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Petition to Jeffco School Board, Jefferson County, Colorado Middle School Principals

No Cell Phones In JeffCo Middle Schools - Remove The Distraction - Be The Educated Adult

It's finally here.  The science is now available. And there is A TON of it.   Here's The Take Away: JeffCo Students are asking for help with stress - we know the numbers - they are self reporting suicide risk with a 700% increase in suicide risk in 3 years with JeffCo students. Some JeffCo families are blurring home cell phone rules because they are lead to believe their student needs a phone - because of school - to be socially or academically successful. JeffCo Middle schools do not have the resources to monitor student cell phone usage but are seemingly afraid to remove this major distraction because they are afraid of parent/guardian pushback.  JeffCo - We've set our policy at home - we've "talked to our kids" - we now need our trusted educated advisors to help us with policy inside middle school walls.  You have opted to leave this decision up to the school, but the school often times leaves it up to the teacher and the teacher sometimes leaves it up to the kids.  In the absence of district policy, our principals, teachers and families are challenged to debate this area and the debate is often subjective with little attention to research and science.  Our students are not educated decision makers - you are. We know they have no impulse control.  We know they are not developmentally ready. Demonstrate leadership.  Put cell phones away during the day at Jefferson County Middle Schools. THE RESEARCH: Childrens Hospital of Colorado regarding smartphones - “..what an eighth-grader can handle and what a 10th- or 12th-grader can handle are significantly different,”.  (Source April, 2018) 82% of surveyed parents/guardians show strong support for a change in middle school cell phone policies and want cell phones put away (Dec, 2017). 45% of students said they could reach social media sites on school-owned devices (Dec, 2017).  PRINCIPALS ARE BOLDY STEPPING OUT OF THE BOX Highlands Ranch: A full-on cell phone ban starting in the 2018/2019 school year (source) Durango: 2018 cell phone ban proved successful by producing "students who are happier, more focused on their work and are excelling on state tests." (source)  Parker: Hurtful activity causes principal to employ a detox for 8th Graders  (source) TEACHERS ARE SEEING ACADEMIC/DEVELOPMENTAL IMPACTS* (source) 59% teachers say student's use has hurt their ability to communicate face to face 58% teachers say students’ use (including texting) has hurt writing skills 48% say student's use hurt the quality of students’ homework 42% teachers say student's usage has hurt critical thinking FAMILIES ARE WORKING HARD ON THIS (source) 66% of parents/guardians and students say mobile devices are not allowed at their dinner table.  50% of parents/guardians try to cut down on the amount of time spent on devices  TEENS ARE REPORTING ADDICTION AND CHEATING (source) 72% of teens report the need to immediately respond to texts/notifications  52% of teens report they spend too much time on their mobile devices 50% of teens report the feeling of addiction to their mobile phones  29% of students admit to using devices to cheat in school — over 2X that know of classmates who have cheated with devices.  (2017 source) School Safety & Crisis Preparedness is Compromised: Emergency public first responders are speaking out and asking for your help - because student cell phones impede strategic School Safety & Crisis Preparedness (SOURCE).  Student phones: have been used for calling in bomb threats to schools and, in many communities, these calls cannot be traced by public safety officials. could potentially detonate a real bomb if one is actually on campus. can hamper rumor control and, in doing so, disrupt and delay effective public safety personnel response. can impede public safety response by accelerating parental response to the scene of an emergency during times when officials may be attempting to evacuate students to another site. typically overload cell phone systems during a  major crisis and usage by a large number of students at once could add to the overload. Cell phones may be a backup communication tool for school administrators and crisis teams, widespread student use in a crisis could thus eliminate crisis team emergency communications tools in a very short period of critical time.              * Usage includes music, video games, texting, social networking, apps, online videos, and websites for fun.) ARE YOU GOING TO SIGN?  PLEASE HELP: INDICATE IF YOU ARE A JEFFCO TEACHER, PUBLIC SERVICE PROVIDER OR FAMILY IN YOUR SIGNATURE COMMENT SO WE CAN TELL OUR SCHOOL BOARD.

