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SC school children need our help and no child should risk being ran over for a bus stop

During the past week, there were 6 accidents involving children crossing the street while traveling to or from the school bus stop. 5 children dead. Chilling. There is no need to put our children in harms way. A crossing guard in Spartanburg SC was injured as well.  We need to stand up to petition a change in every bus route, no child should be faced with crossing a street with the dangers that have came to light this past week.  This hits too close to home and as a parent, why not take the opportunity to encourage change.  As a South Carolinian, I know we can rise up and do better. I cannot imagine the nightmare of loosing a child while they were traveling from their bus stop; an accident that happens right in front of your home. Instead of feeling helpless, I would like to see this change. This change would ask that no child crosses the street from their bus stop: that means no child can get off or get on the school bus if they cross a lane of traffic. I’m suggesting that bus transportation creates a bus route that allows every child to get on/off the bus with the doors facing his or her house/bus stop. The bus can be turned around or go around a block to make this happen. At the end of the day, would an extra 15+ minutes added to the bus ride really matter knowing that all the children are safer?A bus coming from a different direction and children can step right into the driveway without crossing the road is worth it. Let’s make children’s safety a priority! I know that this is a change that is extremely accommodating. We need to require buses to have routes that do not have children walk across the street. I felt called to make a stand and be a voice. I’m hoping it’ll reach the right people and we can do our part to stop children from fatal injuries, this is one small step to do our part. This is my first time petitioning for anything and I hope that, together we can help our kids. Thank you!❤️

Amanda West
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