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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, The Federal Reserve, The Office of Comptroller of Currency, Elizabeth Warren

Equal Access to Banking Services

Every business that is operating legally and has the required licenses should have the right to be banked in the USA. National Banks should have the ability to manage risk while also allowing equal access to their services. National banks have applied de-risking in a discriminatory manner denying small and immigrant-owned remittance companies accounts while continuing to serve larger operators and venture-backed upstarts. Thousands of well-paying jobs are in jeopardy, and millions of US residence are being denied access to culturally specific services as a result of bank de-risking. Bank de-risking has also caused a public safety crisis by forcing many of these unbanked businesses to store large amounts of cash in their premises; making them vulnerable to attacks by robbers. Congress should conduct a hearing on bank de-risking and determine whether “the right to be banked” can be guaranteed by the Federal Reserve or through an act of law. We urge senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to expand her anti-competitive proposal for big tech to include the financial industry. Financial service providers offer their brands of payment and remittance services but can deny smaller companies the ability to access essential banking services, thereby preventing them from competing.  For information about this campaign visit -

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald J. Trump

Create an Independent Federal Agency: Rescue Corps

We demand the creation of the Rescue Corps, an independent agency with the sole mission of emergency rescue operations in the United States and around the world. These operations are necessary to meet the increasing quantity and magnitude of natural disasters occurring across our nation and globally. The military is not designed, trained, or equipped for rescue operations. We need an independent agency who has rescue as its only mission, the same way we have independent fire departments that are completely separate from police departments at the local level. The Rescue Corps needs resources and autonomy equal to or greater than the Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency, and Department of Homeland Security, combined. We will never again fail to meet the disaster recovery needs of our states and territories. Instead of the "police of the world", the United States will be the FIREFIGHTER, PARAMEDIC, and SEARCH AND RESCUE first responders of the world. Instead of machines of death and destruction, our great minds in science and technology will be put to the task of designing and building the machinery and methods for EMERGENCY RESCUE AND PREVENTION, at home and abroad. We have reached the eleventh hour. Any and all brave hearts and minds of all ages will be recruited and trained to operate a diverse fleet, deployed in the U.S. and around the world; managed with efficient, proactive, resilient, distributed methods for resource allocation. Instead of the most hated and reviled nation on Earth, the United States will be the most loved and revered. Any agent who even considers an attack against us would find the swift response of our allies. Human survival on Earth is, and will increasingly become, a cooperative endeavor. Let US be the leaders in that cooperation. On the 4th of July, 2019, this petition is created to declare independence from the old way of operating that does not serve the needs of the People of the United States or the world. Create the Rescue Corps.

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Petition to Waldo Bekker, Mr Musa Mntambo, Ms Maureen Zimu

Complete the security fence at Nkutu Picnic Site

In September 2018, after a number of violent house robberies in Forest Hills 2 the Forest Hills 2 Neighbourhood Watch (FH2NHW) agreed with management of Krantzkloof Nature Reserve (KKNR) that we could erect a fence along an existing fence line if we donated the materials to build such a fence. Through intelligence obtained from various bush cameras that the NHW had installed, we ascertained that suspects were gaining entry to the reserve, and subsequently our neighbourhood, through an always open, unsecured gate at Nkutu Picnic Site. They are then free to access properties within our neighbourhood to commit crimes, many of which have been violent. THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW DONATES FUNDS TO WWW.CHANGE.ORG TO MARKET THIS PETITION. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR DONATIONS.  THIS PROJECT HAS ALREADY BEEN PRE FUNDED BY THE COMMMUNITY. YOU ARE HOWEVER FREE TO DONATE TO CHANGE.ORG IF YOU WISH. To date our efforts to get this project completed have been met with excuses of not enough man power. We have offered to pay for the entire project in terms of materials AND labour with funds raised and donated by our community. The majority of our communication to KKNR goes unanswered for weeks or not returned at all. To date, after 8 months, only the poles have been installed. What remains is for the straining wire, razor mesh and steel lockable gate to be installed. All materials to complete this project have been paid for by FH2 and delivered to Nkutu Picnic Site and are in the possession of KKNR. PETITION We the community of Forest Hills 2, surrounding areas and the general public who use the foot paths in the reserve, demand that Ezemvelo allow us to complete the project of erecting a fence, with lockable gate, along an existing, unsecured fence line, at the Nkutu Picnic Site, in Waterfall, as agreed in September 2018 with management of KKNR. All materials that are required to erect such fence have been donated and delivered to KKNR. We remain committed and stand ready to donate the funds that are required in labour costs to erect such fence as previously agreed. In the first week of May 2019 approx eight incidents have been reported of house breaking or attempted house breaking where access to these properties is gained through the unsecured fence line in Ezemvelo’s Nature Reserve. The delay of 8 months is therefore unacceptable to the community of FH2 seeing as we are prepared to pay all costs associated to complete this project and the new fence will follow an existing fence line.

Forest Hills 2 NHW Security
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