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Petition to Netflix

Netflix Must Remove Argentinian Movie "Desire" for Child Pornography

A supporter reached out to us regarding the Argentinian movie, "Desearas" [Desire in English], an erotic drama with an opening scene that involves sexual content regarding a prepubescent child (more from the media here).  We are absolutely against this scene being allowed as we believe it does violate the US Federal Law against child pornography, "any depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal." The mere fact that this child still has her clothes on does not take away from the fact that it sensationalizes the sexuality of young children as a source of entertainment, being viewed by adults who are watching this movie for erotic entertainment. Context like this is exactly what child predators seek - evidence to support their opinions that because children can experience sexual stimulation and that, as our biology is designed, experience pleasure from such stimulation, sexual contact with children is therefore normal and unharmful.  Sexual scenes involving children are absolutely supportive of the pro-pedophilia culture that has gained strength through the birth of internet and social media, even being defended by the ACLU for promoting adult-child sexual relations being protected by free speech. Children deserve to live free from sexual exploitation and any media company that seeks to profit from it should be considered an accessory to child pornography  distribution. Netflix and any media platform should ban the movie Desearas from being viewed. A message must be sent around the world that such scenes are dangerous and illegal. 

The Mama Bear Effect
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Petition to The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Donelle Dadigan, Patty Brunton, Cindy Braun, Christine Derenthal

Remove Bill Cosby Star NOW from The Hollywood Walk of Fame

  Bill Cosby is a brilliant stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author and community activist. Now, he is also a convicted sex offender. SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  After years of whispers and rumors, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in April 26, 2018.  The case involved Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who said Cosby drugged and molested her at his Philadelphia home in 2004.  At the trial, five other women told about similar encounters.  OUTSIDE COURT, MORE THAN  **60 OTHER WOMEN ** HAVE COME FORWARD with stories that are much the same, but include rape.  SOME of the victims were minors when they were assaulted.  MANY of their horrific encounters took place decades ago.   This is a bitter pill to swallow for the millions of fans--including myself--who adored Bill Cosby. First, there were his terrific comedy albums, and then he was Scotty, the uber-cool agent on "I, Spy."  Later, Cosby was high school coach Chet Kincaid and a happy-go-lucky spokesperson for Jell-O Pudding Pops.  For many, he was also the wise and funny Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," a loving family man and The All American Dad.  BUT, the real Bill Cosby hid behind every one of these characters.   In reality, Cosby was a cunning sexual predator and serial rapist, serving up alcohol and pills to unsuspecting women and then assaulting them.   NOW, it's TIME for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  In the past, the Chamber has said it will not remove stars for "alleged misconduct."  However, the guilty verdict had not yet been announced when this statement was issued. Rescinding an honor from Cosby is also not without precedent.  In a one-two punch in early May, Bill Cosby’s name and statue were removed from the prestigious Television Academy Hall of Fame AND the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame.    ALSO, **Over 20 colleges and universities across the United States have revoked honorary degrees from Cosby,** including Yale University, an action the college has never taken in its 300 year history.  Other schools are Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame and Boston College.  When the verdict was announced, Cosby shouted expletives in the courtroom.  Unlike others who have apologized and taken responsibility for their reprehensible behavior, Cosby continues to say he has done nothing wrong.  To keep the Bill Cosby star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame is to agree with Bill Cosby.  For the sake of millions of tourists who visit the Walk of Fame every year--especially families with young children--NOW is the time to remove Bill Cosby's star. Together, we can encourage The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to do the right thing.  REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR.   THANK YOU.                    

Hilary Grant
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