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Petition to Phil Murphy, Robert Menendez, Cory A. Booker, New Jersey State House, New Jersey State Senate, Josh Gottheimer

Cameras must be mandatory on school buses carrying special needs children

A recent incident in Paramus, NJ underscored the need for mandatory surveillance equipment on all buses that transport special-needs children to and from school, whether those vehicles are district-owned or operated by third-party independent contractors. Currently, Paramus, NJ school district buses have cameras but not all special needs buses operated by third-parties.  What happened The afternoon special-needs school bus was 15 minutes late when it brought home an 8-year-old autistic, non-verbal student recently. The boy was crying and inconsolable when he got off the bus, drawing the attention of everyone present on the street. Once home, the boy repeatedly held his face and kept saying "hurt." He was agitated all evening. He had difficulty sleeping. When his parents called Elementary School the following morning, they were told that another parent had reported that her babysitter saw an adult hit a boy on the contracted transportation bus as her own child was being dropped off. The sitter had told her that the boy was struck on his head with what looked like a folder- perhaps his iPad which was in a protective cover. The NJ Department of Child Protection and Permanency did not open a case until 3 days later upon call from the parents and Department of Transportation simply suggested the child must have had “self-injurious behavior”. Since the incident, the boy has refused to go to and from school by bus. What is needed While surveillance cameras are installed on Paramus district-owned buses, there is no requirement for cameras on buses transporting special-needs children. That must be changed. Cameras with audio and video capabilities should be mandatory for every bus because special needs students are particularly vulnerable. Some cannot speak; others who can speak will be ignored because they have "disabilities" and are not to be believed. All children, especially our special needs children who cannot even defend themselves, deserve better. Why it matters This is not an insignificant issue. Based on 2018 data, New Jersey has classified 241,000 students, ages 3 to 21, as having special needs. That’s nearly a quarter-million young people who comprise 17.1% of the state’s overall student population. They deserve a chance at life, out of harm’s way, where they have a voice and feel protected. We, the undersigned, call on the Governor and the New Jersey Legislature to enact a law mandating that all school buses, including buses operated by third-party independent contractors, be equipped with surveillance cameras to strengthen the protections afforded to their student passengers.

Sajawal Haider
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Petition to Milwaukee school are putting children at risk. Allegations of abuse should never be covered up.

Allegations of abuse should never be covered up

My children have been assaulted and abuse by members of the Milwaukee School system and school board. Each time, they have there own investigation,  done by their own personnel, and finds in favor of their own each time. The first time was a member working directly for the school board... incident took place at Dr Martin Luther King elementary school on Milwaukee's East side. The second incident occurred at Brown St school, The Principal whopped My child with a ruler I called police filed a complaint with the school board as well  they covered it up. A new incident occurred on November 6th with my 11yr old twins with sickle cell disease and chronic pain.They were assaulted and are trying to blame the children, they won't allow me to see the tape and their is no report of it, even thought police were present again. The person alleged continued to work while being investigated,  and none of helping my children. The policy and procedures of corruption needs to end please help me. I have written a complaint and filed it with the school board. I also, mail several out. Parents that cant afford high-end lawyers get the back burner, in situations like this and I would like my voice heard. These are very unsettling matters and need voices that can help bring these issues to the light.. Will you help me change this: Who's with me�    

Latasha Murdo
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Petition to Springfield City Council

Hire More School Resource Officers in Springfield, MO

Dear friends,  No parent in Springfield should feel anxiety as they drop their children at school. But as school shootings dominate headlines and local schools (even preschools!) are forced to conduct active shooter drills, it’s impossible to feel our children are safe away from our care.  We entrust our children to wonderful teachers and administrators five days a week, but the safety of both children and educators is in jeopardy in a country with 393,000,000 guns and a legacy of gun violence.  As Congress refuses to act on the gun epidemic (despite 90% public approval for universal background checks and other supported measures) and the well-funded gun lobby continues obstruct the legislative mandate from citizens, we need more immediate, practical, and local solutions to ensure the safety of our children. The most immediate and practical solution is adding more school resource officers to the Springfield Public School District. These additional school resource officers should be trained by, or in conjunction with, the local police department and require specialized training to neutralize potential gun threats.  To ensure the safety of children throughout the Springfield School District, I propose a school resource officer for every public school in the district. Thank you for creating a safer school district for our kids. Please sign and share!  

Matthew Parrish
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