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Petition to Hon Sue Ellery, Hon Fran Logan

Include Success in the Hammond Park Senior High School Local Intake Area

As per the recent announcement on the Hammond Park Secondary School - Planning Name Facebook Page - - The currently notified LIA (Local Intake Area) for the new Hammond Park Secondary School does not include the suburb of Success. The residents of Success (among others) have been waiting 2 decades for a new Secondary High School and all that first built here will remember that this was always part of the town planning messaging communicated to us then and over the last 20 years. It is with much dismay that Success has been excluded from the LIA especially given this new High School is being constructed less than 5kms from the farthest boundary of Success (as per the Metro South West Joint Development Assessment Panel Agenda commentary). And, even more so, on the western side of the Freeway meaning that our children can easily catch public transport, ride bikes or even walk to school encouraging safe travel from home to school and back again without having to traverse the Kwinana Freeway. If you are a resident of Success with Primary School aged children (or even if you aren't) and are not willing to be excluded from the LIA of the new Hammond Park Senior High School, please sign this petition so we can combine our efforts as a community and send a strong message of critical importance for the benefit of our community's children to the Hon. Sue Ellery, MLC and Minister for Education and Training. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Julia Roberts
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Petition to Thornleigh Salesian College, Ms. O' Callaghan, Ms. Burrowes

Thornleigh Salesian College - Phone Ban Dispute

The phone ban in Thornleigh Salesian College (TSC) has been a largely disliked policy that shall take effect on Monday, 1st July 2019. This new policy will prohibit the use of phones and their visibility whilst on school grounds - if this policy is broken, the phone is to be confiscated and a C4 consequence to be issued if this is refused. This is a vastly unjust and non beneficial change to school policy as without mobile phones, students will be unable to communicate with parents in times of emergency, seek assistance from others that they cannot contact in person, resolve problems or answer a question and much, much more. They believe that bullying shall decrease with this change, this however is most likely false. Bullying shall not decrease with the removal of phones whether it is online or not, this can still continue outside of school and the policy would inhibit the ability for the student to alert others of their status. If the bullying occurs within school it could be known about more easily hitherto if you are to force that to out of school time. Another one of their points were that sleep cycles/patterns would change if they continued to allow usage. This, again, is false due to the fact that they are only delaying something that it soon to be inevitable - due to the ban only restricting use during the school day it shall not affect these patterns as these downsides would only occur if the usage is in the period close to where you go to sleep. TSC mainly bases its homework system in an app named Show My Homework, this app would become redundant while in school due to the restriction of phone usage - therefore, many avoidable punishments could be issued if phones are to be banned. Their points and reasons behind the policy are laughably flawed, they did not conduct 'extensive research' and most probably did not give a second thought to the uproar it could cause along with the feeling of students and the consequences it should bring. The benefits far outweigh what they see as 'negative' but is truly propaganda in order to reduce the negative response they would receive by portraying what seemed to be 'credible' information. These are only a few of the points that were made and many more were false too. They speak of ‘freeing us’ from our phones, we think otherwise. Freedom is the right to being able to do what you desire - however, they are taking this freedom to do so away from us. Sign this petition to stop this change from happening, quickly! Do it before it’s too late!

Delta Syndicate
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Petition to Department of Education

Teaching diabetes in schools

When you hear the word 'DIABETES' what is it you think it is?Too much sugar?Too much weight?Not allowed ice-cream?Diabetes is so much more than that!It's an autoimmune disease, that has no cure and no cause! It's a full time job, it's complicated and it's deadly! Just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean it's not a struggle! So many people everywhere in the world are suffering, but so many more have no idea about it! In todays life ambulance services are not always able to get to emergencies on time! Here in the UK many cuts are being made. Think about the lives you could save by allowing this disease be tought in our schools! Diabetes is a ticking time bomb, when it's bad it's bad...this doesn't mean the person who has it hasn't looked after themselves, many things like stress, the weather and even activities can cause it to be problematic! Did you know this? Because I'm pretty sure you didn't! Even if the basic knowledge like how to treat a hypo and the symptoms to look for can be tought, thats a huge difference made, and a life saved. please guys get this message heard, get this message out there, allow the future generation be in the know, it prepares them, it helps understanding, it makes them a hero!!Imagine a group of friends out for the day, one of those friends are a type one diabetic! They unfortunately suffer a hypoglycemic episode because it's such a hot day! The friends are to far to find help of someone who would know what to do, an ambulance would take its time... If just one friend knows what to do that's a life saved! And another life saved for the person who really needed that ambulance should it been called. Please sign my petition and have this be part of education.

Amie Evans
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