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Petition to Smriti Irani, Dharmendra Pradhan, Manoj Ahuja

Introduce Women's Rights as Subject in School to Erase Domestic Violence #EducateToErase

In India, more than 30% of women have been subjected to domestic violence at some point in their lives, per the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) data. Yet, nearly 75% of those who reported being subjected to domestic violence did not seek help from anyone. Despite my academic achievements, I too have become just another case number. I am a survivor of domestic violence, and that has become the reality of my life.  Violence against women occurs throughout her life - from before she is born, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and till  adulthood. Most of the data are believed to be unreliable as many cases go unreported.  Legislative changes by itself would not suffice because violence against women is a deep rooted social problem. Lack of awareness, not knowing her rights, and the fear of getting hurt often prevent women from taking any action. There is a need for both men and women to understand this problem, and work together to eradicate it. Sign my petition.  Starting at the ground level, gender sensitisation by parents and teachers is needed to sensitise children. Building a strong foundation and learning about their rights early on in life will help recognise and avoid domestic violence from a very young age.  1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men experience domestic violence by the time they are adults. I want these statistics to be a thing of the past. By providing education in schools about topics related to domestic violence, schools can help prevent incidents and create a culture where domestic violence is no longer such common behaviour in our society. That is why I am addressing this petition to the Ministry of Education and Women and Child Welfare, asking them to introduce women’s rights as a subject in schools, to help address concepts from an early age, and erase domestic violence. It’s time we #EducateToErase.

Archana Mittal
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Petition to Smriti Irani, Charu Pragya, Juhie Singh

Implement a witness protection law for rape survivors and their families

The men poured petrol on her and set her ablaze. When police reached the spot they found her in a severely burned condition. The men, out of which two of them were accused of raping her, had already fled.  This is the story of a rape survivor from Uttar Pradesh.  This is also the story of fear that every rape survivor, their families and witnesses live with every day.  The pain seems never ending. If we are able to survive and report, then we have to survive due process of court and police stations which is no less traumatic. With it we also have to live in constant fear of threats and being attacked by our rapists. There is no mechanism that protects us.  We now have stronger laws for dealing with rape and sexual violence in India. However, lack of survivor and witness protection acts as a huge barrier to obtain justice. It deters victims from cooperating with investigations and testifying in court. A lot of times, they even withdraw their cases!  It is worse when the criminals are rich and influential.  Police protection should be provided to the survivors.  India has no formal Witness protection law. The Supreme Court has a manual but it doesn’t include rape survivors.  Please sign my petition asking the NCW to - - Ensure rape survivors, witnesses and their families get police protection-  Ensure that the dates and court appearance timings of the witnesses and rape survivors is not put out in the public domain or by Media.  Please sign my petition because we might have many strong laws and due processes in place, but without the absence of fear, no woman will be able to use them.   

Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman
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