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Armed Security at Public Schools - #EnoughIsEnough - We need a 1st line of defense

Wednesday, February 14, 2018, Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day! A day known and recognized around the world as a day for love, kindness, and compassion. Not this Valentine's Day. February 14, 2018 will now be known for one of the deadliest school mass shootings in modern history. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School became a war zone where students and teachers had no first line of defense. #EnoughIsEnough. My name is Janet Perrine. I am a mother of two. Both of our children attend public school. By law, we have to educate our children until at least the age of 16. My husband Devin and I choose to send our children to public school and have hopes and dreams of both of our children being college graduates. Our youngest, she wants to be a teacher. What a beautiful dream. Or, is this a fantasy that will become a tragic, horrific nightmare? Some families make homeschooling a choice, which is looking more and more like the safest option. However, my children love school. They love their teachers and their friends. When do we ask ourselves; at what cost do we continue to go the public school route? At what cost is our children's enjoyment worth more than their lives. Devin and I have to teach our children "If you hear something that sounds like firecrackers, don't assume it's firecrackers." and follow up with, "If your teacher says there is a lockdown, take it seriously." and we have to keep our composure when we add "You have a backpack filled with books, use it as a shield." What? What are we doing? Why are we as a society not taking more of a stand? A stand like #MeToo or #TimesUp? Time is up. #EnoughIsEnough. All public schools need to start taking measures TODAY to protect our teachers and students. A man or woman wearing a security jacket or t-shirt, carrying a walkie talkie and keys is not enough! Those days are over. We need trained, vetted security. Even one armed officer alone could possibly deter such an incident like the one which unfolded on Valentine's Day 2018. Personally, we believe one officer alone is not enough, but we need to start somewhere. Mass shootings are acts of terrorism. Public schools and colleges are soft targets. We as a society and as a community are on our knees praying and not rising after the prayers to take action. As parents, we are still praying, but now taking action. #EnoughIsEnough According to CNN, the FBI was informed about the Parkland shooter five months ago, and here we are today. Another tragedy that could have been prevented if we had a first line of defense. More than a lockdown plan. The President, Donald Trump tweets "My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher, or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school." Too late. No one is safe because there are no measures in place to protect. We need to do more than tweet and pray. Here are just a few soft targets which are taking stronger security measures to keep civilians safe. These measures include visible armed and undercover armed security, including k-9 officers: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Airports, Sporting Events, and Concerts Security in public schools and colleges need to be a priority and we as citizens need to act now. Please sign this petition telling Saint Johns County School District, Congress, and the Senate that #EnoughIsEnough. We need to generate funds at the district and state levels to pay for armed security and training. Teachers and Administration should teach, not bear the responsibility of carrying a weapon to serve and protect as their job description. Lockdown drills are important, but drills are becoming reality. Let's make our communities even safer today. Together we can establish a first line of defense to ward off evil that lurks to do harm and terrorize innocent unarmed civilians. This petition is specifically for the State of Florida and will go to the Florida Department of Education, Congress and Senate, and our local school district. We give permission for this petition to be copied and made specific for other states. Mass shootings are not just a Florida problem, they are a United States of America problem. #EnoughIsEnough This petition will be tweeted to all those with no public email address.

Janet and Devin Perrine
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Petition to Greenfield central school board

School safety in Hancock County

If you’ve watched the news or have social media, you know about the recent and tragic school a parent I am scared. Children should not be terrified to go to school and we shouldn’t be scared to send them off in the morning. There is so much to be done to prevent and stop this from happening. As a community, we can start here. This is a priority and we can make a change. I would like to present an idea at the next school board meeting about school safety. There are many options for school safety, and metal detectors and property scanners are one of my ideas. They range in price from $800-$3000 a piece, price to operate and maintain them, etc. Fine details still need to be figured out. For example, we could look at the number of Greenfield Central high students (all schools would get these) with splitting the cost of 10 walk-through metal detectors. These would be present at the front and back entrance of the school. Splitting the cost between students could be under 50$ a student.  This would possibly slow down school start times, which can be extended. Adding 30 minutes to a school day would be worth it to me. You cannot put a price on a child’s life and/or safety. I think we can agree as parents this HAS TO STOP and we are willing to do extra to make this possible. For those who cannot pay the fee for these, we could as a community offer fundraisers and take dontations. WE CAN DO THIS! Again, this plan needs some revision and details hashed out. However, to present this at the meeting we need to submit something in writing 7 calendar days before, to be able to speak. I am starting this petition to gain support in numbers from our community. Please stand with us as parents who want school to be a safe place.  Our hearts go out to ALL the victims, families, police, faculty involved in any of these tragic events. We stand with you! #MakeAChange Edited to add: The next school board meeting is June 11 @ 7 pm. PLEASE ATTEND! We still need parents from New Pal, Eastern and Mt. Vernon to get involved for their schools as well!

Lauren Andrews
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