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Petition to International House of Prayer Kansas City

Demand Honesty From IHOP-KC

When I was an intern at IHOP-KC, I was raped by a staff member. Leadership brushed it under the rug, refused to let me go to the police, gaslit me into believing it was my fault, and retraumatized me by forcing me into situations I was uncomfortable with, including putting me in a small room with my rapist on multiple occasions. ------But this petition is NOT about me.------ I am simply using my story as an example of my personal experience with IHOP-KC's mishandling of sexual misconduct. This petition is about my friend Jennifer Roach, who recently won a lawsuit against her former church in Modesto, California, over ongoing sexual abuse she endured as a minor in the 80's at the hands one of the church's leaders. That leader, Brad Tebutt, has been working at IHOP-KC for years as an internship leader, despite this history of preying on a minor. After putting him on a leave of absence to run an investigation led by GRACE, they have reinstated him as a leader at IHOP-KC, because of two reasons (see the article under resources for the full response given by IHOP-KC). The first reason is that they claim he is repentant of his actions. Frankly, that is irrelevant to the situation. People can repent and change their ways, but someone with his history simply should not get to work in ministry again, no matter the amount of time that has passed, nor the disposition of his heart. The second reason they list for reinstatement, and the entire reason for this petition, is that they claim he and Jennifer had a reconciliation --- a reconciliation that never happened --- that they say ended with her blessing Brad to return to ministry. This is something that IHOP-KC as a whole often does: they exhaust their resources to appear open, transparent, and concerned, but at the end of the day, the leadership team is actively compromising the safety of thousands of children and young adults by repeatedly pushing sexual abuse under the rug and making their missions base appear safer than it really is. This must stop. Brad Tebutt should either be let go or IHOP-KC should at the very least correct their statement regarding the reconciliation. If they want a man with Brad's history working on their missions base, they need to own that decision and not try to paint the situation to be one of reconciliation and forgiveness when it simply isn't.  This petition is a fight for IHOP-KC to embrace a transparency that will enable the donors, attendees, and visitors make educated decisions in whether or not to support this organization.  So please, sign this petition, share it, and let's plea together for the honesty of IHOP-KC.   Resources   Brad Tebutt Stories:   IHOP-KC's Conclusion on their investigation:      

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Petition to The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Donelle Dadigan, Patty Brunton, Cindy Braun, Christine Derenthal

Remove Bill Cosby Star NOW from The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Bill Cosby is a brilliant stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author and community activist. Now, he is also a convicted sex offender. SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  After DECADES of whispers and rumors, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in April 26, 2018.  The case involved Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who testified under oath that Cosby drugged and molested her at his Philadelphia home in 2004.  At the trial, five other women told about similar encounters.  OUTSIDE COURT, MORE THAN  **60 OTHER WOMEN ** HAVE COME FORWARD with stories that are much the same, but include rape.  SOME of the victims were minors when they were assaulted.  MANY of their horrific encounters took place decades ago.   On September 25, 2018, a silent Cosby heard his sentence: three to 10 years in prison.  Despite his attorney's protest, Cosby was handcuffed and transported directly to prison immediately after Judge Steven T. O’Neill made the ruling.  This dramatic fall from grace has been tough for the millions of fans--including myself--who adored Bill Cosby. First, there were his terrific comedy albums, and then he was Scotty, the uber-cool agent on "I, Spy."  Later, Cosby was high school coach Chet Kincaid and a happy-go-lucky spokesperson for Jell-O Pudding Pops.  For many, he was also the wise and funny Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," a loving family man and The All American Dad.  BUT, the real Bill Cosby hid behind every one of these characters.   In reality, Cosby was a cunning sexual predator and serial rapist, serving up alcohol and pills to unsuspecting women and then assaulting them.   NOW, it's TIME for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  Despite the sentence--which includes Judge O'Neill making Cosby register as a sexually violent predator--the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has so far refused to remove the star.    While rescinding a star has no precedent, taking away an honor from Cosby has already happened dozens of times this past year.  In a one-two punch in early May, Bill Cosby’s name and statue were removed from the prestigious Television Academy Hall of Fame AND the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame.    As of July, **Nearly 30 colleges and universities across the United States have revoked honorary degrees from Cosby,** including Yale University, an action the college has never taken in its 300 year history.  Some other prestigious schools are USC, Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame and Boston College.  At least half a dozen other colleges are recommending to their boards that their Cosby degrees be revoked.    When the verdict was announced, Cosby shouted expletives in the courtroom.  Unlike others who have apologized and taken responsibility for their reprehensible behavior, Cosby continues to say he has done nothing wrong.  To keep the Bill Cosby star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame is to agree with Bill Cosby.  For the sake of millions of tourists who visit the Walk of Fame every year--especially families with young children--NOW is the time to remove Bill Cosby's star. Together, we can encourage The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR.   THANK YOU.   

