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Petition to Mark Rozzi, Judith schwank, Mike Fitzpatrick, Pat Toomey, Page Rothstein

The pa supreme court's recent decision has sided with the predator no registry requirement

Muniz case that our Pa supreme court has called unconstitutional to the predators has allowed my daughter's predator to get only probation and no REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS...none. This decision voted on by majority of affluent white men,is set to limit restrictions on current registry predators and limit the amount of years a predator has to register.  The ruling also states that if the sexual abuse occurred before the new Megan's law requiring stricter rules, that retroactive criminal charges can not be applied to the new Megan's law tougher requirements that was enacted in 2012. That it's unconstitutional to retro back any sexual abuse crimes and apply the new Megan's law tougher requirements to that conviction. So in other words, say your daughter was sexually assaulted by her bus driver at 7 and 8 years old and the crime occurred in 2008, but child was scared and ashamed to say anything, than in 2015 when she is old enough to realize what he did to her was wrong, she reports the abuse and realizes there was another girl the bus driver molested years before. That the mother reported that crime, but because it was before the new Megan's law  requirements to report any abuse of a child, that the school district and bus company swept it all under the rug and made the conscious decision to allow him to drive bus and have unrestricted access to little children including my baby girl Amanda. Now let this sink in, please. This predator who molested 2 elementary school girls not only gets only 2 years probation, but because of the new Muniz decision has been released from any further requirements and will be free and clear to have unrestricted access to little children. We need to hold these predators accountable for their crimes and protect our innocent children from further fear and harm. There's no statues of limitations for murder or any other violent crime, why not the same across the board and get rid of this Muniz decision? My fears should be your fears if this decision is allowed to stand. Ty. And this is my daughter's voice as well as mine. For this story is not fiction, we are living this nightmare now. I need your signature and voice to stop this.  This decision needs to be overturned.  This will only cause more fear and axiety to the victims.  It will also hurt the victims who have not come forward yet. What message is this decision sending to them.  This decision can not be justified.  Please help me to get this ruling overturned here. 

Cheryl stalnecker
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Petition to Archbishop Wilton Gregory

Abp. Wilton Gregory, be a worthy shepherd for Washington

With the announcement on April 4, Archbishop Wilton Gregory is now the Archbishop of Washington. Catholic Laity continues to ask for a worthy shepherd who will be a robust teacher of the Catholic Faith and defender of Catholic morals. We also continue to seek for the laity better communication with the hierarchy and the Holy See.  We are ready to work with Archbishop Gregory to achieve these goals. This appointment is important not only for the residents of the Archdiocese of Washington. The Archbishop of Washington has traditionally been named a Cardinal and is necessarily a leading prelate in the Nation and in the whole Church. His voice will be heard and it can make a difference in the issues of faith and morals that are facing our Church today. We need a strong advocate of the Faith in this crucial position. TO THE SIGNERS: We need to look beyond this appointment and build a network of involved laity who can communicate effectively with our Bishops about the reform of the hierarchy and clergy.  All the signers of this petition can be reached by a single email and will be invited to join such a network. Please watch for updates to this petition for more information.  We have a huge job to do. The recovery of holiness in the clergy will not happen without the insistence and example of the laity. Thank you for your prayers and support!  

Donna Bethell
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Petition to Barbara Ballard, Laura Kelly, Kansas State House, Kansas State Senate, Tom Holland, Marci Francisco, Brenada Dietrich, Ron Ryckman Jr., Richard Hilderbrand

Make Kansas Clergy Mandate Reporters regarding Child Sex Crime and Abuse!!!

