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Educational Leaders Please Pass Climate Action Resolutions to Protect Students

Our Congress needs help doing the right thing on climate change. Continued Congressional inaction on climate change harms kids and future generations. Educational leaders from across the country can speak with one, non-partisan voice to help break the logjam on commonsense national climate policy in DC. Twenty-five local school boards and one student council in California, Colorado, and New York have led the way by passing climate action resolutions. Here are some examples: Sonoma COE, Albany (CA) USD, Harmony USD, San Lorenzo USD, Tamalpais UHSD, Credo HS Student Council. The educational leaders addressed in this petition represent school districts and school board members in 14,000 school districts across the nation. These educational leaders have been true champions for children and for educational equity for many years. They likely already privately believe that climate change is an unfair burden to pass on to young people and that Congress should find a bipartisan solution to limit the harm. By signing this petition, you can help these educational leaders articulate this private belief publicly---in a climate action resolution. Were any of the 3 organizations (California State Board of Education, the California School Boards Association, and the National School Boards Association) to pass their own climate action resolution, likely hundreds or thousands of local school boards would follow their lead. We have spoken to members of Congress who feel certain this would help move Congress to act on climate. Educators know the climate harm young people will face and now have a tool to help lessen the harm.  The educational sector, more than any other sector, has standing to speak up in a non-partisan way for climate justice. We stand at the interface between the generations. Our mission---to help kids create great future outcomes for themselves---and our institutional integrity is directly threatened by national climate inaction and our silence about it. No educator or educational leader needs to be a silent witness to the generational justice issue created by national climate inaction. By signing this petition, you can help the educational sector speak up for climate justice.  Please leave a comment with notes about your school stakeholder status (parent of school kids, grandparent, teacher, administrator, school board member, student, community member, etc.). Please share widely. Thank you so much for your time.           

Schools for Climate Action
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Petition to Pat Shofill

Bring A/C into our school buses

Weather in Georgia is hot, no matter what time of year. Sometimes, it is extreme; yet we force our bus drivers to stay in their buses for literally an hour or more while temperatures reach well into degrees reaching the high 90’s or more. Also, public school students who take classes outside of their home school (Dual enrollment, Vocational/Trade classes, etc.) are barred from entering the school as well. One solution is to card everyone who is either a student or bus driver before they can enter the building; or, purchase air conditioning units for the buses. Here in Henry County, GA, school started again for the 2018-19 school year on July 30th. During the majority of the summertime, we have had temperatures of up to 95°. Now, consider the following; most school buses have no air conditioning, they hold upwards of 60-90 passengers, the engine is commonly inside of the bus, and the bus is entirely made of heat conductive metal. With all of those issues, you have a “perfect storm” for heat stroke and unsanitary swapping of sweat. GROSS!! Let’s take a look at the case of my bus driver. She gets to the school at about 3:30-3:40 pm and stays on the bus (with all of the conditions I listed above) until the end of the day, which for her is usually 6pm. She had a thermometer that read 108° on the bus! That’s hot enough to cause Heat Stroke. She had explained that she went home after driving and threw up for 10 minutes or more from the heat. She was facing the symptoms of heat exhaustion and nearly heat stroke, since the body only has to reach 104° before heat stroke starts happening. There are many solutions to this issue that wouldn’t require breaking security protocol that still keeps everyone safe. For instance, some schools ask for ID from students and bus drivers that would allow them to be documented as in the school and allows for them to be removed and not affect everyone else. Also, several options are available to add air conditioning to the buses, including in-wall and bulkhead styles. Cost is always an important factor in any decision, however, the cost would be most certainly outweighed by the amount of positive effects of purchasing air conditioning for the buses. Sure, the air conditioning is by no means cheap, but it would offer peace of mind that our students and bus drivers are staying safe from the extreme heat. Also, if a school system does not invest in air conditioning for buses, and heat exhaustion and heat stroke occurs, the schools may face possible legal trouble for any injuries or death as a result of negligence. Heat can be dangerous and deadly. We all need to take precautions and stay cool. Why can't the bus drivers, and students, stay cool and safe too? This topic is something that hasn’t gotten much public attention. But, thanks to my being an intern at the Safe America Foundation, I’ve been invited to be part of a discussion on this at the Fall Forum on Friday, November 2 at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. By then, the temperature (on buses – much less in the open air!) will likely be a lot cooler. But, this is an issue that will ‘heat up’ again in the spring – so I hope public school officials – including the Georgia School Superintendent and PTA President – will consider joining Safe America’s ‘Forum’ and evaluating what’s a practical solution to this problem. (my thanks to Safe America – headquartered in Atlanta and Marietta – for caring to take this topic on.)  

Damion Olinger
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Child Hunger is Unacceptable - US kids need 25 minutes for lunch

  UPDATE:  It has become clear to us from the responses we are receiving that this issue is even greater than our own state.  We are expanding this petition to insist that our legislators mandate this in all states across the country. Our kids deserve better! We are Brindi and Kristine and we are the parents of Kindergarteners in Washington State. It has come to the attention of several Kindergarten parents that our children may not be provided with adequate time to eat their lunchtime meal.  Several children have been complaining of stomach pain, hunger, and even weight loss in the few short weeks since school started.  As a healthcare provider in Washington State, this is deeply troubling to me. In a 7 hour day, our school allows for a 30 minute lunch period, which includes: 15 minutes of recess (outdoor play) and 15 minutes to do all of the following:  Walk to the lunch room, use the restroom, find their lunch box or stand in line for lunch, eat, and put away their lunch.  I don’t know about you, but I would find it challenging to do all those things, as an adult, in just 15 minutes.  In reality, most of these children are finding themselves with less than 10 minutes of “seated time,” which I find to be completely unacceptable.   The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA) both have published recommendations for at least 20 minutes of “seated time.” Increasing the total length of the lunch hour just 10 minutes and allowing 15 minutes recess and 25 minutes for lunch would allow our young kids the time they need to eat and nourish their growing bodies and minds. Current state law WAC 392-157-125 states that “The school breakfast and school lunch periods shall allow a reasonable amount of time for each child to take care of personal hygiene and enjoy a complete meal.” but does not provide a specific definition of “reasonable” and, as a result, our children are at the mercy of administrator-driven schedules. This petition supports legislation that: • Modifies WAC 392-157-125 “Time for Meals” to define a minimum lunch period for students. Language should be added to specify a minimum of 20 minutes of seated time, with additional time to move through a line and be seated with a meal; • Promotes recess before lunch for elementary students.  We understand that our educators are tasked with keeping children in the classroom for a specific measure of time.  I would argue that the time in class would be much better spent if our kids are well-nourished and fueled for success. Support for this statement: As adults, we are the voices for our children. Please join us in standing up for them and this very basic human right.

Kristine Crawford
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