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Bring Joni to Johnson County

By signing this petition, you are requesting that Senator Joni Ernst speak to and hear a more significant portion of her constituents in the state of Iowa in a timely and accountable manner. On the afternoon of Friday, February 24th, we attempted to attend Senator Ernst's open office hours, to extend this invitation personally. While we showed up for democracy, Senator Ernst and her team did not. We were told they had "cleared out" of the office half an hour before the close of these public and posted office hours. Senator Ernst has announced a 99-county tour of Iowa, but so far, her tour dates actively avoid counties that historically include diverse or large groups of voters. In the past, her stop in Johnson County did not include open dialogue but rather a photo opportunity with a group of Girl Scouts.  We simply request that Ms. Ernst hear the voices of one of Iowa’s most populous counties, Johnson County, in these crucial days of expedited decisions and rushed legislation. We invite Ms. Ernst to hold a town hall in Johnson County before the end of April and to provide her constituents with at least one week's notice of the event. Johnson County, home to the University of Iowa, includes tens of thousands of students--young people who will be the future leaders in our and other communities. Holding the town hall while the semester is in session would offer the students an incredible opportunity to engage in conversations that affect their and our futures. Additionally, it would offer Senator Ernst the opportunity to demonstrate her dedication to bipartisan cooperation. We invite Senator Ernst to open the dialogue with the people she claims to represent. Will you sign to support our call to Joni, to ask for her presence and accountability in these moments that matter so much to our well being as Iowans and as people?    

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