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Petition to Mr Brian Schwartz, Mr Peter Allen, Julia Clarke

STOP Honey Birdette using porn-style advertising in Westfield family friendly centres.

On the evening of the 24th June, my wife, 3 young kids and I were returning from a fun day out and decided to drop into Westfield Fountain Gate for dinner. Unfortunately for us, we walked down a dimly lit arcade past the bright glossy shop front window of Honey Birdette. This shop front featured near naked women clad only with sheer lingerie in all their raunchy glory. These images are not something that I wanted my young kids to see, so I hurried past hoping that my kids would not notice. My heart sank as my 4-year-old daughter suddenly shrieked, “Look! Why is she not wearing any clothes?”. Even worse, her shrieks caught the attention of my 6-year-old son, who came running and together they stared and pointed at the porn-style images trying to make sense of them. In those brief moments, I remember feeling sad. Sad that my kids had to see these types of images and be exposed to adult concepts so young. The Honey Birdette posters depicting women in hyper-sexualised poses and various states of undress introduces concepts of pornography and sexuality to a hapless public, including little 4-year-old girls like my daughter. The innocence of young children is one of the most precious things in life. These images and the company behind them, robs kids of their innocence. If I were to hang one of those posters up at my office lunchroom, I'd be summarily dismissed, not to mention sued for sexual harassment. Since then, even while holding down a full time job and being a busy father, I've taken great pains to escalate my concerns through the proper channels. I contacted Westfield Fountaingate to ask why they allowed HB to advertise this way. Their “customer retail experience manager” explained that their storefront ads met the Advertising Standards code, and anyway, there were many other more important things to be passionate about like, junk food advertising to kids, rather than “showing a bit of boob”. I then contacted the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) directly to see whether Honey Birdette were indeed breaching the code of ethics for advertising. Two months later I received an email saying my complaint was upheld (case report 0307/17) and Honey Birdette was in breach of the code. They were ordered to take down the ads, but they have since replaced them with worse ones! Further to that, I felt it courteous to reach out to the founder of HB, Eloise Monaghan herself before I continued writing to Westfield. I was genuinely hoping to at least receive an acknowledgement that she would attempt to adhere to community advertising standards. Yet again, I got a patronizingly laughable response stating, “Honey Birdette is all about empowering women, also embracing and desexualising the female body”. When the news cycle picked up on the issue, Eloise Monaghan stated that the only people complaining are “middle aged women” and a “small group of Christian Fundamentalists”. For more than 8 years, Honey Birdette have continued on this hurtful path. I am certain that Honey Birdette won't change their harmful practices and Westfield won't take any action UNLESS enough people speak up about this issue. To show them that many people are deeply concerned, would you please sign my petition, and call for: Brian Schwartz (Chairman) and Peter Allen (CEO) of Westfield Group, to STOP Honey Birdette from using porn-style advertising, and to ensure higher standards of  advertising standards in Westfield’s family-friendly shopping centres.  Thank you so much for your help as I try to be the best father I can and do something to make this world a better place for our kids. I would really appreciate it if you could also share this amongst your network. The many women and children who have to live with the real harms of this kind of porn-style advertising, thank you as well. Your support means so much to me.

Kenneth Thor
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Petition to Chris Hipkins

End the war on boys

As a student in New Zealand's school system, the war on boys can still be seen in my school. I have seen "microsexism" occur and that has even affected me, my friends and all boys in school. If you haven't figure it out yet, yes, I am a boy. I believe that every boy in any school system would have experienced this even without knowing it. (To parents that have son(s))Your son could be experiencing it. But on the other hand girls are now benefitting, why can't boys also get the same treatment? Any boy would have felt that teachers and other adults target their behaviour. An example of this sexism is how typical things boys do such as: paper dart throwing etc. which in the early 20th century would have been classified as boyishness, now that behaviour is no longer allowed and the behaviour of girls are the golden standard(basically meaning that being quiet and doing what you are supposed to do as girls are better at that then boys). Basically there is not much encouragement for them to do what teachers tell boys to do. There is not many situations where students learn through being very engaged in a subject, eg. Science experiment, sport to learn math by using scales etc. What is the solution? By changing our school system to tilt a bit away from always reading and sitting on the desk. Instead teach by including something to get involved in, especially physically, by using sports boys can get the learn quicker, faster and more efficiently. This is a situation where the educational system is indoctrinating "boys mind to become a girls mind"  If the ministry listens to our cries for change and take action, the future generations (especially boys) will not have to suffer our faith.   Take part in a survey :

Lynda Ling
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Petition to Najib Tun Razak

Sack Shabudin Yahya: Marriage doesn't solve rape!

The government and its leading UMNO party are already jumping to the defense of Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahya, who said in Parliament today (5 April 2017) that marriage between a rape victim and the rapist was a possible remedy for social problems. Penang Umno Wanita chief Jahara Hamid has claimed that Shabudin was "merely expressing his view". The statement displays the raw sexism present at the higher levels of the government. It falls squarely in line with instances in other countries where conservative politicians have blamed women's dress and behaviour for rape, and defended their actions by claiming freedom of speech. While Shabudin felt that marriage would correct the "wild lifestyles" that some underage girls had, he felt that marriage would help rapists repent, and that it was unfair to call a rapist "a useless and evil person forever". This is transparently a double standard. He further claimed that girls as young as 9 who had hit puberty were "physically and spiritually ready for marriage". Shabudin made these remarks during a Parliamentary debate about a motion to amend the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill. The comments come on the same day as revelations that Malindo Air subjects prospective flight attendants to a screening procedure that involved removing their tops for inspection of "scars and marks". Similar procedures have been removed in other airlines over decades of campaigning and industrial action. Victim-blaming is offensive and totally unhelpful. It does not address the root causes of rape and domestic violence in our society, which are pervasive sexism and the sexual alienation of people including men. We still live in a world with a systematic gendered wage gap, mass objectification of women in media and in the workplace, egregious moral policing and disregard for the domestic labour of wives and mothers. As long as women's sexuality is blamed for rape, as long as women are considered sinful and told to how to dress, we will not be able to treat rape as seriously as it deserves to be treated. Marriage, relationships and sex are choices. Whatever they wear, wherever they go, YES means YES, NO means NO. We the undersigned declare that if UMNO and BN wish to retain any credibility in dealing with women's issues going forward, Shabudin Yahya must be removed from UMNO immediately and be made to apologise to the country, especially to rape victims. --- If you organisation would like to add their name to the petition, please message us on our Facebook page

Malaysian Progressives in Australia
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