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Petition to Roseanna Cunningham, Jo O'Hara, Nicola Sturgeon

Save the Scottish wildcat by protecting Clashindarroch Forest!

The Scottish Wildcat is one of the rarest animals in the world; there are only 35 of them left on earth. A third of them live in the publicly owned Clashindarroch Forest in the Scottish Highlands, but they are in danger from logging by the Scottish Government’s Forestry Commission Scotland. If this doesn’t stop immediately, the wildcat will become extinct. I’ve always loved cats, and these wildcats - often dubbed the ‘Tigers of the Highlands’ - are particularly special to me. I'm a filmmaker and got to really know about them 12 years ago filming them for a wildlife documentary. Learning they were truly on the verge of extinction I knew I had to act and, with some expert help, I set up a project to protect and conserve them called Wildcat Haven. But now I need your help to keep them alive. Wildcat Haven have found 13 wildcats in this forest. It is their last and only known major stronghold and breeding site. But logging is taking place in the middle of kitten season, disturbing wildcat mothers, which could make them abandon or even eat their young. The logging will tear the wildcat population apart, and threaten many other rare animals that live in the forest alongside them. Please sign our petition urgently calling on the Scottish Government to immediately halt the logging and exploitation of Clashindarroch Forest to ensure the iconic Scottish wildcat survives. You can stay up to date on this campaign and the organisation that discovered these wildcats and wants to protect them, Wildcat Haven, at and also on

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Petition to Nicola Sturgeon MSP, John Swinney MSP

Require gender neutral school uniforms in Scottish schools

My name is Jess Insall, and I am a Scottish schoolgirl. At the age of 5, I and many other girls around the country went to school for the first time. We started leaning about some of the wonders of this world such as maths and English, but many of also learnt of the inequalities we'd face for the rest of our lives. We were told we had to wear skirts, whist the boys were allowed to wear trousers. We were shown that whilst it's ok for boys to do cartwheels and hang upside down from bars, we couldn't, because our underwear would show. We were taught to accept inequality as the norm, from the age of 5 years old.  It's not right that any young girls should feel held back by their gender, and the Scottish government has the power to change that. Schools should be required to implement gender neutral school uniforms. "Gender neutral" doesn't mean everyone has to wear the same thing. All it means is that instead of making all girls wear skirts and all boys wear trousers, schools let all pupils choose between skirts and trousers. Schools will maintain freedom to choose what pupils can or can't wear, whilst ensuring that all pupils are treated equally. It might be a small change, but it will make a huge difference.  This is also a crucial issue for trans and non-binary pupils. Every pupil deserves the right to feel valued and respected at school, but all too often this is not reality for these pupils. Forcing them to choose between a "boy" and "girl" uniform is not acceptable. By allowing them freedom to choose how to dress appropriately for their identity from a set list of uniform items, pupils can dress comfortably, whilst schools lose no control over their uniforms.  If you believe that all pupils deserve equality regardless of their gender, please sign this petition.

Jess Insall
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