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OPPOSE Venice Place Project on Abbot Kinney that adds hotel within feet from school

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED:  Dan Abrams' plans to develop a boutique hotel and restaurant/retail complex directly across from Westminster Elementary school would pose a threat to the safety of our children and force long-standing and community pillar preschool, Ecole Claire Fontaine to close its doors on Abbot Kinney after 15 years.  The development group is slowly and steadily making traction to make this hotel a reality without the community even being aware. The last public forum on this was in 2014 and we are demanding a community hearing to revisit the plans for this hotel and the impact it will have on the safety of the school as well as traffic congestion in a school zone. Our voices need to be heard.  Putting a hotel directly across from an elementary school poses threats to the safety of our children with plans to open 80 rooms to welcome guests potentially on the registered sex offender list.  Abrams' recently submitted the Environmental Impact Review and the Public Comment Review Period ends MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2019 at 4pm.  PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TO LET THE CITY PLANNING OFFICE AND BONIN KNOW WE ARE AGAINST THIS HOTEL GOING INTO THE COMMUNITY IN SUCH CLOSE PROXIMITY TO A SCHOOL.   More Info:    

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham, Peter M. McCoy, Jr., Leon Stavrinakis, Sandy Senn, Tim Scott, Henry McMaster, Donald Trump, George E. "Chip" Campsen, III, Mark Sanford

Marilyn’s Law

I want it to be a mandatory federal law that all schools and child care facilities are required to check DSS/CPS’s Statewide Central Registry as part of their background checks for hiring purposes and to continue to check the SLED and Statewide Central Registry every so often while employed (like random drug tests). This should be done in every state of USA.  I hope you could create a bill that would be called Marilyn’s law, as she is my daughter and she has been the inspiration for my coming forward. I cringe at the thought that a man like my abuser could be teaching her in our public school systems. Countless potential victims could have been avoided had the background checks been more thorough during my abuser’s employment within the schools. He was a sexual predator that was allowed to teach for an additional 17 years even after his name was put on this Registry by DSS for sexual abuse of a minor. He flew under the radar due to the lack of a thorough background check.   This is an example of why Marilyn’s Law is necessary. So nothing like this ever happens again, I hope that you are inspired for real change. Thank you for your time and consideration. There is a red link below to a local newscast about Marilyn’s Law. Please sign and share

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