on the playground with his head held down. He was forced to eat sand by a boy in his class who also sexual assaulted other students. My son was hit on the bus, and the school and bus department lied about it. My son was followed into a bathroom a number of times and had his pants and underwear pulled down and touched on his backside. My son was victim blamed by the principal. My son who was on an IEP for a speech impairment was bullied because of that, and the teacher even labeled him as "immature" and a "tattletale". She failed him after refusing to accommodate his IEP. And allowed classmates to make fun of my son. And special education failed to follow his IEP, and still wont offer him the services he needs.  Mariposa County Unified School District (MCUSD) has bullying and harassment policies in place, but they are not being implemented. We have schools saying that they have an anti-bullying program, yet parents don't what they are. Some parents who have filed complaints at the school district have received bias reports or no help at all. Our local advocates are being bombarded with new cases, and some parents are afraid to say anything because of fear of retaliation, which sadly has happened to a number of parents. We are asking the public to help by signing our petition and letting MCUSD know that what is happening within our schools is not ok, and it needs to change. Please stand with us and our children as we demand that our children be allowed to learn without fear. If you would like to know more of what we are doing in our community then please feel free to check out our Facebook page, Mountain Community United for School Reform.

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Petition to Arizona State University, Michael Crow, ASU Faculty Senate

Fire Lawrence Krauss for decades of sexual misconduct

Lawrence Krauss announced his retirement October 21, 2018. He is on paid leave until May 2019.  On July 31, 2018 an Arizona State University investigation concluded that professor Lawrence Krauss violated ASU's sexual harassment policy when he groped a woman at a conference.  Krauss has been accused of verbally and physically sexually harassing undergraduate students and colleagues at ASU and other institutions for over a decade, according to Buzzfeed News. ASU hired Dr. Krauss in 2008 after he was banned from his previous institution for sexually harassing an undergraduate student. It is difficult to believe ASU was unaware of his history when they hired him, especially given ASU's tendency to protect professors who sexually harass students (read more).  In response to media attention, ASU opened a new investigation of Krauss in March and concluded in August that he had violated the sexual harassment policy. More than 50 witnesses and victims have spoken to media, and peer institutions have barred Dr. Krauss from their campuses; if Dr. Krauss is a danger to students at Case Western and other institutions that have placed him on a "do-not-invite list," he is a danger to the ASU community. We call upon Arizona State University Faculty Senate to fire and permanently ban Lawrence Krauss from campus to protect the ASU community.

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Petition to Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Archbishop William Edward Lori, Reverend Louis Bianco, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, Office of Safe Environment, Office of the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Office of the Archbishop William E Lori

Demand an independent investigation into former Bishop Bransfield's conduct

On September 13th, it was announced that then-Bishop Michael Bransfield of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston would resign his post after allegations of sexual harassment had been made against him. Pope Francis has asked Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori to serve as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese and to conduct an investigation into the claims made against former-Bishop Bransfield. While the investigation by Archbishop Lori is welcomed, it is not far enough. We call on the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston to engage and cooperate with the Attorney General of West Virginia's Office or another independent outside counsel to conduct a thorough investigation and review of Bishop Bransfield's and the Diocese's conduct. - As a part of this investigation, questions about possible criminal misconduct committed by Bishop Bransfield or any other member of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston should be answered. - The scope of the investigation should not be limited only to allegations of sexual harassment against Bishop Bransfield, but should include any issue that arises during the investigation including but not limited to issues of malfeasance, conspiracy to hide allegations from the public, possible financial fraud, or other violations of the public's trust. - The independent investigator should make public and available a report summarizing its findings upon completion of the investigation within a reasonable time period, but consistent in a way that will not deter any possible criminal or civil proceedings against the Diocese or former Bishop Bransfield. Those who are in positions of authority must be held accountable for their actions, especially when those actions inflict emotional, physical, or spiritual pain. Additionally, the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston owes its members, past and present, transparency at this time. Finally, we owe a great amount of respect to the survivors of the allegations made against former Bishop Bransfield. Their courage is remarkable and should be reflected upon throughout this process. We owe them not only our prayers, but our understanding. Bishop Bransfield allegedly intentionally took advantage of his position and inflicted pain, including spiritual pain, on the survivors. The pain his alleged actions inflicted go beyond the people who suffered directly from his harassment, but impact every friend and family member of those survivors. Further, his alleged actions have caused pain to all Catholics in West Virginia and beyond. An investigation will not reverse the impact of his alleged actions, but it will provide accountability to power and should help prevent future abuses. A hotline has been established for those wishing to share any information related to this investigation: 1-833-272-4225.

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