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Petition to EA Games, Microsoft, SONY

Get EA to make a "Mirror's Edge 2"

      I am a huge lover of EA's "Mirror's Edge" and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst", a futuristic/parkour type video game where protagonist Faith Connors fights the corrupted Kruger - Sec and their deceiving Government. It (Seems to have been) discontinued because of "Not meeting sales and satisfaction expectations"; But many people around the world still wish for another make of the game. (Prequel or sequel preferably) Apart from the game(play) itself, let's talk about how BEAUTIFUL the music/soundtracks are (Next following paragraph)      Never in my life have I felt so personally connected to a video game for its music and/or vibe/atmosphere. Apart from all the other aspects of the game, what gets me the most is how I personally connect to it. I loved doing parkour and gazing upon an amazing view from the rooftops or a balcony of some sort; Looking at how beautiful the world is. Apart from it being futuristic, (I have depression so with it being the way it is, it reminded me of how it feels to be on my own and roaming like a nomad your whole life and getting a once in a while chance to just chill and stare at the world and think to yourself)      I've always loved most of the music in the Mirror's Edge series, but my ALL TIME #1 favorite soundtrack is the Anchor District Theme. (Mainly the one with the Ambience Intro & Outro by Just in Kase ) This particular song I listen to when I'm idling in the game, or if I need a moment to myself, or to sleep. For gamers who game to cope with their depression, (Regardless of how the game's story turns out) it'd be perfect for someone who cant physically parkour/go somewhere on some city rooftops and stare at the world and think, because with a game like Mirror's Edge, you can do just that. Once done, you can go back to your normal life or whatever it is you wanted to do before or after. Feel free to give the soundtrack a listen next time you want to relax/sleep :). (Anchor District theme has been my favorite sleep song since it came out in 2016 and still is today!    Below is one of several sources I came across reading about the unlikeliness of another game, as well as the low - key anticipation for the next for Their own personal reasons as well. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but the thought of (Possibly) having to hire more or new people to see where we're coming from and get inspired to make the next game, (let alone a more "Satisfactory" game) it will be huge for the gaming community. Maybe even inspire petitions for other games that deserve a remake or a sequel. (Cough cough "SPLIT/SECOND ;) )

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