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Petition to Smt Droupadi Murmu, Shri Narendra Modi, Smt Smriti Irani

Justice For Daughters of India ##arrest_brijbhushan_now We can't let Predators roam free.

  Should we keep our daughters at home ? As A mother the recent incident regarding the sexual harassment of female wrestlers has shook me. What sort of a message is being sent to parents of a girl child ? Should we stop sending our daughters to schools ? Stop them from sports or stop them for pursuing their dreams ? Wrestlers Protest is not about these female wrestlers, it is about the safety of every other girl who aspires to pursue her dreams.   These are the women who brought laurels to our motherland, India. As you know that to become world class champions one has to undergo rigorous training and sacrifice a lot in life. Being a sportswoman from Haryana, that too a state which has the low Sex Ratio of  879 i.e. for each 1000 male, which is below national average of 940 as per latest census. And the literacy rate of which,  the  male literacy stands at 84.06 percent while female literacy is at 65.94 percent their entry into a sport like wrestling shows that they belong to families which honour and support their daughters. When parents break the barriers of patriarchy and send their daughters to a male dominated sport they face a lot of opposition and questioning. In spite of all the given factors and the patriarchal dominance in our country especially in the state of Haryana, these girls were encouraged by their parents to represent India. Seeing the present scenario and lack of empathy towards our female players, parents will be sceptical to send their daughters for sports. Even though a case was lodged under the POCSO Act, 2012 and POSH Act, 2013 no action was taken against the preparator Brij Bushan Singh. One of the complainant being a minor and others being harassed at the workplace is a serious matter.  It is pertinent to mention that the stature of these players is equivalent to a soldier, both serve India with the same sentiments and their loyalty towards the country is unquestionable. We request that you take necessary action to ensure that justice is done to those who violate the dignity of women and wrestlers. In cases of sexual harassment sometimes it takes years for women to speak, some may take a lifetime to talk about it and some may never ever mention it. It takes a lot of courage to come out. Justice should be delivered. Brij Bhushan Saran Singh should be taken to task for exploitation of women and misuse of power.  As you know that belonging to rural areas and that too which is backward and patriarchal these women have undergone various hardships. If today no action is taken against the accused we the citizens of India as parents and women will be hesitant to send our daughters out to work in various fields. If no timely action is taken then all those who have exploited women be it a coach, teacher,minister, officer or a relative will be encouraged to exploit women without any fear.  We urge you to take strong action to address these issues and ensure that the rights and dignity of wrestlers and women are protected. We request that you use your authority to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice and that the wrestlers are treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. We believe that you will take swift and appropriate action to address these issues and restore the confidence of the citizens of India in the administration and police. Today, we all must rise up as a nation across all party lines and political leanings for the future of the Daughters Of India. India is a country which has given women the stature of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Shakti, today we appeal on behalf of every girl child of India to give justice to our daughters.    

Samita Kaur
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Petition to Delhi Police

Delhi Police: Arrest WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh #IStandWithChampions

Our wrestlers have staked it all, to rid the Wrestling Federation of India and the sport’s entire set-up in the country of rampant sexual harassment, financial impropriety and mismanagement of athletes. It’s a shame that some of our most decorated Olympians had to sit on a dharna twice in four months, also approach the Supreme Court, to just get an FIR registered against the Wrestling Federation of India President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, who’s had several criminal cases against him in the past. In an interview to a YouTube channel, Singh even confessed to having committed a murder, though he’s never been tried for one.  According to Vinesh Phogat, Singh has sexually harassed hundreds of minor girls who train in wrestling. But when our country’s topmost athletes tried to get an FIR registered against him, Indian Olympic Association President PT Usha accused them of tarnishing India’s image.  Delhi Police have finally registered two FIRs against Singh, but the wrestlers have announced that they won’t budge from Jantar Mantar until Singh is arrested. It’s the right call. Singh shouldn’t be able to get away by just resigning or completing his term and then getting his son to replace him as a Member of Parliament, as always happens. He should be arrested and tried in court for the charges that have been put against him.   This is Indian sport’s moment of reckoning. What happens here will decide whether the future of Indian sports will rest in the hands of retired athletes with an in-depth knowledge of the support structure required for athletes to flourish, or with politicians such as Singh who’re known criminals and can get away with anything because of their vote bank.  Image credits: THE HINDU. 

