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Petition to Lyft, Logan Green

Lyft Driver Weapons Policy

I'm a Lyft driver in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I'm very lucky to have had an incredible experience up until tonight. Due to a series of completely ridiculous events, a passenger not only seems to have conducted a drug deal during a stop at his ride with me, but was obviously intoxicated and became irate and aggressive. I finally told him, that I was sorry he was having a bad evening but that I would not allow him to yell at me. This caused him to become even more irate and he started waving his fists, yelling and leaning up over my seat. I felt extremely unsafe so I stopped the car. He told me that he was paying me, and I had to do what he said, or he would report me. I informed him that I had seen him handling his bag of drugs and I would report him to the police if he didn't get out of my car. He kept screaming, so I pulled out the small pocket knife that my husband had left in the console. I didn't point it at him or threaten him in any way, but he saw it and got out of the car. He then came to my driver's side window and I told him that he needed to get out of here or I was going to call the cops. Luckily all of that was enough to get him to leave. I feel 100% confident that this story could have had a much different end had I not been able to show this man that I was able and willing to defend myself. He was not deterred by my request that he calm down, by my threatening to end his ride in the middle of nowhere, or by my threat to call the police. This man did not exit my vehicle until he saw my knife. I called and reported the situation to the police and then immediately called Lyft to let them know what had happened. I was completely honest about all events and informed the representative that I had had to defend myself with a knife. I was then informed that my account would likely be deactivated because Lyft does not allow drivers to defend themselves in their own vehicles. Uber has no such policy. Any sane company that does not vet their passengers, and has drivers like me working at night in an area with high crime rates, would allow a driver to defend themselves if necessary. I've already spoken to Representatives at Lyft who have assured me that I was in the wrong. This petition is going to Logan green, the CEO of Lyft. Mr. Green, I implore you to change your weapons policy, to mirror those of your competitors, and colleagues. Your drivers should be able to defend themselves against people who would do them harm. My weapon is legal in the state, and I am within my rights to defend myself. I'm all for doing things differently then your competitors, but this is a huge risk to the safety of the people who represent your company. Better one angry customer, than an avoidable news story with the Lyft name all over it. Rorion Gracie said it best... "Self defense... begins with the belief that you are worth defending." So how 'bout it, Mr. Green? Are we worth defending? Or are we just a paycheck? Your Move.

natalie fannin
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Petition to Police Departments everywhere, School Administrations, Parents, Teachers

Help lower the numbers of missing children

My name is Skyler Keeton. I've seen a lot of missing children reports lately and since I've had my son I've paid a lot of attention to these rising numbers. I'm just a stay at home mom that wants a better future for my son. Arkansas is home and it's extremely unnerving that we don't really have a plan to teach our children how to stay safe. I would like to propose an idea that me and my friends and family have discussed. We believe this may help lower the numbers of missing children and teach them how to protect themselves. It shouldn't cost a lot of funds to make this happen, and our children, the future of this state and nation, should have these options available to them. My idea is that we have police officers ( because almost every child looks up to the police) go into schools at least once a month and start teaching children self defense at a young age. I'm suggesting first grade but kindergarten could work as well. Begin teaching at a very easy level. Reinforce what us parents say about "stranger danger" and let them know the community is on their side. Maybe supply whistles to them? However, start by teaching them what they can do to deter attackers. Attackers are less likely to attack an adult if they are looking up and aware of their surroundings. So we should start teaching kids to walk without looking at their feet. Then teach them to make enough noise to alert their parents or nearby adults. It takes one person to say "I'm a friend of your mom" and a child will think "Okay they know my mommy so their safe." But that's false. We need to reinforce that no matter what someone says you need to stick to "stranger danger" rules. Tell them if their unsure they can go ask a teacher, or go find their parent. Tell them it's okay to be loud and scream if they're scared because it can save them. After the first few years of that repetitive training move up a level in middle school. Teach them pressure points and other ways that can slow an attacker down. Build on what they know from before. Then get into high school and build some more. Because there will be teenagers who do seek out to harm fellow students nowadays. As adults we have to pay an outrageous fee to learn self defense and thats disgusting to me. Women, men, and importantly our children deserve to know how to protect themselves without having to have a pistol as a safety net. Teens should be taught where to hit to seriously slow an attacker down, on top of doing everything they have already learned from the precious years. This would also help the future generations trust the police department. I know way too many teens and young adults now that have no faith in the police. They are here to protect the people and in force the rules. Therefore I believe that them helping this cause I'll create trust from a young age, enlighten our future generations, and clear up several grey areas in what is and isn't qualified as self defense. I stand firmly on my belief of this system and will do anything to try to have a better future for my son and any other child out there. They are all at risk as far as I'm concerned. Please take this letter as a starting place on something to help our kids have a brighter safer future. I would love to hear back from you guys regarding this suggestion.     Above is my letter that was sent to Asa Hutchinson this morning of 8/7/17. I Have not heard back but I am starting this petition because I really want to make a difference in the lives of our children. It is time to stop acting like this is something that only happens in movies and crime shows. it can happen to anyone. It is time for a change. It does not have to just be police to help, veterans should be able to assist as well. It should help create a few extra jobs that way. Our children need to be taught that they can help themselves as well as others. One person can take away another chance of having a better future and I as a mom want to deter those types of people. Crime is going to happen. Kidnappings are going to happen. Child trafficking is going to happen. I want to see those numbers drop. I want to know that if my son has to walk home from school once in a while he knows how to have a better chance of making it home. If we can start teaching our babies how to speak French and Spanish I don't understand why we couldn't begin teaching them how to defend themselves. There are many ways to approach this and I only have a small idea. However we have to start somewhere. Help me make this happen. Help me put something in place here to help our children. Help Arkansas set an example to have a better future. We owe it to our kids to not just sit here and discuss how bad the world is getting, but to do something that can impact the future generations. I am asking you, that has taken the time to read this, sign this petition so we can give our children the future we talk about with friends, and the future we would be proud to have grandchildren living in.

Skye Keeton
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