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Petition to National Rifle Association, Republican National Committee, Donald J. Trump, Chris Sununu

Boycott and protest of all US Walmarts due to their recent decision on open carrying/ammo

We as a Nation have been hit by so many mass shooting events lately its becoming almost the norm for every day life. The impact is tremendously hurt Americans rights to own firearms and we are having our rights stripped from us every day. Every time another mass shooting happens, the left is the first to jump on the gun confiscation bandwagon which we all know, will do NOTHING to criminals.  Walmart is now the next major company to jump on the bandwagon for selling off current stock of ammo and is "requesting shoppers to no longer open carry" at its stores. It will no longer carry and sell .223/5.56 and handgun ammo. How does this affect us? Well most of us have always gone to Walmart as a one stop shopping store for its many products but now are catering to the left with it's new policies. There are many stores who will not cater to the left and will continue to support our 2A rights. Its OUR money that makes these businesses what they are. They work for us and not the other way around. I am asking all 2A supporters, all firearms enthusiasts, all militiamen, all 3% orgs, and all Constitutionalist groups to boycott and protest Walmart until our voices are heard. WE are not criminals!!!!! Criminals dont obey the laws and care not about new regulations. Stores like Walmart, Dicks, Target, Kittery Trading Post, and others are only hurting its customers with these new antigun policies.  Take a stand against big business bullies like these stores. 

B Lee Anonymous
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