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Stop vehicles idling near babies and children

My baby sister travels with me to nursery every day. Her lungs get filled with nasty gases and tiny bits of bad stuff from the exhaust of idling cars. She’s in a buggy so exposed to 60% more exhaust fumes than an adult. This toxic air may stop her lungs, heart and brain from growing properly and cause damage for life. The law is supposed to protect babies and children but the law permits drivers to idle vehicles outside nurseries and schools every day and for as long as they like. Only if drivers refuse to switch off their engine if asked by an ‘authorised person’ can a fine be issued. This rarely happens, so the fine isn't a deterrent. Why are adults allowed to poison babies and children? We know diesel exhaust is carcinogenic and is the cause and trigger for many of the 1.1 million UK children who suffer from asthma. We want a legal limit for how long drivers can idle an engine when parked and an enforcement process and fine that stops this harmful and unnecessary burning of fuel. Everyone can help to ensure cleaner air for children by saying NO2idling and demanding a new law that is fit for purpose by signing & sharing our petition.   For more information visit: or follow us on YouTube and Twitter @LittleNinjaUK  #NO2idling #SchoolRun Here are our other campaigns to reduce children's air pollution exposure: Reduce rush hour air pollution on congested main roads by over 50% Stop vehicles idling and accelerating next to children waiting at kerbside bus shelters: 

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Petition to UK Parliament

Update the Secondary School Curriculum

Update the Secondary School Curriculum I left secondary school with no real knowledge in topics such as registering to vote, politics, the political parties, current affairs, how to organise my finances, taxes - what they pay for and how they are calculated, how to detect and avoid scams, along with how to look after both your physical and mental health as well as your sexual health and busting common sex myths, or basic cooking skills and then progressing on to making actual meals. All of this We have had to work out for ourselves.  We are always told that the end of school education prepares us for the wider world, but leaves out important features of Life, such as the topics mentioned above. I also noticed whilst in the education system, there is lots of support for those who decide to go to university, but when they ask you what you are planning on doing, and answer with not going to uni, they seem confused and there is noticeable less support given to those students. Especially when only 33% of jobs actually require a degree.. We are asking for a review of the whole secondary school curriculum for the U.K., and that it should also include ‘real-world’ lessons like how to fact-check news stories and political statements, respecting other people’s boundaries and beliefs, mortgages, taxes, basic skills in an emergency (car mechanics and jump starting a car, first aid and CPR etc..) and the others mentioned above 

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