  We are  putting this petition together  to have a law made making ALL Kansas clergy mandate reporters of Sexual abuse and abuse in general of a child. It's time to stop silencing a child's voice. It's time for churches to understand and realize they are not above the law. Here is our story and our petition to help stop this from Happening again.How many of you are aware that Clergy are NOT mandated reporters in the state of Kansas?We are sharing Sheldons story to help raise awareness and help stop this from happening to any other family.Unfortunately, we found out through a very difficult situation that ministers in the State of Kansas are not mandated reports. In December of 2017 our 10-year-old son came forward and told my husband and I that he was sexually abused in our church during an overnight stay in October inclusive of a few other incidences in our home. The incidences included various forms of rape and sodomy of my 10-year-old son by older boys.After falling apart and talking with my husband during this gut-wrenching vulnerable time, the plan was to report it to our church leaders to give them a warning first and then to the police next. We felt if we went to our church leaders first then they would go with us as support to the police especially after hearing the horrors of my son’s story.However, this is not what happened… The church leaders asked us to wait 24 hours, so they could pray and come up with a plan on how to handle the situation asking us to speak to no one regarding this matter. Not knowing how to handle this situation while feeling lost and uncertain during this time we agreed. After 24 hours instead of being met with a plan of action on how to move forward regarding my son’s molestation, a text was sent to us telling us we were to meet with the leadership and the families that Sunday after church. By this time, we realized that the leadership instead of supporting us within the legal avenues they were wanting control of the situation. Therefore, we felt the need and were compelled to go to the police ourselves and take care of the situation in a legal fashion.We went to the leadership on a Thursday night and ended up calling the police by Friday night. My son ended up going to Children’s Mercy for a rape kit and blood tests on Saturday as advised by the police and hospital. Later on we found out that if we had waited much later to report this and to do the rape kit that after midnight of that Saturday the results would not have been admissible in court. That evidence was hours away from not being able to be used in court if we had waited until we met on Sunday to meet with the families and listened to the leadership. Consequently. time is of the essence in these types of situations on when things need to be reported not only so they can be used in court but in order to stop these crimes from reoccurring.Therefore, it is very pertinent that ministers are mandated reporters. While my husband and I were talking to the detective after our son gave his statement the detective shared his own frustrations with clergy not being mandated reporters. The detective commented that the police get so frustrated during these situations because the churches want to handle molestations in-house which have prevented getting justice for the children such as in the case of the Catholic churches. A lot of times the perpetrators and victim do not get the help they need, and the crimes carry on damaging countless lives. Right now, about half the states have laws stating clergy are mandated reporters, therefore we need to get more effective laws passed to protect our children beginning with Kansas.Therefore, Larry and I are asking for your help which the first step is to sign the petition yourselves which is shown on the link on the bottom.The second step is to create an awareness of the need for mandated reporting by everyone. Please let your pastor know about the petition and have them sign it as well. In addition, We would appreciate the opportunity to talk about this before congregations or groups to make our son’s story known to help propel a clergy mandated reporting law into existence. The goal is to have at least 5,000 signatures by December before we go present the law to state legislation of January 14, 2019. Please help make an impact on children’s lives! How many times have children gone unheard simply because the church keeps it hidden or tries to handle things "internally"? We are telling Sheldons story not to gain attention or fame but to raise awareness about how close to home the threat can be. How often abuse in the church goes undealt with and the trauma and longterm damage  that results from it.  Sheldon coming forward sadly doesn't happen in most cases. A staggering 60% of kids who are sexualy molested don't ever come forward. We could have just fallen apart completely and lost our faith and blamed God, but we didn't. Instead we are starting Kids Voice Ministries and Kids Voice Kansas To empower children to speak up and to believe that someone does indeed care and will believe them and most importantly STOP the abuse. Even in the church.  Our other mission and focus is educating churches and the religious sec on children's rights and how devastating it is when you cover up or down grade what has been done to a child. Pray that God will work through us to help stop the suffering and free children from the chains of sexual abuse and that their voice WILL be heard!!!  

Kids Voice Kansas
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Petition to The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Donelle Dadigan, Patty Brunton, Cindy Braun, Christine Derenthal

Remove Bill Cosby Star NOW from The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bill Cosby is a brilliant stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author and community activist. Now, he is also a convicted sex offender. SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  After DECADES of whispers and rumors, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in April 26, 2018.  The case involved Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who testified under oath that Cosby drugged and molested her at his Philadelphia home in 2004.  At the trial, five other women told about similar encounters.  OUTSIDE COURT, MORE THAN  **60 OTHER WOMEN ** HAVE COME FORWARD with stories that are much the same, but include rape.  SOME of the victims were minors when they were assaulted.  MANY of their horrific encounters took place decades ago.   On September 25, 2018, a silent Cosby heard his sentence: three to 10 years in prison.  Despite his attorney's protest, Cosby was handcuffed and transported directly to prison immediately after Judge Steven T. O’Neill made the ruling.  This dramatic fall from grace has been tough for the millions of fans--including myself--who adored Bill Cosby. First, there were his terrific comedy albums, and then he was Scotty, the uber-cool agent on "I, Spy."  Later, Cosby was high school coach Chet Kincaid and a happy-go-lucky spokesperson for Jell-O Pudding Pops.  For many, he was also the wise and funny Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," a loving family man and The All American Dad.  BUT, the real Bill Cosby hid behind every one of these characters.   In reality, Cosby was a cunning sexual predator and serial rapist, serving up alcohol and pills to unsuspecting women and then assaulting them.   NOW, it's TIME for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  Despite the sentence--which includes Judge O'Neill making Cosby register as a sexually violent predator--the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has so far refused to remove the star.    While rescinding a star has no precedent, taking away an honor from Cosby has already happened dozens of times this past year.  In a one-two punch in early May, Bill Cosby’s name and statue were removed from the prestigious Television Academy Hall of Fame AND the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame.    As of July, **Nearly 30 colleges and universities across the United States have revoked honorary degrees from Cosby,** including Yale University, an action the college has never taken in its 300 year history.  Some other prestigious schools are USC, Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame and Boston College.  At least half a dozen other colleges are recommending to their boards that their Cosby degrees be revoked.    When the verdict was announced, Cosby shouted expletives in the courtroom.  Unlike others who have apologized and taken responsibility for their reprehensible behavior, Cosby continues to say he has done nothing wrong.  To keep the Bill Cosby star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame is to agree with Bill Cosby.  For the sake of millions of tourists who visit the Walk of Fame every year--especially families with young children--NOW is the time to remove Bill Cosby's star. Together, we can encourage The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR.   THANK YOU.   

Hilary Grant
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