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Petition to SeaWorld, Inc., Blackstone Group

Don't let Tilikum's Death be in Vain - empty the tanks, SeaWorld

Tilikum was the catalyst behind our student organization for the freedom of cetaceans-- Blue Freedom. It was his plight that inspired us. January 6, 2017 Tilikum died. Maybe the softer term would be that he passed away or that he’s resting peacefully. But the truth is he died. He did not die a natural death with the ocean waves there to carry him to his final resting place. He did not die in his native waters, surrounded by family members he might have spent 50+ years with. He did not die in a sea pen with salt water and caretakers who tried to give him back the most freedom that they could. Tilikum died in a tank. He died in a barren, artificial environment having spent the majority of his life being used for profit so schoolchildren and tourists could get splashed by “Shamu”. He died of a bacterial lung infection at 35 years old so Sea World could use him to build up their captive orca collection and breeding program. He died in Orlando, Florida, so very far from Iceland, so very far from home. I think of how many labels Tilikum carried throughout his life in captivity. The whale that killed trainers. Sea World’s most notorious orca. The whale behind Blackfish. I think about how all those things were cries for help from a creature who did not belong in a tank. Did not belong in captivity. Did not belong anywhere, but the ocean. Yet there he was. And there he died. We believe that his death should NOT be in vain... that his death should be a loud, clear signal to us to keep fighting for all of the whales and dolphins that still suffer in captivity. There is still hope. Educate, discuss, protest, don’t buy a ticket. Keep fighting for them.Do whatever is within your power to see things change. Keep fighting for the future Tilikum should have had.  By signing this petition, you are saying NO--  No, Tilikum's death will not be for nothing. No, we will not tolerate this outdated, cruel, and archaic industry any longer.  No, we will NOT stop fighting.   -The Blue Freedom Team

Katie Emmons
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Petition to CNN , SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Jerry Brown, California State Senate

Help seaworld's orcas!

Captive orcas definitely need more space than they have, as there are multiple issues that their current tanks have which could be harming their mental and physical health. But, as sea pens have the same contaminants as the ocean (which most of the orcas have never experienced before) has, a good idea would be to make large,manmade saltwater lakes at marine parks. Unfortunately, the current options are limited for Orcas living in captive environments. This petition is a proposal for new enclosures for Orcas living in captivity at Seaworld (just saying, one wouldn't actually be at seaworld). Seeing as this is a multifaceted issue with many key players, no one size fits all approach is guaranteed to work. Here are two plausible solutions. The first approach would be to build large lagoons at seaworld that replicate the wild and make the orcas feel a little less claustrophobic. The second approach is a backup plan which would happen if seaworld does not accept to build these lakes (which is quite unlikely as I have some financial plans below) which would be a giant, saltwater lake somewhere in Dover county Delaware. As you probably need more information on this project, here is a google docs link to a five page proposal to all of the people who I am petitioning (but I have to warn you, you have to read the whole thing for it to make sense): Basic cost analysis: Concept art: Please, show compassion to the orcas and other animals at seaworld by signing this petition, as it is the only way for the orcas to finally gain what they deserve and not have to sit in their current concrete tanks for the rest of their lives. It might seem silly as this might seem silly as it is still "captivity". But just remember, this is literally the only way for them to even partly experience how it is like for them in the wild. 

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