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Petition to The Honourable Rob Fleming, BC Minister of Education, Mr. Michael Nyikes, Director, Standards & Construction Branch, BC Ministry of Education

Accelerate Seismic Upgrades for High Risk BC Schools

Parents have been advocating for years, but the recent earthquake in Mexico City makes the devastating consequences of inaction real for friends and relatives of children and staff in 165 schools across BC considered at highest risk of collapse during an earthquake.  Although some progress on seismic upgrades has been made, it has been far too slow.  Of schools in the BC Seismic Mitigation program, only 48% (165/346) have been completed over the course of almost a decade.  And for high risk schools remaining on the list, there has been no clear prioritization process or timelines articulated for getting the job done.   The new BC NDP government needs to prove it can do better.  Dedicate the funding and provide clear timelines and a transparent process for prioritizing and accelerating upgrades to the remaining schools on BC's seismic upgrade list.   Between school and out of school care, many of our children spend ten hours a day in these buildings – and are likely to be there when earthquakes strike.  The law compels our children to attend school; it is at best immoral and at worst unconstitutional that they are required to do so under unsafe conditions.  Our children do not have unions.  As parents and voters, we must be their voice.  Every day, as I drop my kids to school, I try not to imagine the consequences if we don’t.  Mexico's recent experience made my worst imaginings real.  Why are we still waiting for safe schools? 

Laura MacDougall
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Petition to Dominic Mazzotta, Diane Murgaski, Mary Battista, Ann Stong

Stop Adult ESL Classes in Ontario Elementary Schools During School Hours

The York Catholic District School Board has proceeded to permit adult ESL programs to coexist within an Elementary School located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  As of July, 2017, Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School will commence a pilot project wherein it will house adult day ESL programs.  This project was implemented without the consent of any parents whose children attend this elementary school.  The parents of the children attending this school were only given notice after the decision to permit this change was granted and only 2 weeks prior to the end of the school year.  These adult day classes will run 5 days a week on a full-time basis during regular school hours.  Most parents at this school are opposed to such a change in school dynamics for safety reasons.  Schools are locked and monitored for the safety of our children and this board is now proposing to bring in up to 30 unscreened and unvetted adults into the school on a regular and revolving basis for ESL classes.  Most parents are proposing that these adults be moved to another location to facilitate their learning experiences and not co-mingle with children as young as 4 years of age within the same building.  No school boards in Ontario should allow children to coexist with unvetted and unscreened adults during their school curriculum.  Schools are a safe zone for our children and should remain that way.  Please sign this petition as we (the parents) will be forwarding this to the Minister of Education, the Media and other authorities in an effort to stop this and all future adult classes from taking place inside Ontario Elementary Schools.

Concerned Parents of Corpus Christi CES, Richmond Hill, ON
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