Angela Tapp
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Petition to Al Muratsuchi

Regulate vehicle idling at schools in California

California does not regulate the idling of vehicles 10,000 lbs. or less which includes light-duty vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, vans and pickup trucks. This means motorists at school dismissal can let their engines run while waiting for students. A line up of mostly idling vehicles is known as caravan idling, which creates idling "hot spots" near school entrances. The result is needless CO2 emissions, wasted energy, and most importantly an adverse impact on air quality in the vicinity impacting people, especially students. The EPA states: "Idling vehicles contribute to air pollution and emit air toxins, which are pollutants known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects. Monitoring at schools has shown elevated levels of benzene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and other air toxics during the afternoon hour coinciding with parents picking up their children. Children’s lungs are still developing, and when they are exposed to elevated levels of these pollutants, children have an increased risk of developing asthma, respiratory problems and other adverse health effects. Limiting a vehicle’s idling time can dramatically reduce these pollutants and children’s exposure to them." California recognized this issue in 2016 when the state legislature adopted ACR-160. This resolution addresses the issue of vehicular air pollution, specifically motor vehicle idling and children. It encourages motorists to not idle their motor vehicles near places where children congregate. Unfortunately resolutions are non-binding; they are not enforceable. NOTE: This petition is intended for California residents only. This petition calls for the regulation of the idling of vehicles 10,000 lbs. or less on school property or where children congregate. In the interest of student health, the California Department of Education can be expected to disseminate this regulation in the greater school community. This petition will be submitted for California's next legislative session to California Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), representing California’s 66th Assembly District, located in the South Bay of Los Angeles County. Muratsuchi currently serves as Acting Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee. He is a champion of the environment, including clean transportation.  LANGUAGE OF PROPOSED REGULATION:

Idle-Free California
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Petition to "Ann Baker", "Jim Foster", "Kurt Turner", "Todd Wilson", Jacob Hardey

Remove Gordon T. Medd as Superintendent of the Loomis Union School District

Loomis Union School DistrictSuperintendent Gordon T. Superintendent Gordon Medd is not serving the school district, its students, and its parents in a manner in which we the undersigned parents find suitable for our children and their teachers. And as such it is time for the expeditious removal of Superintendent Gordon T. Medd from his leadership role in the Loomis Union School District for the following reasons: 1) Alleged bullying of staff by the Superintendent. On the job search website a review titled "Not where you want to start a teaching career" by a user identifying themselves as a current (as of 2016, the date of the review) teacher at Loomis Grammar School states "The superintendent in Loomis is a megalomaniac who runs his district through intimidation and bullying." This is a serious cause for concern and needs to be investigated immediately. Our teachers need a safe non-threatening work environment so that they can in turn provide a safe learning environment for our children. This kind of review also poses a threat to attracting good teachers to come teach in our district. As such, Gordon Medd poses a threat for the future of our children's learning environment. We the under signed parents demand the school board take immediate action in removing Gordon T. Medd as the Superintendent. 2) Implementing a student drop-off and pick-up protocol that will not only make it more difficult for many parents to drop off and pick-up their child(ren), but MOST IMPORTANTLY will make it more dangerous for our children. In a time when our nation is experiencing an increase in school mass shootings, having more parents to vastly outnumber any singular person or group of maliciously intent individuals insures a safer environment for our children. While having fewer parents on campus may appear more orderly and SEEM safer, allowing the teachers to get the students to their parents, this is a false sense of safety. More parents means more eye witnesses. The times when a new adult appears in the classroom areas, during the minutes before the students are let out— from what I, the author of this petition, have witnessed —they are usually approached by other parents and are greeted and sometimes questioned by the parents who are their on a regular basis. Allowing parents to gather near the classrooms before school ends for the day helps to scare off any would-be abductor or malicious person. In the very least it increases the eye witnesses and it adds layers of protection. School shootings do not occur when large groups of parents are on the school grounds. The idea that fewer parents near the classrooms is safer is wrong and a poorly thought out idea. Please note there is a second petition to reverse the district's new drop-off procedure.Click here to view and sign the petition to rescind the new LUSD's drop-off procedure. Also, please note for those signing, Loomis Grammar School opens as a city public park shortly after school hours (1 hour after) due to an agreement between the Town of Loomis and the School for the town donating funds for a joint use (as in school and public) play structure back in 2006. 3) Superintendent Gordon Medd was responsible for forcing principal, Rick Judd, to transfer to another school where he later stepped down as principal. This is another example of a hostile work environment that Gordon Medd has created for the staff members at our schools. It is imperative that our school principals, teachers, and staff are able to work in a safe work environment in order to provide our children with the best learning environment. It becomes very difficult to inspire and motivate when a person works in a hostile work environment. 4) Under Superintendent Godon Medd's leadership a 12-year old student (6th grader) was disciplined for inviting a friend to a religious function during school hours. A 2014 event that lead to a lawsuit. Leaders shape and strongly affect the atmosphere of the organization they lead. Our children and their teachers deserve a leader who has their best interest in mind and demonstrates it. We the, undersigned, believe this is not the case with Gordon Medd's leadership and demand immediate action in removing Medd from his post as school superintendent of the Loomis Union School District.

Adam Strock
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