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Petition to Texas State House, Texas State Senate, Greg Abbott

Texas: No more armed schools

*We are looking for a passionate signer with a connection to the issue to take ownership of this petition. Interested? Click here to learn more.* A year after a mass shooting at a Texas high school in which eight students and two substitute teachers were killed, lawmakers are considering passing a measure that would put more guns in schools. Teacher groups and activists on the topic worry that more guns in the classroom will lead to more deadly accidents. It could potentially lead to violence against black and brown students due to systemic biases. As a scholar who focuses on the school to prison pipeline said: "If we can't even treat black and brown students with respect when all they're doing is walking or talking, why would parents feel safe if we're then arming people who are not law enforcement or increasing the amount of law enforcement at school?" In the last five years, there have been more than 65 reported incidents that involved the mishandling of a gun in a classroom that is using the marshal program. This includes a teacher’s gun falling to the floor and a security guard forgetting and leaving his gun in a room. There hasn’t been interest in the program from educators. In fact, one of the three entities that run the program in the state had to cancel it last year because of lack of interest. In one instance, a principal at a Texas school that already had its own police force and who had no previous military experience expressed interest. A bill that has bipartisan support just passed in the state that was designed to get more mental health counselors into schools and to create “threat assessment teams” that would help identify potentially dangerous students before they act. More guns doesn’t necessarily equate to safer schools, and it’s a big risk to take. Urge Texas to not pass the bill putting more marshals into the state’s schools.

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