Hilary Grant
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Petition to Rabbi Hara Person

Get CCAR to Reform Their Sexual Misconduct Reporting Standards

In 2014, CCAR secretly Reprimanded my Rabbi rapist-abuser for sexual misconduct and facilitated his move to a new community where he harmed me. In 2018, they tried to cover up his misconduct again. My story is not unusual. The Reform movement has a history of enabling rabbinic sexual misconduct.  History & Significance: Reform Judaism in the United States can be divided into two principal organizations: the rabbinical arm (CCAR) and the congregational arm (URJ). Founded in 1889, the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) is the world's oldest and largest rabbinical organization. Long history of sexual misconduct mishandling. CCAR has a long and unsettling history of mishandling of sexual misconduct cases. Most recently, a Texas rabbi was secretly Reprimanded and then moved to a North Carolina congregation where he re-offended within 36 months and was then secretly Censured. The allegations against him included rape, sexual abuse, and physical, spiritual, and psychological abuse of multiple people. Earlier, in 2015, a Seattle rabbi was expelled but his congregation was left uninformed. Inadequate procedures to protect communities. In addition to outright cover-ups and lack of timely warning, the CCAR has come under fire for their "unheard of" ethics committee procedures. When a victim reports a rabbi for sexual misconduct, the next steps are decided upon by a committee of other rabbis. If an investigation is deemed warranted, a three-person "fact-gathering-team" of untrained rabbis and laity get to determine what happened. Regardless, the rabbi in question receives a copy of the written complaint and is able to respond to it. The process may result in an adjudication without any investigation or "fact-gathering-team" at all, which occurred in two of three known adjudications for the aforementioned Texas rabbi, both resulting in secret slaps on the wrist for the rabbi despite severe, life-altering consequences for his victim(s). No justice. If the rabbi is Censured or Suspended, he may utilize a "Teshuvah Rehabilitation and Counseling Team (TRaC Team)" consisting of other rabbis. It is unknown how many rabbis actually utilize this resource or how effective it is at preventing recidivism. Note that victims are never given any form of free support. The rabbi is offered free counseling while the victim drowns in trauma therapy bills. Tikkun olam? I think not. No closure for victims. If Censured without Publication, he may remain in the pulpit with no deadline or impetus to utilize his TRaC team or to rehabilitate at all. If Suspended, the rabbi may return to the pulpit, but the standards for this are unclear and victims' questions remain unanswered. In their written communication with me, CCAR has stated that my rapist-abuser would not be able to come out of Suspension without an apology to me. They said that I would hear from them (CCAR) about such an apology if it were ever offered. They were unable to answer my questions, including, "What if I don't accept his apology? Does my rapist-abuser still get to return to the pulpit then?" This question should sound ridiculous because it is; my abuser re-entering the pulpit should not even be a consideration, and any reasonable person would say that he should be Expelled. Victims must live day-to-day knowing that they may receive an e-mail from CCAR saying that their rapist-abuser wants to "apologize" to them so that he can re-enter the pulpit, and also knowing that their rapist or abuser could re-enter a major Reform pulpit if the CCAR deems it so by some unknown, mysterious standards. This is a reality that I live every single day. What is worse than an abuser re-entering the pulpit? Re-entering the pulpit with the backing and support of their major rabbinical organization despite the victim's pleading for this not to happen. Rabbis are not Expelled. In their e-mail and telephone correspondence with me, I was told that CCAR does not Expel rabbis for sexual misconduct. Their view is that Suspension allows them to have more control over the rabbi in question. How could this be so when rabbis such as the aforementioned Texas rabbi were not put off by a Reprimand and prior forced resignation? CCAR also implied in their written correspondence that the only reason they ever did outright Expel a rabbi was because he was in prison and unable to function (not because he murdered his wife?): "CCAR avoids expulsion, except in cases where the rabbi refuses to cooperate with the EC or when the rabbi is otherwise unable to practice (prison)."--Rabbi Andi Berlin, CCAR Ethics Chair, Tue 8/21/2018 This lack of regard for the value of human life should not be surprising given that the CCAR's ethics committee originally named themselves the "well-oiled zipper committee." Enough said. Bottom line. We must completely reform the Reform ethics process to reflect the professed values of the Reform movement, especially the sacred value of justice. I believe the only way that this can happen is to literally embarrass them into doing it, as they seem not to care about sanctity and safety as much as they care about their own image. Journalistic efforts and this petition can help with this. Many self-professed "Reform Jews" are wholly unaware of these issues. My hope is that this petition will raise awareness so that they can hold their rabbinate to higher standards. For all Jews, not just Reform, this issue is of great consequence considering the size and political power of Reform Judaism, and the sheer number of fellow Jews and people of Jewish descent affected. This may not be your movement, but these are your brethren. For non-Jews, this is your world too. By holding religious organizations to a higher standard, you are standing with victims of sexual misconduct and taking a stand for justice and conscience, goodness and