Suvam Choudhury
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Petition to


_*NO PROTEST MEANS CRIME TOLERATED JUSTICE DELAYED MEANS JUSTICE DENIED*_ Today I Kritee Adhikary a doctor in the making , 3rd year MBBS , DHGMCH, West Bengal,  India and a responsible citizen of country, want to share the saga of my survival and protest against the torture of my own full blooded maternal grandparents Mr Anil Kumar Chakraborty and Mrs Krishna Chakraborty. Are our full blooded male guardian or relative safe for any girl child? The answer is a big 'NO' . Perverted nature of humans have reached its peak unfortunately, that the full blooded father or grandfather doesn't even spare their own daughter or granddaughter. It's the battle to fight for every single woman and girl child , who have been sexually assaulted since their very childhood unfortunately by their very own full blooded father or grandfather . Has they the right to ruin the childhood of any girl child ? Is this the fault of the girl child that she is a woman? Unfortunately , though I Kritee Adhikary am an MBBS student, and belong to a literate family , I have been raped on chronic basis for 8 years by my full blooded maternal grandfather Mr Anil Kumar Chakraborty since my teen age . My grandfather was a retired Head estimator in West Bengal Irrigation department and my grandmother Mrs Krishna Chakraborty was also well educated and worked in WBSEDCL . My grandparents have exploited the trust, respect and obedience of my parents to them . They tortured me and always hid it by explaining it as " for the betterment of their granddaughter " . I have not been spared before any of my exams or my high grade fever . Whenever my grandparents could isolate me, they have verbally and sexually abused me and my grandmother didn't protect me against the beast like nature of my grandfather. Whenever I sought some courage to revolt , my grandparents made a chaos and made my parents ask for apologies to them without any reason . Not only that , my younger brother used to sleep beside me, with my grandmother present in the same bed. Taking the advantage of the darkness, my grandfather raped me every single day he got the chance and muted my cries by stuffing his hanky into my mouth and whenever he couldn't control me and overcome my resistance, he used to hurt the innocent child , my younger brother very badly . Whenever I raised voice against my grandfather, my grandmother used to emotionally blackmail me , blaming me as the reason of all of my grandfather's sadness and always threatened that my grandfather would leave us , if we don't tolerate his torture . I have been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and lost control over passing stool and urine due to ruthless anal penetration. Even a prostitute gets sick leave and daily wages . What I earned was hyperthyroidism , IBD, depression and numerous health problems making me handicapped within 21 years of age .Unfortunately even my mother was not spared in childhood by him . She was regularly made to sleep by giving antiallergics causing drowsiness. Whenever she asked her parents about the pain in her private parts , she was made to believe that it was due to her continued sneezing due to allergy .She realised it only when her daughter shared the incident of heinous crime committed against her by her grandfather. When we raised our voice against him who was named as the "head of the family" only as a way to show respect , though not being dependent on them by any means , not even financial , we were cornered by the other relatives and no one keeps contact with us and boldly accepted the rapist as if nothing has happened. As such , after being treated as an offender by our own family and have been forced to keep mum until now , at last , we gathered up courage to seek justice from the honorable Indian judiciary. Ironically , the defense counsel is trying to nullify such a serious allegation on the accused by addressing it as a “fabricated case” . The investigation is carried on in such a reckless manner that , judicial statement of my mother is not been recorded and my grandmother is even on bail without being enquired sufficiently. My grandfather is one of the most cold blooded criminal who is dangerous for the whole womanhood as many other cold blooded criminal will be inspired to commit the same crime without any guilt and roam about cherishing their victory, if he is not convicted .Being a doctor in the making, it is my responsibility to protest against any kind of anti social action. If this is the plight of a daughter of a literate family, then what is going to be the condition of girl child born in a poor family .Please help for the sake of every girl child who come to the OPD of hospitals after getting pregnant by their own male relatives but are made to keep quiet by their own family, in the fear of stigmatization the reputation of their family.Is,trusting the father or grandfather a huge crime ? Does , being a guardian gives them right to use us as a property? I earnestly request you all to not to keep quiet even if it is your own close relative . PLEASE RAISE VOICE AGAINST IT , NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE . Please help to fight with the tyranny of Patriarchal society and break the shackles of suppression which we women are made to wear since our birth . I want every single person to protest against sexual assault, even if it is done by their own closest relative like their own father or grandfather. The first change we want to see in the world always starts with us, and I have taken the first step of protest by lodging the case . Please help me to raise a voice of protest against intra familial sexual abuse . I have been doing a signature campaign already in my immediate community , in my college but I want it to spread this protest far and wide . 25th April 2023 is the next hearing date , when most probably charges are going to be framed finally . I request everyone to support us for speedy conviction of this cold blooded criminal. I HAVE THREE MESSAGES FOR EVERYONE:- 1) I want , everyone to know that , it is never late to file a case in the judiciary and everyone should seek for justice whenever they gather courage to revolt, even if the criminal is their own family member . 2) If we don't speak up against the crime , they will keep on torturing us . We should always remember that "The most precious person for you is , YOURSELF " . So for saving yourself, we should pin point the criminal before he becomes life threatening . 3) It is the gross failure of society, that the rape survivor has to hide her identity and not the rapist . It is always said to the survivor, that "He/She had not been cautious, so they were victimized " and ironically the rapist is never asked by the society that "Why did they commit such a crime ? " Though this Thought Process is totally stereotypical, but we , the survivors should wear our scars bravely , because nobody is as strong as to survive even after going through such a pain and we are not at fault for the unfortunate incident which happened to us .  So we should lead the rest of our lives striving towards justice, breaking through all boundaries with "Feet in the ground and Eyes looking up to sky " .   Please sign the petition and share this as far and wide as possible 

Kritee Adhikary
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Petition to Sh. Ashok Kumar

Put 1 PCR van near Dr. Pitambar Dutt Barthwal P​.​G College Kotdwara, Uttarakhand.

A few months ago, one of my friends was being harassed by a man in broad daylight on a deserted road while she was on her way to college. He flashed his genitals shamelessly. She was terrified and uneasy as hell. She was traumatized for several days after the incident, and it still troubles her.Many women experience harassment and violence on the streets, just like her. In India, a woman is sexually harassed every 12 minutes. Street harassment comes in many forms: eve-teasing (including making passes, obscene gestures, whistling, leering), molestation, and physical and verbal harassment. Nearly 8 out of 10 women are harassed in public, most often on their daily commute via public transport such as buses, trains, and autos. This is not new. Recently on January 3rd, a man allegedly flashed his genitals at a woman passenger in a Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus in our national capital.Going out alone at night makes me feel unsafe. I am starting this petition because I DEMAND CHANGE. We women should not be afraid to roam the streets; it should be the harassers. And for that reason, police need to increase patrolling, especially in areas which are dark and dim-lighted.SIGN MY PETITION - asking the DGP to put one PCR van near Dr. Pitambar Dutt Barthwal P.G College, Kotdwara, Uttarakhand.If you sign this petition it will make sure that our city is a little safer for women and college going girls like me and we can walk fearlessly on roads. #SafeStreetsForWomen

Yukti Rana
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