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Petition to John Cheng@Sega of America, Jurgen Post@Sega of Europe, SEGA CEO Hajime Satomi@SEGA of Japan, Naoya Tsurumi, David Shin, Satoshi Sakai, Haruki Satomi

Regarding Phantasy Star Online 2 NA/EU: Localization and Release

July 9th, 2012: Just five days after the official release in Japan, the official announcement for Phantasy Star Online 2's NA/EU (West) version was made. The official press release stated a release date of "2013" with some sites, including, one of the largest English Phantasy Star fan communities, reporting "Early 2013". Following this, SEGA of America created a "Teaser" site (, and a partially translated demo was presented at PAX 2012. Since then, there has not been any updates regarding a release. It is now two months into the year 2013, and fans are still awaiting some news about the western release of PSO2. Many fans are excited for the western release, however, the silence from SEGA has raised concerns with the fans. Many questions which fans have remain unanswered: Will the game feature dubbed voice work? How complete is the text translation? Will the mobile phone and Sony Playstation Vita versions also see release? Will there be a gap between content the western version has upon release and what is currently implemented in the Japanese version? The fans understand that it requires time, money, and resources to create a localized product that both developers and players will be satisfied with. We want to see Phantasy Star Online 2 succeed in the west. We ask that you would be so kind as to give us an update of the current progress. 2012年7月9日、ファンタジースターオンライン2が日本に開催されてから5日間後にファンタジースター オンライン2の英語版が2013年の頭にでる発表されました。それからはpso2.jpが立ち上がれ、PAX2012年に簡単なデモが見せられた以上は日本外のリリースの情報はいっさい出てません。 2013年になってからもう3ヶ月が経ち、ファンはまだ進行報告を待ってます。皆は出るんだと信じたいです が、セガからの情報がなくてファンが不安を感じるようになってきました。 まだ知らないことが多く、ダビングの言語の選択は可能?翻訳はどこまで進んでる?モバイル版とPS・Vita版も開催されますか?コンテンツは日本と比べて遅くくるんですか? ファンのほうではゲームの開発は開発者とプレイヤーが満足できるようなゲームをローカライズをするにはかな り時間と金が必要だとわかります。こっちこそファンタジースターオンライン2をアメリカとヨーロッパで成功 させたいのです。ゲームの進行はどこまで進んでるかわかるように、せめて状況を知らせて欲しい です。

Eric Jeter
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Petition to IDW Publishing, SEGA,

Save the Freedom Fighters by putting them in IDW's Sonic comics!

Princess Sally Acorn, Nicole the Hologram, Bunnie Rabbot, Antione DeCoolete, Rotor the Walrus, and all these other non-game characters from the Sonic franchise don't have a home anymore! They need you're help!     On July 19th Sega announced the end of their partnership with Archie Comics. On October 9th IDW publishing, the new publisher of the Sonic comics, announced that they will be "starting fresh". Meaning that they will do a hard reboot, thus putting an official end to the longest running licensed comic of all time. Despite the fact that the fans wanted this series to continue and that there was already a reboot that occurred in 2013.   When asked about the fate of one of the key staples of the comics, Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters of Knothole. They responded by saying "Stay Tuned". While this response doesn't really mean "no", it doesn't really mean "yes" either. If anything this shows that IDW is still not certain on what direction they will take this series in and considering how Sega treats their material that is not in their main games, we shouldn't just wait around and do nothing.  If our voices are not loud enough, these characters could disappear forever! since they are unable to progress in the sonic franchise these days for some unclear reason.  Sega may see these characters as meaningless names and drawings, but to us they are family. Especially since most of these characters ( Sally, Antione, Rotor, and Uncle Chuck) debuted way back in 1992 with the release of issue #0, meaning that they pre-date most of the game characters like Knuckles the Echidna (1994) and Amy Rose (1993). Let alone the fact that these characters have very unique qualities that make them stand out amongst other characters in this franchise. It would be a betrayal to the legacy of the Sonic franchise and the fans of these characters if they are not given a home as mainstays in the IDW series. Only you can help us save these characters from a medialess limbo.   

Tim Shanahan
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Petition to SEGA, Paramount Pictures

Re-Imagine the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Film

In a recent interview with the CEO of Paramount Pictures, Jim Gianopulos, he released a bit of information as to the "plot" of the 2019 set film based on SEGA's mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. In his interview, he said Sonic will be a "Juvenile delinquent" and this is how he's worded the story so far: "He’s a juvenile delinquent on the adventures in a pretty straight rural environment with a local policeman. It was instantly engaging and it was good enough where you could see where it’s going." On top of this film shifting from Sony Pictures in terms of rights to produce it, obvious fans of SEGA's blue hedgehog can OBVIOUSLY see this film is about as "true to the source material" as 1993's Super Mario Bros. movie (a film that scored HORRIBLY with fans and critics). From the sounds of it, the head of Paramount or even the people working on this film have never picked up a Sonic game in their life. The blue hedgehog is a symbol of natural peace and justice in a world where the villainous mad scientist, Dr. Eggman, is attempting to conquer the world with his army of robots and villainous technology. He's also a heavy definition of what it was like to be a 90's kid. At least Sony Pictures attempted to capture the "feeling of their world" when they made The Angry Birds Movie in 2016 (a film with a sequel in the works).  If you are or aren't a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, even you should see that what Paramount is deciding to do with the film is BEYOND context to even resembling the original world that the hedgehog lives in. If anything, Sonic Forces or even the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) games could be a better situation for a film starring the title hero. It would also heavily damage SEGA's image, which they are trying to repair as of the releases of Sonic Mania and other games in the future. So, in short, this petition is to accomplish one of two possibilities: Either have Paramount Pictures do MORE research into the actual game universe that they are trying to bring to the silver screens.....OR consider giving creative control of the film's plot and setting to someone like the fans who made Sonic Mania or even to the likes of SEGA, the ones who actually CREATED the hedgehog's world, who produced several shorts in the past for Sonic such as the promotional material made for Sonic Unleashed. As it stands, Paramount, your film will be as BAD as the Mario movie was in the 90's.  

Eric Martin
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