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Petition to Lisa Ruiz

SAY YES to in-person learning at East Rockaway Schools

On July 31, 2020, the East Rockaway School District published it's Reopening Plan which indicates the district intends on implementing the "Hybrid Model" which provides both in-person and remote learning on alternate days. East Rockaway's plan indicates that the Full In-person Model can not be implemented until "all pandemic restrictions" are removed by NYS.  Almost all neighboring school districts are going with a full in-person model for those that feel comfortable. Why isn't East Rockaway doing the same? Earlier this month, the school district conducted a survey on returning to school. Approximately 70% of those families surveyed were confident about having their children return to school. Why is it that the majority of children will not have the important option to return to full in-person learning in September? It has been published and well documented by numerous pediatric associations and even the CDC' that extended school closure is harmful to children. It can lead to severe learning loss and emotional issues for years to come. It is known that students often lose nearly 20% of school year reading gains and up to 39% of math gains during the summer alone.  We can not leave "learning to chance" just because the district has not put enough thought and creativity into developing a plan, where all children are given the opportunity to continue progressing both socially and academically. The governor has even been recently quoted sharing his concerns with equal learning experiences among all students while also pointing out inequities in remote learning.  Please sign my petition and let's get our children back into their schools where they belong.  

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Petition to Guilford County School Board Members

Don't Exclude Guilford County High School Students from In-Person Learning

At the July 14th Guilford County Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Contreras presented her preferred plan for re-opening schools in the fall of 2020 following the Governor's decision to allow schools to open with Blended or Online-only options. Prior to this meeting, Guilford County Schools developed 3 different scenarios for re-opening schools under the blended plan. Scenario A: K-8 in-school full-time, 9-12 all remote learning.  Scenario B:  Blended learning for all students with 2 consecutive in-school days,Scenario C:  Blended learning for all students with 5 consecutive in-school days.Note: This is not the same thing as the Governor's A-B-C state plan but in fact three different scenarios underneath the B (blended education) plan from the Governor.  "In presenting the plan to the school board, Superintendent Sharon L. Contreras recommended that the first five weeks of school open as remote learning for all students, followed by Scenario A, which would allow students in grades K-8 to attend school five days a week... As part of Scenario A, high school students would learn remotely five days a week."  -From statement by GCS We are petitioning the GCS board members to reject Scenario A and adopt either Scenario B or C instead. The final vote on the plan is scheduled for July 28.  To see the three different detailed GCS scenarios, scroll way down to page 35 in this document.  *Please note this petition is not intended to address whether or not it is safe for kids to attend school. We respect everyone's right to choose. Fortunately, there are online options from Guilford County for those that prefer online-only at any grade.  We are only addressing the blended scenarios that are available to us at this point and the lack of choice for high-school students. Here are the concerns for high school students if Scenario A is adopted: NO IN-PERSON LEARNING FOR HIGH SCHOOL:  After a brief initial period of online learning for all students, Scenario A will provide grades K-8 with in-person learning.  Grades 9-12 will be ONLINE ONLY until social distancing is no longer required.  This is of grave concern since our teens may be struggling with anxiety, depression, isolation, substance abuse, physical abuse, pornography, emotional stability, suicidal ideation, etc.  Our teens do not need another semester (or year) at home full-time with their computers.  Additionally, online learning (even in the best situation) can be an academic struggle for many students. Our fear is that some students who are already struggling due to lack of support and resources will just "give up" without in-person accountability.  What a shame given all the strides that GCS has made in offering specialized academies and programs to serve all students. INEQUITY:  If GCS is going to provide in-person learning opportunities for some students, they should provide this opportunity for ALL students, including high school.  Even a partial in-person schedule would make a huge difference in the social and emotional well-being of older students. There has been verbal discussion of including 9th graders in the in-person scenario, but nothing is confirmed and no consideration is being given to 10th grade.   Scenario A encourages 11th and 12th grade students to pursue tuition-free Career and College Promise programs as an alternative to in-person learning.  10th graders are not eligible for these programs, even if they were deemed an acceptable substitute. COMPARISON TO OTHER SCHOOL SYSTEMS:  At last check, many other NC school systems are proposing re-opening plans that INCLUDE at least some in-person instruction for high school students, once in-person learning begins. They are not leaving out one age-group. WHAT CAN YOU DO?1-    Sign this petition2-    Share this petition with others3-    Contact our school board members and implore them to reject Scenario A in favor of Scenario B or C.  Here is a link to the school board members and contacts.

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