light. Demands: We ask that the CCAR reform their ethics process to include the following improvements: (1a) Abolish the unqualified "fact-gathering-team" and bring in actual, trained investigators. Investigators should be intimately familiar with the multi-layered nature of trauma and trauma recovery and how this affects the reporting process. (1b) Replace the current ethics process with a process that is up to current best practices standards, including in-person interviews by unbiased, trained investigators, and NOT providing the rabbi in question with written allegations to dream up manipulative responses to. (2) Immediately alert congregation leadership when a rabbi is reported for sexual misconduct. (3) As soon as allegations are found to be plausible, notify all other Jewish organizations that the rabbi is affiliated with (e.g., JStreet, Rabbis without Borders, Institute for Jewish Spirituality). (4) Place limitations on permitted activities for rabbis that are currently under investigation. A rabbi should not be able to attend a 5-night spiritual retreat that mixes clergy and laity when he has had two sexual misconduct adjudications and is under investigation for his third. (5) Hire an external agency with no ties to your organization to publicize the following as cumulative and annual statistics:     (a) How many rabbis were reported for sexual misconduct, in total and as a percentage of CCAR's qualified membership.     (b) How many rabbis formally investigated ("fact-gathering-team"), in total and as a percentage of those reported.     (c) How many rabbis were adjudicated, in total and as a percentage of those reported.     (d) How many adjudications of each outcome (e.g., Reprimand, Censure, Suspend, Expel), in total and as a percentage of those reported.     (e) How many rabbis utilized the TRaC team, by adjudication category, in total and as a percentage of those in each category.     (f) How many rabbis successfully utilized the TRaC team or other means to come out of Censure or Suspension.     (g) How many and what proportion of Suspended rabbis came out of Suspension? And went back to work?     (h) How many and what proportion of Suspended rabbis who went back to work re-offended?     (i) How many and what proportion of previously adjudicated rabbis were reported again to have re-offended? On average, how quickly do they re-offend?     (j) How many victims contacted CCAR in total? How many went through with the reporting process?      (k) How long did the adjudication processes take, stratified by outcome? Provide the minimum, maximum, mean, median, and mode, in weekly units.     (l) Publicize these statistics on the CCAR website so that they are easy to access, in newsletters, and present them at the CCAR annual and URJ biennial conferences. (6) Give actual victim-survivors a seat at your table. Include them as leaders in your organizational decisions and ethics process, as they are "experts by necessity." Respect their hard-won expertise. (7) Take full accountability for prior cover-ups, including financial restoration for victims/complainants with no nondisclosure agreements or other limitations. (8) Create a victim-fund to help support victims of even first-time offenders, to pay for their therapy. It is a known fact that predators are attracted to careers as clergy and your organization should build this reality into your annual budget. (9) Abolish the TRaC team and bring in licensed psychologists with expertise in Narcissism, Sociopathy, Psychopathy, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and in rehabilitating sex offenders. Or... (10) Better yet, do not be in the business of "rehabilitating" sexual predators and actually Expel them. (11) Make a genuine public apology for prior wrongdoing, including making light of sexual misconduct in the ethics committee's original name, and for prior cover-ups, laxity in creating consequences for perpetrators, incompetence, negligence, abuse of power, narcissism, and chronic denial and minimization and other forms of enabling. This apology should only come after or alongside strong actions that show real change (teshuvah). (12) Make sexual misconduct and sexual misconduct annual summaries a regular part of your annual meeting, as a plenary session that is attended by all, optimally at the beginning or end of a keynote speaker session. Consider giving victims speaking opportunities and offering workshops on this topic and how rabbis can avoid becoming perpetrators or enablers, and how they can be supportive of victims-survivors who disclose. There will be perpetrators and there will be victims. The only question is: what are you going to do about it?  Cover it up, remain in denial, and continue to enable it? Or facilitate the very justice that your movement professes to care about so deeply, and preserve the sanctity and safety of the pulpit? Personal Connection:In 2014, CCAR secretly Reprimanded my abuser for sexual misconduct and facilitated his move to a new community where he abused me. In 2018, despite his continued misconduct, CCAR secretly Censured him and did not immediately tell his congregation of his prior reprimand or current investigation. In 2018, he was finally Suspended, but the door remains open for him to return to the pulpit. The 6 month long adjudicatory process was extremely traumatic because the ethics committee consisted of other rabbis, and the investigators were not investigators but two rabbis and a random lay person who had no knowledge regarding sexual violence or trauma. Despite serious rape allegations, the CCAR filed a claim with their insurance company for an "extramarital affair" which of course was not covered. CCAR's CEO Rabbi Steven A. Fox refused to take any responsibility for my rape and abuse, and I have had no help or support with therapy bills nor have I received any other form of reparation for the abuse that they enabled. My story can be found here.

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