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CLEAR Chief Lacewell {Highest Ranking TAS Agent EVER} creator of The C.H.A.R.L.I.E.S. FIVE

CLEAR THE NAME OF CHIEF D. MYKE J. LACEWELL HIGHEST RANKING TAS {Tactical Assault Specialist} OFFICER/AGENT EVER! The City of Lexington has proven that Chief Lacewell is truly and legally the Senior TAS Officer/Agent of ACT Guard Tactical Assault and that he was acting in legal merits to his legal duties to the community and that he was NOT responding to a police call, RATHER a quarter of his neighborhood came to the Tact House where he is assigned and resides. Lexington Court, D.A. and the Lexington Police Department have yet to accept responsibility for a horrendous mistake. No, they have continued to try and get Chief to accept any charge so that they don't have a Lawsuit. We his Supporters say, IT IS FAR TOO LATE. They are facing countless and multiple lawsuit on various levels, and each who caused his false arrest. Once the case is over we the Supporters of Chief Lacewell will DEMAND ALL NAMES INVOLVED! It's past time for REAL JUSTICE! Power hungry Rookie Police Officer shows his inexperience when he falsely arrested the Senior ranking TAS {Tactical Assault Specialist) Officer and Chief of The Guard, whilst he was responding to his Call of Duty and his neighbors desperate pleas. Chief Myke J. Lacewell 43 year old Serving Hero who was currently volunteering his and his Guards/Officers and Agents hours to Secure and Protect the frustrated and pleading citizens from the growing criminal element in his own neighborhood on his very street. This Black Ops Specialist known for Tactical Rescues and Kidnappings. He mainly that takes no money, because he believes he can't put a price on saving a life, not even hourly. This very same man who created the only and first male cancer foundation. Fighter against cancer and all diseases for over 2 decades. The creator of 3 100% non-income deductible fundraiser of children's cancer and sick Veterans. This man who when he gets a paycheck of grand amounts, he cashes it, then he drops it over half off anonymously at a charity. With no credit ever needed. THIS MAN, is the man that was purposely setup by 4 young college girls seeking attention. Setup from his own neighbors who he freely offered his time to listen after a burglary and the cops had came and went, but they were terrified and wanted true and complete Protection and Security through the night. Especially since the offender was still at large and the officers told the young ladies that the odds were that they would not find out who robbed them. Chief Lacewell was question, with no respect to rank or position, he was detained and arrested hours after he responded to a clients & neighbors complaint. He was charged with impersonating and officer, though he works with officers all over the globe, and they knew this charge not to be true. Plus he trains Officers, theirs and many countless others. He rescues countless officers in trouble when the threat is above a regular shots fired. He has been the unseen bodyguard to countless political higher ups on both Political sides and yet they put this lie on him to arrest him. ALL BECAUSE OF THE CHARLIES FIVE BILL/ACT !! A weak and cruel attempt to steal one of our Nation's, one of our World's most sacred of Protectors, most cherished of the un-honored shield Valor. Chief Lacewell was booked in his full tactical uniform and Shield, weapons, vest and all. Once in jail Chief Lacewell was stripped of all of his clothing for this entire stay, it was not a short one! Chief Lacewell was beaten in his cell late at night in his sleep, waking up on the floor unaware of what transgressed, but full aware that he felt as if he had been beaten senseless, repeatedly. His entire stay was in a cell for lunatics on the ward for lunatics. They spit in his food so that it was obvious, his trays of food were ALWAYS soaked in liquid and mushy gunk by the time he got it. He was on constant watch by inmates, and they started to feel bad for him, so they would pre-tell him about the food and they snuck him little niblets of food for him to survive. And survive he did. But after a FULL 10,000 dollar bond and he is still being taking to court a year later with full charges. The girls have relocated and have never shown for court, other witnesses robbed that same day have made several statements contradicting the false charges and statements and yet the City and D.A. still persist. Chief Lacewell has lost over 5.7 Million dollars in the past year of expected income, his local office couldn't afford to stay open finacially nor reputation wise. Money and a reputation desperately needed to Fund The C.h.a.r.l.i.e.s. Five ACT and his family. Contracts were put on freeze and his reputation has been slander without limit. They took all forms of identification from him, so he basically doesn't exist if questioned and he was warned that he would be arrest for such. They also tried to hide that they added that Chief Lacewell is supposed to be the thief. When Chief Lacewell was on a missing Child/Persons Case and he found 2 dead children whist looking for one. And yet when he got back, he proceeded to assist one of his teams on a raid and then he went to his office to train more cadets. At that time he was called and told that the neighbor hood had been robbed hours prior and the neighbors were out in big numbers looking for Chief. Hours later Chief was free to respond and yet the officers and court were told this immediately and yet they chose to disbelieve the entire neighborhood on the chance/hope to get a fake cop bust, in a time when they had 3 active fakers out there.{Note; Chief Lacewells' House & 2 Cars were broken into as well & Robbed} Oddly enough they had 9, Chief Lacewell and The Guard caught the other 6, but that seems to be irrelevant in Kentucky. The Judge told Chief Lacewell, that he knew exactly who he was and they have all the legal proof that Chief is Chief. And yet they still say the must prosecute. When his Lawyer asked what type of madness this was, they were told that in Kentucky You're Guilty until proven innocent. The opposite of our Constitutional rights. And yet they have yet to to stop, this has gone on for a year and they keep pressing. At this point, it's not all about an apology.. Just SET THIS MAN FREE!!!!! To add he was immediately allowed by the judge to return to work and yet he was arrest for that very same said work. He has not been able to accept one cent while under this case and yet he has worked every single day non stop. FREE OUR HERO< FREE OUR CHIEF!!!   Special Note: Chief was never even read his right by acknowledgement of the Officer and yet it's obvious this was not about Chief having any Rights. Find More on Chief Lacewell or just get to know this Hero @

