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Pave Our Dirt Road - N 140 W & N 100 W - Tippecanoe County, Indiana

This petition has been started to respectfully request that the County pave N 140 W & N 100 W from Kalberer Road to W 500 N. Below is information to support this request. Driving Children to TSC Schools & TSC Summer Programs using N 140 W CURRENT SITUATION -- Worst route to all TSC schools: Gravel road is dangerous; Damages vehicles (alignment, shocks, tires, road tar/oil on body, gravel chipping paint, dust) FUTURE - AFTER PAVING -- Best route to all TSC schools: Shortest distance; Safest -- due to less traffic. Rapid expansion of housing plus daycare/preschools on Morehouse Road has resulted in heavy car, bus & construction traffic. Hadley Moors subdivision – more families, more children 1999 – Lux Klinker Builders owner told our family and everyone who built in Hadley Moors since the early 1990s that the County was going to pave N 100 W & N 140 W within the next six to 12 months. Hadley Moors was about one-third developed. 2005 - Hadley Moors Subdivision – 99% developed – all but two or three lots have built houses. County then approved a variance to allow more housing along Candlewick Lane – more houses were built. 2018 - Still not paved. TSC expansion -- more children going to TSC schools 1999 - Burnett Creek Elementary School opens – new school. 2008 - Battle Ground Middle School opens – moved to West Lafayette from Battle Ground. 2015 - Burnett Creek Elementary School expanded. Tippecanoe County Wheel Tax 2005 - County implemented a wheel tax. Campaigning for the tax, the commissioners published a list of projects that would be funded with the new tax. Paving N 100 W & N 140 W was in the top 5 of this list. Morehouse Road  Building -- rapid expansion of housing & residences Traffic -- increased, heavy car, bus & construction traffic New Housing on Morehouse Road since 1995 1995 - Sagamore Pointe (Abnaki Road) subdivision opens 2014 - Colony Pines (Allison Road) subdivision opens 2015 - Dayspring Childcare & Preschool opens 2017 - Trailside Flats apartments opens 2017 – Soleado Vista opens on Morehouse Road. 2018 – Soleado Vista begins second phase of homes on Morehouse Road. 2018 – New construction between Trailside Flats and Colony Pines. Benefits to Paving N 140 W & N 100 W Less traffic on Morehouse Road from Hadley Moors & Kimberly Estates – Safer driving on Morehouse Road – Hadley Moors & Kimberly Estates traffic will be diverted to N 140 W  BENEFITS -- TSC School traffic (families & children) – using N 140 W Safer for children and families Safer for buses picking up and taking children to TSC schools Shortest route to schools Less burden on Morehouse Road traffic BENEFITS -- Travel to Yeager Road (to Sagamore Parkway), Battle Ground, Rte 65, Tippecanoe Amphitheater and more – using N 140 W Less burden on Morehouse Road traffic Shortest route to these locations Good use of Wheel Tax and fulfilled promise of builders and County, 17 years overdue Our family has lived in the Hadley Moors subdivision since December of 1999. Although the main entrance of Hadley Moors is on N 140 W and it's an attractive option for us to use when driving our children to school or going to Battle Ground, Tippecanoe Amphitheater or to Sagamore Parkway via Yeager Road – we DO NOT use it. Most use Mason Dixon Drive to Morehouse Road to leave our neighborhood, because N 140 W is dangerous and has damaged our cars. We have waited patiently for the promises of our builder and the County Council/Commissioners to pave N 140 W & N 100 W – but it is still not paved. To add insult to injury, when the City of West Lafayette annexed the other side of Kalberer Road and sold property to the Purdue Research Foundation, Purdue paved N 100 W only as far as their building – and not all the way to our neighborhood and not all of the way to W 500 N. We have exceeded 100 signatures -- so, I have shared this with the Tippecanoe County Council & Commissioners. Let's keep collecting signatures. The time is now -- it's election year -- and they may listen this time. PLEASE SHARE. Thank you!

Pablo Malavenda
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