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Petition to UMBC Administration

Demands and Grievances Concerning UMBC Rape Coverup

Statement: We are a survivor-centered student coalition demanding a lasting and ongoing change in the way that cases of sexual misconduct and violence are handled within the UMBC community, especially at the administrative and judicial level. In light of the recently filed lawsuits, with thanks to the named plaintiffs, we demand that UMBC heed our listed grievances and demands and actively work to create a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment for survivors.   Grievances and Demands: For his failure to enact justice, for his use of fear tactics against survivors, for his disregard for safety:   We Demand Paul Dillon, UMBC Chief of Police, be immediately removed from his position in the university, with all new candidates for his position vetted by a task force consisting of representatives from cultural organizations, survivor organizations, social justice organizations, and student government dedicated to auditing the rebuilding process heretoafter referred to as the Rebuilding Committee (RC). For her unwillingness to pursue the full process of justice in Title IX investigations, for her constant mishandling and delay of cases, for her lack of communication:   We Demand Bobbie Hoye, Title IX Coordinator, Human Relations Officer, and Assistant General Counsel be immediately suspended, pending investigation, from her position in the university, with all new candidates for her position vetted by the RC. Furthermore, the Title IX office should be expanded and restructured to an extent that it can reliably return an investigation within sixty days. For his incompetent handling of cases under his care, for returning massive and preventable delays in investigations:   We Demand Erick Kim, Title IX Investigator, be immediately suspended, pending investigation, from his position in the university, with all new candidates for his position vetted by the RC. Furthermore, the Title IX office should be expanded and restructured to an extent that it can reliably return an investigation within sixty days. For doing nothing as players under his leadership commit gross abuses, for being complicit in the coverup, for allowing rapists to play for his team   We Demand Bob Mumma, head coach of the UMBC Retrievers baseball team, be immediately suspended, pending investigation, from his position in the university, with all new candidates for his position vetted by the RC. For knowingly employing a student while said student was the subject of a rape investigation, for continuing to employ that student currently in a position of confidence:   We Demand Carlos Alexis Turcios, Program Associate for Diversity and Inclusion, be immediately suspended, pending investigation, from his position in the university, with all new candidates for his position vetted by the RC.   Said student must also be removed. For allowing this issue to fester unaddressed, for attempting to brush over this issue with a wholly inadequate and misleading apology:   We Demand that the entirety of the upper administration apologize for their failure to handle the situation as well as for their initial statement on Friday, September 14th. We demand the administration hold meetings at a minimum of twice a month with the RC to address the issues in these grievances and promote a survivor-centered climate. In order to properly address the failures highlighted by the current investigation, we demand the following steps are taken to improve the UMBC campus climate for survivors of sexual violence:   1)We Demand a nationally recognized survivors’ group must be paid to consult on and implement new sexual assault response policies at the university.  2)We Demand the implementation of a more comprehensive and mandatory preventative sexual assault education for ALL UMBC paid employees, especially the UMBC Police Department, be discussed and approved by the RC.  3) We Demand the implementation of mandatory preventive in person sexual assault education, approved by the RC, for ALL UMBC students, including undergraduate students, graduate students, and transfer students, and a block on class registration for non-compliant students (who will be provided several opportunities to complete the program).  4) Recognizing that many perpetrators have benefited from and continue to benefit from scholarships both athletic and merit-based, We Demand ANY student accused of sexual misconduct be suspended from all positions within UMBC, leadership roles, paid or otherwise,  and sport teams pending investigation and be placed on financial probation until the completion of the investigation.  5) Considering the criteria for an Title IX appeal, the decision process can take longer than a week and a half. Therefore, We Demand the Title IX office informs all individuals going through their process of all deadlines regarding the appeals process within and outside of the Title IX office.  6) In light of the total failure of the Title IX office on campus to deliver justice, We Demand the Title IX office on campus must be expanded to include investigators and advocates who have been approved by the RC as well as participating in a holistic outreach campaign which should include but not be limited to the following: Tabling at all student oriented multi-organizational events, distribution of student health posters on campus, advertisement campaigns in campus circulars, and tabling in high traffic areas on campus. In addition, We Demand the office reinstate the Voices Against Violence Program and hire a full-time coordinator, approved by the RC, who is dedicated to supporting survivors and overseeing sexual assault prevention education programming.  7) As survivors are often left without adequate medical care on campus, We Demand the health services on campus must be overhauled, with a larger better trained and equipped staff including a on-call family practice physician in the UHS as well as nurses trained to administer rape kits. UHS hours must be expanded to a full 24 hour service to include the weekend, and after-hours counselling must be provided at the Counseling Center. Furthermore, We Demand that the UHS and Counseling Center not be moved away from the residential areas of campus.  8) As the safety of students has been routinely disregarded by campus administration, We Demand the number of blue lights be increased, until a blue light can be seen from every other blue light on campus, update antiquated blue light pillars, and a plan for their maintenance must be adopted.  9) Since there are situations where sexual violence occurs in tandem with extralegal activities, in order to encourage the reporting of these incidents and engender a safe environment for those reports, We Demand reporters and survivors of sexual violence must be provided legal amnesty for extralegal activities which occurred tangentially to the incident described in the report  10) To make best use of resources available to students, We Demand the formatting of the information on Red Cards and Residential Life IDs be revamped to add emergency and crisis support phone numbers.   We Demand to be Heard. We Demand Change. We Demand Justice.

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Petition to Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Archbishop William Edward Lori, Reverend Louis Bianco, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, Office of Safe Environment, Office of the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Office of the Archbishop William E Lori

Demand an independent investigation into former Bishop Bransfield's conduct

On September 13th, it was announced that then-Bishop Michael Bransfield of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston would resign his post after allegations of sexual harassment had been made against him. Pope Francis has asked Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori to serve as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese and to conduct an investigation into the claims made against former-Bishop Bransfield. While the investigation by Archbishop Lori is welcomed, it is not far enough. We call on the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston to engage and cooperate with the Attorney General of West Virginia's Office or another independent outside counsel to conduct a thorough investigation and review of Bishop Bransfield's and the Diocese's conduct. - As a part of this investigation, questions about possible criminal misconduct committed by Bishop Bransfield or any other member of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston should be answered. - The scope of the investigation should not be limited only to allegations of sexual harassment against Bishop Bransfield, but should include any issue that arises during the investigation including but not limited to issues of malfeasance, conspiracy to hide allegations from the public, possible financial fraud, or other violations of the public's trust. - The independent investigator should make public and available a report summarizing its findings upon completion of the investigation within a reasonable time period, but consistent in a way that will not deter any possible criminal or civil proceedings against the Diocese or former Bishop Bransfield. Those who are in positions of authority must be held accountable for their actions, especially when those actions inflict emotional, physical, or spiritual pain. Additionally, the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston owes its members, past and present, transparency at this time. Finally, we owe a great amount of respect to the survivors of the allegations made against former Bishop Bransfield. Their courage is remarkable and should be reflected upon throughout this process. We owe them not only our prayers, but our understanding. Bishop Bransfield allegedly intentionally took advantage of his position and inflicted pain, including spiritual pain, on the survivors. The pain his alleged actions inflicted go beyond the people who suffered directly from his harassment, but impact every friend and family member of those survivors. Further, his alleged actions have caused pain to all Catholics in West Virginia and beyond. An investigation will not reverse the impact of his alleged actions, but it will provide accountability to power and should help prevent future abuses. A hotline has been established for those wishing to share any information related to this investigation: 1-833-272-4225.

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