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Petition to Department of Education

Tell Betsy Devos not to roll back protections for minority kids

Right now the Department of Education is rolling out plans to strip federal education policies that protect minority and disabled students from unfair punishments. Before these policies existed, minority kids were punished at higher rates with more extreme discipline. Disabled kids lashing out would even be sent into remedial programs. Betsy Devos wants to remove protections that have helped level the playing field for all students. Tell the Department of Education not to roll back these protections! After the Parkland Shooting, the Department of Education and Department of Justice created a task force to examine how this deadly event at a school could have been prevented. Instead of dealing with security or gun issues, the taskforce moved to cut policies that protect minority and disabled students from unfair and severe punishments. The Obama Administration implemented these policies in 2014 after strong evidence showed that minority and disabled students faced higher suspension rates and harsher punishments than white students for the same offenses. Minority and disabled students shouldn’t face harsh and unfair punishments. Tell the Department of Education to keep these protections and ensure all students are treated equally. Depending on the state, discipline may even be more harsh for some. In 19 U.S. states it is still legal to spank children in public schools. A student’s race or ability should not condemn them to harsher punishments than their peers. American schools need to treat all kids the same. Tell Betsy Devos not to roll back these protections!

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Petition to Los Altos School Board and Bullis Charter School Board

Save Egan and Our Los Altos Community

Recently the Bullis Charter School (BCS) Board has submitted a Prop 39 request to the Los Altos School District (LASD) to close our neighborhood middle school, Egan Junior High School, so that BCS can have exclusive use of that site.  Egan has been serving the LASD community for over 50 years.  It has been consistently ranked as one of the top junior highs in the state of California and has been recognized both locally and nationally.  Egan currently serves approximately 600 local students. As a parent of children in our neighborhood public school, I know firsthand that the LASD schools are academically excellent and a critical hub of our community. We chose to live in Los Altos and to attend LASD neighborhood public schools because we envision our children walking and biking to school with their friends on the street and being an active contributor to our community through the nearby schools. We are disheartened to hear that that dream may be taken away from us and hundreds of other children. Please help us send a message to the school boards that they cannot take away what would be our children's future school and take away our community. Please sign this petition: If you want to save Egan and send a message to the LASD and BCS boards that closing Egan is unacceptable.  If you don't agree with closing a high-performing public neighborhood school that is a hub of our Los Altos community and school to 600 children. If you want to see BCS and LASD Boards work collaboratively to solve facilities needs for both BCS and LASD--but not at the expense of one group of people entirely and not through years of lawsuits. In this winner-take-all mentality, no one wins and all our children lose. Read more about what's going on here: Notes: Please do not donate to the Promote Petition option that is going to ask you to do. The money goes to advertise the petition on platform and doesn’t go to this cause. I have not set up fundraising for this petition. If you've donated and want your money reimbursed, please email their help center. I know it's a contentious issue, and we all have strong feelings. Keep your comments on topic and please remember that everyone--regardless of their opinion on this--is a part of our Los Altos community.     

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Petition to St. Tammany Parish School Board, Trey Folse

RESIGN NOW from St. Tammany Parish School Board Sharon Lo Drucker!!

If you Pay Taxes in St. Tammany this affects YOU and the Children of St. Tammany! Our Elected School Board members should Maintain the highest of Ethical Standards, they are in charge of our most precious asset....Children! On July 6, 2018, Sharon Lo Drucker received a summons in lieu of arrest for an alleged shoplifting incident at Walmart. Ms Drucker did not notify anyone at St. Tammany Parish School System nor the School Board according to a statement by  then Board President Robin Mullet. Ms. Drucker still qualified for the School Board race just days later between July 18-20, 2018. This news was withheld from the public until October 11, 2018. Ms. Drucker to date still has not put out any statement of any kind. Her first hearing date was conveniently after the election. Yesterday, January 7, 2019  from St. Tammany Parish DA Warren Montgomery - A St. Tammany Parish School Board member cited with shoplifting last year has been placed in a court diversion program and the criminal charge put on hold, Sharon Lo Drucker, 53, of Madisonville, was placed in the 12-month program in December and the misdemeanor charge of theft under $1,000 will be dismissed if she completes the program, Montgomery said. Ms. Drucker accepted this offer from the DAs office. Is this truly the type of person St. Tammany residents want sitting on a board that presides over our school system??  Is this the example we want children to have in our School System?? This is a very sad, sad and embarrassing position for ALL St. Tammany Parish residents! We urge the St. Tammany Parish School Board and Administration stand up for our Children! Demand that Ms. Drucker RESIGN NOW!    

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Petition to Texas State House, Texas State Senate, Greg Abbott, Dennis Bonnen, Texas Governor, Dan Patrick

Just Fund It Texas! - Public education is the best investment in Texas’s future.

We, the students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers of Texas call on the state legislature to pay its fair share towards our public schools. Our education is important; we need substantial funding to support programs that prepare us for college, careers and as citizens of the world. Furthermore, we need sufficient funding to support and retain our dedicated and hardworking teachers as well as to offer extracurricular activities that provide us with a sense of fulfillment, creativity, and community. The state currently pays only 38% of all Texas public school funding, while taxpayers are straining to pay for the majority of student needs. That is not acceptable. The state should be paying at least 50%, if not more.   Taxpayer money intended for the education system needs to stay with the education system. Article 7 of the Texas Constitution requires the Texas legislature to “establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of free public schools”. Without additional funding, the quality of our education is at stake. We call on the state legislature to take action and provide our public schools with adequate funding. We need you to remember that we, the students, are the best investment in Texas’s future because we are the future. #DontMessWithTexasKids #JustFundItTX #atleasthalf P.S. This petition was drafted by Texas high school students concerned about the future of public education in this state (and posted by one of their parents). Please help by signing and sharing this petition and commenting about why we should invest in our Texas public schools. It would help us advocate for change if in the comments you would tell us whether you are a student, parent, teacher, taxpayer or other. You can learn more about our campaign to encourage our state government to do the right thing at You can email us at  Follow us on twitter at @JustFundItTX, on Facebook at or on Instagram @justfundittx.

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