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Change the school dress code at Adams 12 schools

          Why shouldn’t you be able to wear what you can legally wear anywhere else in public, in a public school? You can’t because of the school dress code. Well the school dress code is an issue. It can be sexist and have many other issues. It is shown that the more highly gendered a school's dress code is, the deeper the problems of inequality in the school are. About a week ago I got dress coded, for wearing shorts with a three inch inseam that i've worn many times to school with no problem. I got sent home to change and missed my first two hours because I had to walk. I missed out on learning because somebody thought what I was wearing is more important than me getting my education.         The school dress code needs to be changed. “Don’t humiliate a girl for wearing shorts when it’s hot outside, maybe instead we should be teaching that girl’s aren’t sexual objects. In Portland Oregon some girls in seventh grade were tired of their school dress code and decided to do something about it, after one of their friends got humiliated for wearing a skirt that was considered “too” short. So a few of the girls and some help with others from the community took it to the school board to try and get the dress code changed. There was a lot of debate because they still wanted a line to remind the students to dress like they’re going to a learning institution. The students didn’t want that at all. They said there is no correlation with learning and clothing and it shouldn’t be in the dress code. In their new school board approved dress code “Gone was phrasing that specifically targeted bare midriffs, "plunging necklines," or "sexually suggestive clothing." The new, gender-neutral code essentially asks that students wear a top and a bottom (or a dress), and that their clothes not show profanity or reference drugs.” This is a better solution.          Way more girls get dress coded than guys. The dress code targets girls, it’s sexist. It sexualized young women's bodies and oppresses them. Another thing it does is promote rape culture and prioritizes the male’s education. It teaches that guys have no control over themselves so girls should just cover up. It promotes the saying, “boys will be boys.” Girls are constantly being oppressed and school dress code isn’t helping that. Even kindergarteners can’t show their shoulders. It teaches us to shame our bodies from a very young age. “Socializing girls to be modest in unequal measure undermines their ability both to think of themselves, and be thought of by others, as competent leaders. Studies show how early both boys and girls learn to doubt girls’ authority. “The dress code can affect a girl’s education and gender equality in a school. It can affect girls confidence from a very young age. “In 2011, Sarah Gervais of the University of Nebraska found that a girl’s simply being aware of having been being “ogled” (ie. objectified) results in a drop of math scores in the immediate aftermath.”         The dress code can keeps girls from class and that’s saying what they’re wearing is more important the their education. If they are comfortable in what they are wearing and it’s legal then it will be ideal for them to learn in. Another thing dress codes do is violate our first amendment right of Freedom of Expression. We as students should have the right to at least express ourselves. We're expected to go from being in school, not even wearing what we want to wear or being able to express ourselves and raising our hands to even use a restroom to going into the so called "real world" and being adults. This is not helping us prepare for being adults at all.          They say the school dress code is there to promote business attire and teach kids about the “real world” but we’re in high school and it isn’t a business setting. Even colleges don't have these dress codes. A lot of the other clothes that are deemed appropriate would still not be considered appropriate in a business setting. Even the uniforms given by the school don’t follow their own dress code. There should be no link with your education and the clothing you wear. 

Yana Kayrevich
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