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Vermont Governor, Patrick J. Leahy, Elizabeth Warren, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Florida State Senate, Charles E. Schumer, John McCain, Dianne Feinstein, Bill Nelson, Harry Reid, Tim Kaine, Al Franken, Orrin G. Hatch, Amy Klobuchar, Chris Murphy, Chuck Grassley, John Cornyn, Dean Heller, Bill Cassidy, Shelley Moore Capito, Lisa Murkowski, Susan M. Collins, Joni Ernst, Richard Blumenthal, Tom Udall, Debbie Stabenow, Heidi Heitkamp, Tammy Baldwin, Sherrod Brown, Doug Jones, Angus S. King Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Joseph P. Kennedy III, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Daniel Webster, Patrick Murphy, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, Kathy Castor, Florida State House, Alcee L. Hastings, Ted S. Yoho, Joe Donnelly, Cory A. Booker

school lockdown security alarms in all public schools in America

 We want standardized lockdown alarms throughout all public schools in this country. We want pull alarms with a specific sound, and specific lights, in every hallway and classroom. This system, although a last response, would give students and educators a faster response and would reduce confusion at a time when knowledge of surroundings and fast responses are most critical to survival. For a nation that has seen so much violence in the past 20 years, we have to do better. Cost does not matter when it comes to the safety of our children and their right to live safe, free and happy lives. Let's build safer schools. We believe it starts with standardized lockdown alarm systems in all public schools.  Just as we did with fire alarms, we need to create the infrastructure and standards necessary for school safety in the event of a lockdown. As an educator who works in public schools, I believe that it is mandatory that we increase the level of safety in all our schools. PLEASE sign this petition and support this cause. We demand lockdown alarms and safer schools.

Mike Thomas
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Petition to Greenfield central school board

School safety in Hancock County

If you’ve watched the news or have social media, you know about the recent and tragic school a parent I am scared. Children should not be terrified to go to school and we shouldn’t be scared to send them off in the morning. There is so much to be done to prevent and stop this from happening. As a community, we can start here. This is a priority and we can make a change. I would like to present an idea at the next school board meeting about school safety. There are many options for school safety, and metal detectors and property scanners are one of my ideas. They range in price from $800-$3000 a piece, price to operate and maintain them, etc. Fine details still need to be figured out. For example, we could look at the number of Greenfield Central high students (all schools would get these) with splitting the cost of 10 walk-through metal detectors. These would be present at the front and back entrance of the school. Splitting the cost between students could be under 50$ a student.  This would possibly slow down school start times, which can be extended. Adding 30 minutes to a school day would be worth it to me. You cannot put a price on a child’s life and/or safety. I think we can agree as parents this HAS TO STOP and we are willing to do extra to make this possible. For those who cannot pay the fee for these, we could as a community offer fundraisers and take dontations. WE CAN DO THIS! Again, this plan needs some revision and details hashed out. However, to present this at the meeting we need to submit something in writing 7 calendar days before, to be able to speak. I am starting this petition to gain support in numbers from our community. Please stand with us as parents who want school to be a safe place.  Our hearts go out to ALL the victims, families, police, faculty involved in any of these tragic events. We stand with you! #MakeAChange Edited to add: The next school board meeting is June 11 @ 7 pm. PLEASE ATTEND! We still need parents from New Pal, Eastern and Mt. Vernon to get involved for their schools as well!

Lauren Andrews
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