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Better school lunches in quality and satisfaction for Arcadia High School students

“The chicken tastes like imitation crab meat.” “The excessive grease on the tacos is disgusting.” “You eat 2 pieces of chicken—the rest are inedible.” ”For the amount we pay, we don’t get our money’s worth.” “I don’t think it’s as bad as MOST people say, except for the bread. The hard as (expletive) bread.” “The mashed potatoes tastes like taro—that’s not a good thing” ”Honestly, I gave up on school lunch. I just starve or bring a sandwich.” As the lunch bell rings, teenagers walk out of their classrooms in hundreds to line up and buy school lunches. They wait up to ten minutes to go into the cafeteria and pick their choice of a satisfying meal: a box of 4 chicken nuggets no bigger than those from McDonalds, with soggy fries and a stale piece of a bread; a paltry slice of pizza; a salad with slices of chicken that have become more detested than liked than their predecessor; lasagna with a solid layer of cheese on top; a chicken leg with gravy whose consistency is similar to that of water; a burger or hot dog with a piece of meat and the student’s choice of toppings; sandwiches, that, if not eaten with a sauce, taste more like bread than the pastrami inside; two often frozen PB&J sandwiches; and who can forget the delightful pick of fruits, veggies, or both with the optional accompaniment of chocolate or normal milk. To bluntly phrase our sentiments, we believe that the lunch is inadequate in the matter of filling a high schooler up and is lacking in quality. The best choice, any veteran high schooler would know, are the two tacos, dripping and breaking with grease and the mexican rice that you can flavor with the salsa—in case you get a flavorless batch—or need to spice up your beef taco. If someone wanted to be full everyday, the obvious choice would either be tacos or packed lunch. When seniors get their off campus passes, it’s not uncommon to see them go off everyday and spend more money to eat more filling and satisfying food. However, for the first three years of high school, students don’t have that option. It’s either homebrought meals (which are more often than not cold and flavorless after hours of class), or the school lunch, which, as we’ve discussed, are frankly disappointing. A common joke made is that the administration spends more money and time on blocking internet entertainment than improving the meals for their students. Of course, a school isn't expected to treat their students to first class meals, but at the point we’re at, it wouldn't be a stretch to say those highschoolers wouldn't mind even the slightest improvement. We, the students don’t ask for much. Bringing back the taquitos, maybe. As with the slushees, if possible. More meat than bread, if there’s a chance for it. Perhaps the old way chicken was provided in the salad. Maybe unfrozen PB&J sandwiches? With luck, food that doesn’t require us students to force ourselves to eat solely because of hunger. Not just four chicken nuggets, which is the same amount as a kids’ meal from McDonalds.                                                                                                              Not just one slice of pizza with fruit, vegetables, and milk for five dollars.                Not just the potato wedges (they’re an issue in it of itself). The lunches are satisfactory to some, that much is true. But it is also fact that when those individuals comment on this issue, they speak as outliers, using diction such as "most of" and "everyone" to describe who doesn't like it. They choose to side with how they personally have never felt the lunches to be lacking, in addition to how it is okay for the administration to continually decline the state of the food as long as they do their job to provide food at all. We are not exaggerating this situation. We hear complaints everyday. But the choice to act upon these complaints is yours. High school students don’t understand how the system works, and thus can’t ask for specific demands. But we do understand when something is wrong, and therefore we politely request for change. Are we entitled to having these lunch reforms? Absolutely not. Would it be nice to have it? Without a shred of doubt. It's time for the students of Arcadia High to finally enjoy eating a school lunch.

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My son, MY 8 YEAR OLD SON, my happy go lucky little man was the victim of "lunch shaming" today at school. If you don't know what that is, It's where the school punishes your child for having a lunch bill. usually it is with an "alternative meal" which is ususlly 2 slices of bread and a slice of cheese. The problem I am having is that I had no idea that he had a lunch bill. According to the papers that I received at the beginning of the school year he was supposed to get free lunch this year. Apparently that was not the case and he has just been racking up a bill this entire year for all his lunch's. Now mind you that not once have I received anything letting me know that he has an unpaid lunch bill, no one has contacted me, I don't even know how much the bill is for. When my Son went this morning to eat breakfast at school they refused to let him eat and then when it was time for lunch they gave him 2 slices of bread and a piece of cheese. In front of everyone they singled him out and told him that his bill was passed due and Since he owed money, he would have to eat a cheese sandwich. At this point my son tells me that he broke down crying basically begging them to let him eat lunch please because he didn't get to eat breakfast and hes starving. Their reply was that if he did not bring the money in tomorrow he would also eat a cheese sandwich again tomorrow. He tells me that he spent the rest of lunch crying because his tummy hurt and he didn't understand. Then he spent the rest of the day crying in class off and on every time his stomach hurt. In what world is it OK to make a child go hungry because the parent owes you money? In what world do people just stand by and watch a baby cry because they are hungry and do nothing to try and solve the problem? In what world do people not take responsibility for not even letting the parent know that there was a bill to be paid and instead punish and shame the child for something they have no control over? The amount of anger that I feel right now over knowing that my 8 year old son went 8 hours today without eating makes me sick. Today, on some level, my son was traumatized and I say that because 3 times today he has now asked me "mommy you're gonna make sure I take my lunch tomorrow right?" He is so afraid that he's not going to get to eat tomorrow again and he's 8. He is 8. Let that sink in. That should not be anything that an 8 year old worries about, EVER. I promised him he will never eat lunch at the school again. He will always take a lunch everyday because that's the only way I feel I can be sure that my son has food. That is INSANE.  I went to the school to figure out what happened. I was told it was all a mistake. My son actually did not owe anything at all. He actually gets free lunches. So my son was shamed for nothing. I was treated like it was not even a big deal. Even though it was a mistake, it reminded me that this is still what happens when it isn't a mistake. It reminded me that this is happening to many other children, everywhere.   This needs to stop. Prisoners, PRISONERS, get three free meals a day. Meals that my taxes pay for, but my son was shamed over a $5 bill he didn't even really owe? We can give them free meals but not children trying to lesrn?   The children CAN NOT pay their own bills. This is an issue that should be taken up with the parents! No child should be punished for adult issues. Other states have managed to end #lunchshaming, Georgia can too! Please sign this. I don't want this to just stop with my son. I want it to stop evrrywhere!  

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